The League for People with Disabilities is committed to offering individuals the opportunity to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency and to improve the quality of life. 

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August Newsletter

My League Story: Adult Medical Day, Shane's Personal Painting

For Shane, his most recent work of art is more than a gorgeous summer beach scene; it represents a journey of pain, self-discovery, and growth during a challenging time in his life. On top of difficulties caused by the pandemic, Shane and his family have had a trying year. He admittedly has not been the best version of himself and is learning to be a better person through the support of League staff, his physical therapists, and his art. 

Shane began his painting as an opportunity to improve his communication and rediscover the joy of helping others. His initial thoughts were of some place tropical because of his love of water and swimming. Though the painting took him three months to complete, the process was what made it beautiful to Shane. 

When he worked on his painting with The League’s Therapeutic Recreation team, he felt as if he was improving himself each day, little by little. Shane is of the mindset that no one is perfect but we are all teachers and have a responsibility to hold each other accountable for our actions and attitudes. As a person with “unique abilities,” Shane knows that we need physical, mental, and emotional support in order to learn, grow, and achieve our goals. 

The painting titled “Baptizing & Bathing in My Sweet Redemption” is a nod to Shane’s past and an even more revealing picture of his present state of mind. The cerulean and turquoise hues of his ocean exemplify his focused determination to share his personal progress and dispel the stigma of the word “disability.” The horizon line is clear and indicative of his intrinsic optimism despite his personal challenges.  

Join the G.E.M. (Give Every Month) Club to support bi-weekly art therapy sessions for participants like Shane. Artistic expression is very important to our participants that face physical and cognitive obstacles because through art, they are able to communicate and develop new skills. Your monthly contribution of $10 would cover the cost of painting supplies and foster the creative spirits of the men and women that we support. 

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August is National Wellness Month

All during August, National Wellness Month focuses on self-care, managing stress, and promoting healthy routines. Staff and participants encourage you to create wholesome habits in your lifestyle all month long and see how much better you feel!

“My mission is to educate individuals in the disability community on the importance of Wellness. Health starts within the mind first.”

-Alexandria G Savoy, Activities Coordinator

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Summer Programming Updates

Adult Medical Day Went to Prom

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The Baltimore Rotary Club Sponsored Camp's Carnival

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Meaningful Day Visited The Ravens' Training Camp

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MS Day Members Seized Opportunities for Learning & Networking 

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Thank You Flo-Tron & The COUNT Program Foundation

The League would like to thank Tony Cosentino and our dear friends at Flo-Tron, Inc. again for presenting a generous check from the COUNT Program Foundation to League Director of Development Robyn Dammers! The COUNT Program Foundation is a charitable partnership between MCA-Maryland and UA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 486 and their support will help The League continue to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain independence, increase their self-sufficiency, and improve their quality of life. THANK YOU!

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Employee Summer BBQ

In the afternoon on Friday, July 29th, the delicious smells of BBQ wafted through the halls of The League and music mingled with laughter and conversation as employees hung out at the Summer BBQ! There were games, guests, food, raffles, and sweet treats from the Kona Ice Truck to show League staff members just how valued they really are. As an Employer of Choice, The League has immense respect and appreciation for the men and women making our important work possible! Thank you to the Employee Activities Committee for making this a memorable event for all! 

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A Concluding Note from Our President & CEO

Dear Friends of The League,

This has certainly been an epic summer so far! I have had the privilege of spending time in the fresh Thurmont air of Camp Greentop surrounded by energetic and creative campers and staff from all over the world! I was thrilled to take part in the Camp Carnival sponsored by the Baltimore Rotary Club and am very glad that it wasn’t me in that dunk tank!

Programming at The League is slowly but surely returning to pre-Covid capacity as more participants join us for in-person services and new referrals keep our intake coordinators busy. I am extremely proud of our participants and staff members for working together to make connections, achieve their goals, and most importantly, have fun!

I hope that you take the remainder of the summer to spend time with family and continue to stay safe! Thank you for taking the time to keep up with all of the amazing things happening at The League! 


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David A. Greenberg

President & CEO

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