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Leadership Mississippi Class of 2021
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"TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More"

Using Six Words Challenge
We know that each and every one of you and your community has a story of adapting and overcoming during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are so many incredible stories we are already hearing about individuals affiliated with Leadership Mississippi stepping up.

For this reason, the current Leadership Mississippi Class of 2020 embarked upon a virtual "TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More": Using Six Words or Less Challenge demonstrating how COVID-19 has allowed them to step up, as leaders, both professionally and personally.

Using six words (or less), the Class of 2020 answered "How are you (or people you know) conquering the fight against COVID-19?" and selected a photo to support their response.

Below are a few submissions from the Leadership Mississippi Class of 2020 that reflect a range of expressions, from serving on the front lines to overcoming challenges while navigating this pandemic.

We welcome all alumni to join in this challenge and be featured in the October edition of The Leadership Letter. Submit your photo and caption to We want to hear from you!
Penney Ainsworth
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central MS

"Making sure we’re feeding youth daily!"
Matthew Grice
Mississippi Power

"Making Progress - Staying Safe - Moving Forward"
Sarah Swanner-Medlock
Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Office of Economic Development

"We have more signs than people."
Ann Sansing
Extension Instructor/Community Health Coordinator
Mississippi State University Extension

"View challenges as opportunities, virtual success!"
LaShetta Wilder
Director of Pre-Release and Reentry
Mississippi Department of Corrections

"In God We Trust Flag"
The Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag, under the direction of Commission Chairman Reuben Anderson, made their final decision on last Wednesday, voting 8-1 to adopt the new state flag over the "Great River" flag. Unanimously, the "New Magnolia" flag was renamed the "In God We Trust Flag".

Anderson was quoted stating that all his life, Mississippi has “been at the bottom,” and the divisive Confederate flag played into that ranking. “On Nov. 3, I think that will start to change. We won’t instantly move to the top, but I can assure you we will move,” Anderson said. “… We’ll maybe be on the bottom all my lifetime, but our children and grandchildren will see us ascend … (the new flag) sends the message that we are open for business. It sends the message that we live in the future and not the past.”

This November, you will have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote on whether or not to adopt or reject the new state flag, namely the "In God We Trust Flag."
Why is the Census important?

Every 10 years since 1790, the federal government has counted every person living in the United States, as required by the U.S. Constitution. The census affects elected representation in government, how much federal funding communities receive, and provides information for community planning and development. More than $675 billion in federal funds is distributed to communities based on census data. These funds go toward housing, education, transportation, employment, health care, and other local needs.  
Fall Into Friendship
A 45th Anniversary Alumni Engagement Event
Amy Altese - September 20
Evola Bates - September 9 
Rosa Batiste - September 25
Dr. Vernell Bennett - September 16
Stephanie Clarke - September 15
Dennis Connors - September 7
Angela Curry - September 24
Karen Cummins - September 8
Michael Davis - September 26
Jane Dennis - September 17
Ron Emery - September 24
Portia Espy - September 7
Jason Fabre - September 16
James Gainspoletti - September 6
Guy Giesecke - September 8
Kevin Gilbert - September 24
Kenneth Grogan IV - September 1
Ronald Hall - September 17
Grover Hardin - September 12
Bill Harris - September 19
Mark Henderson - September 2
Tyrone Jackson - September 2
Willie Jones - September 7
Jo Carol Kieffer - September 26
Susan Lamey - September 22
Robert Lewis - September 24
Joni McClain - September 6
John McDill - September 26
Stacey Miles - September 22
Carolyn Moore - September 4
Dr. Moses Newsome, Jr. - September 6
David Parker - September 3
Mark Prince - September 7
Mark Schloegel - September 30
James Stevens - September 19
Stephen Stiglets - September 5
Jennifer Sutton - September 20
Jerry Taranto - September 15
Dr. Armerita Tell - September 4
Gregory Trenchard - September 3
Anne Turner - September 19
Robert Vollenweider - September 2
Clay Wagner - September 14
Tyler Walton - September 6
Allyson Winter - September 5 

and all other alumni celebrating September birthdays!

If you have any news you would like to share or see featured in next month's newsletter, let us know!
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