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~ February 2022 ~
Profiles in Gardening: Kathy Doss
Kathy with her twins (l.) and her garden (r.)
I was raised on a farm in Nashville, and grew up thinking farming was a lot of work and not much fun. It wasn't until my husband and I bought land in Robertson County in 1995 that I became interested in growing my own food. I have tended a small vegetable garden and a small flower garden for years. In September of last year, a friend suggested we sign up for the Master Gardener program. I found the website and learned that the Robertson County class was starting the very next week. Serendipity!
Next to growing food, my favorite gardening challenge is digging up wild flowers and attempting to integrate them into my flower garden. I have had successes with Asclepias tuberosa (milkweed), Columbine and Wild Bee Balm. I have had numerous failures with Rhododendron (does anyone have any tips?).
Other than gardening, I enjoy reading, bird watching, taking my dog for walks, working out at the YMCA, and meeting friends for lunch. My husband and I are retired. We have two grown sons (TWINS!) who live in Chicago and Detroit. My husband plays saxophone in a band and I volunteer at the Nashville Library. My favorite assignment at the Library is working with the Digital Inclusion Group. Their mission is to teach old folks to use technology. I enjoy helping people. Since I spent my career working with technology, this is a good use of my skills.
My friend, who first suggested the Master Gardener Class, lives in Davidson County. Therefore, we were not able to take the class together. However, we will share our volunteer experiences and continue to share plants. I look forward to making new friends and learning new skills that will improve my gardening outcomes.  I hope the Master Gardener Association will give me the opportunity to help others learn how much fun it is to grow things. 
A group of Robertson County Master Gardeners gathered at Highland Rim EduCenter Greenhouse on the morning of Saturday, January 29 to listen to Phyllis Odom's presentation on greenhouses and seed starting for this spring's annual plant sale.
You are invited to participate in a research study through UT. You will be asked to complete cultivar evaluation forms that should take about 10 minutes of your time. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this study other than those encountered in everyday life. All data will be kept confidential. No identifying information about your garden evaluations will be shared and submission of this evaluation is completely voluntary. Information will be used to assist home gardeners in TN select the best vegetables for their home gardens. The information in the study records will be kept confidential. No reference will be made in reports which could link participants to the study. If you have questions at any time about the study please contact Dr. Natalie Bumgarner at [email protected].

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