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The Leadership Letter  is a monthly newsletter dedicated to announcing current events related to MEC's Leadership Mississippi Program. It is a special publication that highlights alumni and their outstanding work and achievements in the business community across the state of Mississippi.

" I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."

- Billy Joel
The Circle of 45!

This year marks the 45th Anniversary of Leadership Mississippi. In honor of this milestone, we have extended the opportunity for our alumni to participate in the Circle of 45, a special group of alumni contributors who has given an additional $45 to their annual dues, as a way to commemorate this anniversary. There is still time to pay your annual contributions  by  clicking here !  (When prompted to login, your username is your email. If you have forgotten your password, select "click here for login information" to create a new one.)

We are proud to announce:
The Circle of 45!

Robert J. Barnes
Jacqueline Beasley
Michael Bellipanni
Heather Farris Bennett, Esq.
Russell Bennett
Christa Bishop
Dr. Rhea Williams-Bishop
Odean Busby
Major General Augustus L. Collins
Shuronda Claiborne-Common
George Cossar III
Dave Dennis
Brandt Galloway
David Gates
Thomas Gresham
Lori Harper
John W. Hatmaker, Jr.
Rosalyn Howard
Lawrence Howell, Jr.
Edmond Hughes
Susan Hunt
Rebecca Montgomery Jenner
Brian Johnson
Gloria Johnson
Lewis F. Mallory, Jr.
Melanie Morgan
Tonya Neely
Jack Reed, Jr.
Ginger  Robby
Errick Simmons, Esq.
Sen. Derrick Simmons
Mark A. Smith
William Taylor III
Pat Thomasson
Frederick Varnado
Amy Walker
Jeffrey Webster
Lewis Whitfield
Michelle Whittle
Rebecca Lee Wiggs
Dr. James E. Williams, Jr.
Kenneth Williams, Sr.
Dr. Loretta Jackson-Williams
Anthony Wilson
William G. Yates III

Thank you for your 45th Anniversary contributions!
The Legacy Talks Series!

MEC's Chief Operating Officer, Cathy Northington, will be speaking on "Rebooting Mississippi's Economy" as part of the Legacy Talk Series. This event takes place on Facebook Live,   June 2nd at 11:00 a.m.  

The conversation will be facilitated by Leadership Mississippi alumna, Angie Juzang (Class of 2019).

Tune-in to this event on The Legacy Business League's Facebook page.

Click Here for more information about The Legacy Business League.
Coffee and Conversations!

On June 11th from 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., Coffee and Conversations will be hosting another virtual alumni engagement event.

Leadership MS Alumnus (Class of 2010) Dr. Sam Jones, Author, Speaker and Trainer, will discuss leadership lessons from Michael Jordan's docu-series "The Last Dance" on ESPN. 

Click Here to register for this enlightening discussion.

Be sure to join us as we hear what lessons he has to offer! 
Coffee and Conversations RECAP-
Recognizing Our ALL STAR Students!

MEC's Leadership Mississippi held a Coffee and Conversations in collaboration with MEC's STAR Program on Thursday, May 21st. They celebrated the 332 STAR Students and their STAR Teachers and congratulated them for their academic achievements. If you missed the chance to see it live, click here for the replay.

Special guests on this Coffee and Conversations event were:

Mississippi's TOP ALL STAR Scholar: 
John C. Kees of St. Andrew's Episcopal School
First Runner-Up: Riwad Arnob Iftekhar of Madison-Ridgeland Academy
Second Runner-Up: Nathan F. Keen of Tupelo High School
Also joining them were:

 Katy Pacelli  (LM Class of 2015): Director - Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Vickie Powell: Senior Vice President, Foundations - Mississippi Economic Council
Scott Waller: President & CEO - Mississippi Economic Council
The conversation was facilitated by MEC Chief Operating Officer, Cathy Northington.

Please join us in applauding MEC's STAR Students and Teachers on their outstanding accomplishments.

If you want to leave any of these students a personal note of encouragement as they prepare for the next steps in their career, click here to like and visit the STAR page on Facebook. Use the hashtag #STARProgram when you wish them well!

For past STAR Students, we want you to tell us your journey after ALL STAR! Click Here to let us know how the STAR program and its scholarships have impacted your life and career. 

We can't wait to hear from you!
Conquering COVID Through Music!

At a time when concerts and other sizable public events are being postponed and cancelled in the best interest of public health, we have decided to create a virtual platform to give you, our alumni, the opportunity to share your talent.

MEC's Leadership Mississippi presents "Conquering COVID Through Music" as something special for our communities around the state during this time.  We believe that music can have a powerful and positive impact in everyone's life and we want positive memories like these to override negative ones.
Would You Like To Be a Headliner?
If you love to sing or have unique musical talent and want to share, now is the time!  We would love for YOU to be a part of the alumni lineup!  Any alumni who wish to be featured in this showcase, please send a video clip (1-minute max) to Courtnie Mack at cmack@msmec.com no later than 
Wednesday, June 10th .

"Conquering COVID Through Music"  is designed to bring together alumni to showcase their special musical talents as we stay encouraged during these rapidly changing times.

Click Here to register  for the event.

Save the date: July 2, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.! You won't want to miss this!
You're Invited: Virtual Class Reunion!

Speaking of Something Special!

Summertime is near!
What better way to celebrate than with a virtual class reunion?!

Leadership Mississippi would like to invite you and your class to host your very own class reunion.  This is the time to reconnect in one virtual space with your classmates, bond over fond memories during your time in Leadership Mississippi, update each other on life's happenings and most importantly,  gloat about why your class is better than the rest!

If you are interested in participating in a class reunion this summer, 
there is still a little time left to email Cathy by Wednesday, June 10th at cnorthington@msmec.com.

Let's celebrate your class by bringing you together again!

Matt Allen - June 28
Stacy Andrews  - June 12
Thania Averett  - June 11
Misbah Badat  - June 8
Carlos Bell  - June 15
Jerry Bennett II  - June 6
LaShon Brooks June 27
David Buckner  - June 12
Paul Cade  - June 8
Justin Chandler  - June 7
John Chaszar  - June 22
Pamela Covington  - June 30
Steve Davidson - June 8
Navketan Desai - June 11
Phillip Doiron  - June 3
Aaron Edwards  - June 8
Henry Clay Foster, Jr. - June 24
John Graham  - June 10
Bradley Griffin  - June 16
Mary Henson - June 10
Bradley Holder -  June 20
Ryan Holmes - June 14
Benjamin Houston  - June 22
Wade Howk - June 1
Gary Hutson  - June 7
Craig Jackson  - June 8
Susan Jacobs  - June 8
Jeff Jaggers - June 29
Dr. Henry Jones II - June 10
Eddie Kelly - June 20
Carmen Kyle  - June 29
Mark Lishen - June 28
Megan Lott - June 9
John LotzJune 9
Clark Luke  - June 11
Dodie McElmurray - June 16
James McKenzie  - June 20
Charlie Moomaw - June 2
Bradley Patano - June 27
Jason PattersonJune 23 
John Polles - June 5 
Kurt Readus - June 30
Matt Renick - June 20
Chanda Roby - June 5
Kantera Ruff - June 18 
Chandler Russ - June 12 
Ashley Skellie June 19
C. D. Smith - June 16
Jason Snider - June 30
Adam Spicer - June 3
Christie Thomas - June 10
Valarie Walker June 21
Richard Weaver - June 3

and all other alumni celebrating June  birthdays!

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We want to stay connected with you!
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