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December Newsletter

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The League Fund Year-End Campaign Progress 

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Board Chair Nicole Urquhart-Bradley (left) and President & CEO David A. Greenberg (right) look forward

to filling the last 10% of The League Fund thermometer before the new year!

As 2022 quickly approaches, The League can look back at the past year with pride and gratitude. The challenges of the pandemic have encouraged growth, adaptability and community for staff and participants alike; through all of the social-distancing measures and countless Zoom sessions, we have learned that League supporters have compassion and generosity to surpass our goals and aspirations. 

With the launch of The League Fund Year-End Campaign, we are 90% of the way to our year-end goal of $150,000! Thank you to our staff, volunteer leadership and supporters who have made 2021 a year for financial and mission-based growth. 

In 2021, we have re-opened our facilities for in-person services and continued to make virtual sessions available to those more comfortable at home. 

  • Adult Medical Day is providing care and socialization for 114 participants via music, exercise, art therapy and BINGO.
  • Camp Greentop was able to accommodate 32 adults in two modified summer sessions and they continue to travel the east coast with adventurous campers for respite weekends.
  • The SCALE Aphasia and Multiple Sclerosis participants are enjoying stimulating hybrid programs in their newly renovated space at Orchard Tree Lane with interdisciplinary student interns from local universities.
  • Day Habilitation participants are engaging in the community and cultivating relationships with more than 30 community partners.
  • Youth Autism Services are back in the building with an excellent team, learning important life skills such as baking and shopping.

Because of you, The League is operating at an impactful level for our participants and our community. With your support, The League can continue to be an Employer of Choice, maintain and improve its campuses, and offer engaging virtual services while providing the quality care that our participants deserve. Thank you for your support thus far and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!  

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We are Thankful for Youth Autism Services

The League’s dynamic and enthusiastic Youth Autism Services Team was very busy making November a month to be thankful for. On Friday, November 19th, they transformed the Meyerhoff Multi-Purpose Room into a festive banquet hall for their Harvest Celebration Feast, celebrating staff, participants and family with a delicious dinner and wonderful program. The evening was light and merry with fall crafts, hearty cuisine served by the awesome Camp Greentop staff, raffle baskets and meaningful connections. A wonderful time was had by all as the Youth Autism Services family came together and gave thanks for their many blessings. Guests left with full bellies and even fuller hearts.  


Participants make turkey crafts with their families and support counselors.

Click Here to Learn More About The League's YAS

Four days later, the Youth Autism Services Team loaded up a League van with holiday groceries and hand-delivered whole turkeys and veggies to five families that needed them most this year. Some recipients were brought to tears with the sincerity and compassion behind the gesture. The League is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Hettleman/Golboro Endowment Fund for generously donating the funds for five families’ holiday meals. 


The Youth Autism Services Team deliver holiday meals to families in need.








The awesome Camp Greentop staff serve up the turkey and the fixings at The YAS Harvest Celebration.

Day Habilitation’s The Sky is the Limit Play

What do you get when you combine the creativity and talents of The League’s Day Habilitation participants with the theatrical expertise of The Sky is the Limit’s Creative Arts Program? The answer is a one-of-a-kind play full of song, dance, juggling, comedy, whimsy and an infectious joy inspired by the approaching holiday season. The dedicated thespians rehearsed for eight weeks under the direction of the talented Artistic Director, Debbie Staigerwald to wow friends, family and the community with their creativity and hard work. Debbie has worked with The Sky is the Limit for thirty years and is excited to see what the new year will bring for the performers.


Day Habilitation’s all-star cast sent their regards to Broadway on Wednesday, November 23rd as they sang and acted out the musical numbers from a “tale as old as time.” During the first portion of the production, Jennifer R. captivated the audience as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the supporting cast demonstrated just how strong and dreamy Gaston was as they danced around the French set. ď»ż


After a brief intermission, the Day Habilitation participants returned to the stage to perform a self-directed and choreographed skit where they decorated the Christmas tree and reminisced about all of their favorite yuletide hits. The audience clapped and sang along as the performers rocked around the Christmas tree and played off of each other’s various talents. Actress Antoinette C. showed off her dance moves during "Mele Kalikimaka" and actor Stephen J. performed an impressive juggling routine to keep the audience on their toes. The performers had a blast as they danced the Salsa, did pirouettes and formed a Conga line on stage. 


Day Habilitation participant Antoinette C. is ready to dance and hula her way into the holiday season.


Friends, family and performers gather around Artistic Director Debbie Staigerwald (pictured second to right) for a post-performance celebratory photo.

Well done to The League’s Day Habilitation participants for building new skillsets, exploring fun talents and reaching for the stars…of Hollywood! 

Learn About The League's Meaningful Day Services Here

The 5th Annual #OMGFOOD Event is Almost Here! 

OMG_FOOD_2022_Logo copy.png

Mark your calendars! Ticket sales for the 5th Annual #OMGFOOD Event will officially open on January 18th

But until then, we are pleased to share a sneak peek at the event experience. Outside of experiencing the BRAND new Marriott Owings Mills Metro Centre, the #OMGFOOD committee has been hard at work lining up unique samplings from local partners, so that guests can enjoy “A Taste of Maryland’s Cocktails and Cuisine” at the event.  

Learn More About Our Tasting Partners


Named “Codetta” because it encompasses the two greatest passions of their founder and baker-in-chief, Sumayyah Bilal – music and baking. Codetta is a musical term that means “little coda”. It is the concluding musical section that puts an exclamation point on the main piece, in the same way a stunning dessert finishes off a meal. Codetta Bake Shop’s owners have combined 15 years of baking experience with truly quality ingredients, perfect execution, and endless creativity. This has created a line of products that is unmatched and ever-changing. They draw inspiration from all corners of the culinary world as well from their whimsical curiosity and love of experimentation.

Join us at #OMGFOOD to taste Codetta Bake Shop’s cupcakes! 

Carrie Shelley, owner and operator of Enchanted Cakes and Treats has been in the food industry for as long as she can remember. Her mother was a prep cook and caterer when she was a child and she can recall standing in the kitchen on the Pepsi crate just to reach the table. She started making cakes from home for family and friends and it just grew and grew. In 2021, Enchanted Cakes & Treats was rated Baltimore’s Magazine’s best milkshakes!

Join us at #OMGFOOD to savor Enchanted Cakes and Treats sweets!

Enchanted Cakes and Treats.png

La Cuchara is inspired by the food and culture of the Basque region of northern Spain and southern France. Seasonal, simple and ingredient-driven, Basque cuisine is known for its emphasis on quality ingredients from both the land and the sea. Owned and operated by Ben, Jake and Amy Lefenfeld, the restaurant is housed in the historic Meadow Mill, which at one point was the former home of London Fog raincoat company. Since its opening, La Cuchara has consistently been rated as one of the top Baltimore restaurants, having been rated in Baltimore's Best Restaurants for both the Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Magazine and rated as one of the top restaurants in the country by Opentable, Food & Wine, and Wine Enthusiast. 

Join us at #OMGFOOD to try La Cuchara’s unique cuisine!

Suspended Brewing Company.png

Suspended Brewing Company is a very small brewery in Pigtown, Baltimore. Our mission is to demonstrate that social justice and ecological stewardship can be a potent combination for business, and to be an uplifting presence in our community. We focus on mixed culture fermentation but also have a big appetite for variety.

Join us at #OMGFOOD to sample Suspended Brewing’s local brews! 


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is America's Original Craft Vodka produced in Austin, Texas - made in batches, using old-fashioned pot stills, and taste testing every batch.

Join us at #OMGFOOD to sample Maryland inspired cocktails from Tito’s!

Reserve Your Event Tickets Here

#OMGFOOD Call for Volunteers


Are you interested in helping make the #OMGFOOD event happen? We are currently recruiting volunteers for the night of the event to help with registration, auction sales, and more. Times range from 10:00-11:00 PM on Thursday, March 31st. If interested, please email Robyn Dammers, Director of Development at to find out more. 

We Are Hiring!

The League for People with Disabilities is proud to be an Employer of Choice because we are committed to recruiting and retaining a highly trained team capable of providing quality services and producing positive outcomes for all of our participants. 

Do you want to be a part of a dynamic and valued team? Please visit our website to view available positions and apply. You can reach out to Dawn Witherspoon, Vice President of Human Resources, with any questions at

View The League's Career Opportunities Here

Why Art Therapist Elizabeth Shaner Loves Working at The League

Elizabeth Shaner.jpeg

"My name is Elizabeth Shaner. I have been working with people with disabilities since I was 14, babysitting my neighbor’s son who had cerebral palsy. I enjoyed helping him with his everyday activities because he wanted to participate in all the things that other kids did. In school, I learned how to apply my talent as an artist with my knowledge of psychology. This led me to the field of Art Therapy. I first worked for seven years with people that had Multiple Sclerosis, but then I got my Master of Art Therapy degree and began working at The League in 1996 through the CCBC Adjunctive Instructor Program. I wanted to find as many ways as possible for people to participate in art no matter what their disability was. At that time, I was a mom with a young son, and I enjoyed the flexibility of working part-time, especially after I had my second child. When my son was diagnosed with Aspergers, I gained another level of patience for people with disabilities. In 2012, the CCBC instructor program was briefly suspended but I was later asked to return to The League as a part-time contractual employee. The participants at The League remind me of all the people I have been helping throughout my life. Through the medium of art, I want The League participants to experience the same kind of joy and fun that I do, and that people without disabilities enjoy. I believe everyone has creative ideas in their minds if they can only be shown how to express them, through their own style of art. I always emphasize having fun and being playful with art materials because improving art skills only comes with practice, but imagination is unique to everyone, and I love seeing how everyone shows it."


Medical Day participants present themselves as superheroes through their art.


The League's Art Therapist, Liz Shaner (right), shares her Halloween creativity and enthusiasm with a participant dressed as Batman.

Vaccination Info / Booster Clinic

On Wednesday, November 23rd, League staff and participants were fortunate to participate in an in-house “Physician Discussion on the Vaccination” with board-certified pediatricians Dr. Oyediran and Dr. Davis-Dash. The afternoon talk promoted public health awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination and answered important questions from a professional medical perspective.


League staff listen as board-certified pediatricians present facts about the COVID-19 vaccination.

Thank you to both doctors who took the time to visit

The League and educate staff and participants!


Michelle Davis-Dash, MD


Oyebukola A. Oyediran, MD

Vaccine Booster 12.4.21_1_.jpg

Vice President of Medical Programs/Chief Nursing Officer Renée Dash receives her vaccine booster to keep her family, colleagues and participants safe.

Read The League's COVID-19 Response Updates Here

The League was happy to host two COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Clinics early in December where staff, participants, family and community members were welcome to register or walk in to protect their and their loved ones’ health. The League is appreciative to the Maryland Department of Health’s Vaccine Equity Task Force and the Maryland Army National Guard for facilitating these clinics for the Greater Baltimore Area. Please continue to stay healthy and safe! 

Vaccine Booster 12.4.21_2_small.jpg

The personable team from the Maryland Army National Guard provides vaccines to The League community.

A Concluding Note from Our Board Officers

Dear Friends of The League,

The holidays are upon us and we are increasingly aware that some of the most meaningful gifts cannot be bought at the store; for us, The League embodies the spirit of family and togetherness. As officers of The League’s Board of Directors, we are moved by the show of generosity and dedication from our community throughout 2021.   


Because of your compassion and support thus far, we have achieved 90% of The League Fund’s Year-End Campaign goal! The League is able to operate at an impressive and impactful level for our participants to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency and to improve the quality of life with dynamic and inclusive in-person and virtual services. In our efforts to eliminate the dangers of isolation presented by the pandemic, we have developed thoughtful and adaptive hybrid programming and support systems to strengthen the bonds of The League’s community with more than 2,000 participants and families who choose our services.


We celebrate The League’s many accomplishments this year with you and because of you. Together, we are able! Your reasons for support inspire others so we hope that you will share your love of The League with your friends and family and continue the momentum into the new year with our 5th Annual #OMGFOOD Event in March. We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons filled with ample time with loved ones, lots of excellent food and more wonderful memories than you can count as you bring in 2022! 



Nicole Urquhart-Bradley


Mindy Geppi.jpg

Mindy Geppi

Vice Chair

Ethan Nochumowitz.png

Ethan Nochumowitz


Barry Gordon.png

Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D 



Your gift to The League Fund allows The League to continue providing important services in our community.

Together, we are able.

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Nicole Urquhart-Bradley, Board Chair â€˘ Mindy Geppi, Vice Chair

Ethan Nochumowitz, Treasurer â€˘ Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D, Secretary 

Carol Dodson • Bradley Fowler • James Hettleman • Janice Jackson • Richard M. Katz, M.D. Kris Meyer •Terri Seitz Parrish • Jason Perlow • Sharri Rochlin • Andrew Slutkin • Andrew Snyder


David A. Greenberg, President & CEO â€˘ Margretta Ryan, Sr. VP, Finance 

Dawn Witherspoon, VP, HR & Compliance 

RenĂ©e Dash, VP, Medical Programs/Chief Nursing Officer 

Rhonda Johnson, VP, Customer Relations â€˘Lauren Yankolonis, VP, Development 

Maureen Jeffreys, VP, Developmental Disabilities Services

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