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July Newsletter

My League Story: Camp Greentop Staff, Brad W.

Every year, campers look forward to Camp Greentop for the fresh air, the nature, the games, the outings, the connections, and the international staff; hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Brad is one of the reasons that they cannot wait to pack their bags and head to the Catoctin mountains each summer. Brad began working with The League’s Camping & Recreation Program in 2017, returning for summer and winter sessions in 2018, 2019, and finally once again this summer after two years of COVID restrictions. Although he had no prior experience working with individuals with disabilities, Brad took the job with open arms as an opportunity to challenge his perceptions and educate himself. 

One of Brad’s favorite parts of Camp is Check-In Day because he can see the smiles on the campers’ faces when they arrive and recognize him. As a Participant Services Coordinator, Brad makes it his job to connect with the campers on a personal level, ensuring that they are enjoying themselves and helping them navigate difficult moments. He genuinely values building relationships with the campers at his “second home” and hopes to move to The United States sometime in the near future. Since spending his summers Stateside at Camp Greentop, Brad has eaten his very first s’more and played his first exciting game of Whack-a-Mole with campers at Dave & Buster’s. 

For Brad, there is something peaceful and rewarding about being at Camp Greentop. Between singing ten-minute-long campfire songs and taking a pie to the face during Camp Olympics, there are always new memories to be made that Brad thinks about often when he is back home in Scotland. While he loves all of the campers’ unique personalities, Brad fondly remembers the impactful first nature hike that he shared with camper Larry where the two bonded over life outlooks in the picnic area. So much about Camp gives Brad the “warm and fuzzies,” but the abundance of happiness and positivity keeps him coming back every year to laugh with, learn from, and listen to the campers where he knows he is making a difference in their lives. 

Support The League at Camp Greentop

Camp Greentop is hosting its annual Open House and you are invited! Join the staff and campers on Friday, August 5th from 2PM-5PM to explore the historic grounds, connect with the campers, meet staff members like Brad, and learn the “Tell Me Why” Camp song! All are encouraged to attend to help us celebrate our 85th season of Camp. If you are interested, please RSVP to Lauren Yankolonis at or 410-323-0500 x308 by Monday, August 1st

Meaningful Day Visits Port Discovery

On Wednesday, July 29th, The League’s Meaningful Day participants travelled through time, space, and industries while they completed a scavenger hunt together at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum. As a nonprofit institution located in the historic Fish Market building in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the museum’s 80,000 square foot interior has three floors of exhibits and programs designed to be interactive and educational.

League staff and participants were greeted with a warm welcome from their friends at Port Discovery and began the visit coloring a chameleon and pondering what makes each of us unique. From the Studio Workshop, the group was led by Port Discovery friend Seth on a fun and stimulating scavenger hunt through the exhibits. Participants learned about steering ships, mummification in Ancient Egypt, irrigation systems, restaurant business models, and much more by problem-solving to unlock clues as they ventured about the museum. During lunch, League participants and Port Discovery staff read aloud a participant-authored story with lots of silly voices and pop-culture references. 

For League participants, the outing was so much more than an educational experience – it was an opportunity to cultivate relationships with the community and to practice appropriate public behaviors while employing critical thinking. The League would like to thank Seth, Shelby, Lynn, and all of the Port Discovery team members that continue to share an enthusiasm for positive engagement, cognitive enrichment, and meaningful connections.




Support Community Outings on a Monthly Basis!

By joining the G.E.M. (Give Every Month) Club, you can continue the pedagogy by supporting outings and collaborations like these. For $25 a month, you will provide staff support, provisions, and transportation for twelve participants to visit and connect with the cultural and educational institutions of Baltimore.

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SCALE Members Have a "Good Day"

Just in case you missed this upbeat participant-led cinematic exploration, please take a moment to watch a short clip chronicling how we have a “good day” every day at SCALE. 

Watch Our SCALE Members' "Good Day" Video

The League's SCALE members created a video to wrap up June as "Aphasia Awareness Month". The Improv group members reviewed songs, planned the filming, and choreographed the video to create awareness for aphasia in a positive way. They were adamant on creating a video with a meaningful message as well as to show off our great location!

Welcome New Board Members!

The League has an enormous sense of pride, respect, and gratitude for the men and women serving on our Board of Directors. Because of their time, resources, steadfast leadership, and advocacy, The League is able to continue to thrive and support the community.

The League would like to officially welcome two new members to our Board of Directors, Ashley Ingraham Watts and Chris Zegal. Their backgrounds and expertise in finding creative solutions through technology and the arts will support The League’s approach with future strategic planning. 

Learn About the Individuals Guiding The League to New Levels of Distinction

AmazonSmile: Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact

Did you know that you can support The League just by shopping on Amazon? Consider designating The League as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile so that each time you order qualifying items, Amazon donates a portion of the proceeds to The League Fund at no additional cost to you. Your retail therapy on Prime Day (July 13th) can provide life-changing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities such as learning to square dance at Camp Greentop, accessing education and sensory exploration at local cultural institutions, and mastering new platforms for creative communication. 

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Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council Photo Contest

There is still time to submit a photo to the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council’s 2022 Annual Photo Contest! As the weather warms, we would love to see how you or a loved one with a developmental disability lives and plays in the community. The League strives to integrate recreation into the relationships that we build internally as well as externally. Together, we are able to improve the quality of life for our participants, families, neighbors, and community members.

Access the Contest Flyer

A Concluding Note from Our President & CEO

Dear Friends of The League,

As we embrace a new season and kick off the summer months, I would like to thank our incredible staff, donors, volunteers, advocates, and supporters that have made a lasting impact in the lives of people with disabilities and their families in the Greater Baltimore Area, and beyond! The League has officially started our new fiscal year and I can already foresee ample growth, exploration, and success in the year ahead. With your support, we can help so many additional individuals and families improve the quality of their lives despite the challenges that they face.

Whether we are singing a solo at a talent show, serving a hot meal at a humanitarian organization, learning color theory in an Art Therapy class, hiking a trail with our friends, or telling our story using a brand new platform, it is important that we seize every opportunity to build each other up. Here at The League, we have determined and proven that no endeavor is too great as long as we can rely on the strength of our community for encouragement and guidance.

I hope that you will continue to be a part of our journey as we serve more than 2,000 participants with disabilities and their families annually. Please consider setting The League as your charity while shopping on AmazonSmile this Prime Day (July 13th). AmazonSmile will donate a portion of the eligible purchase price to The League, at no additional cost. Stay safe and take care!


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David A. Greenberg

President & CEO

David Greenberg (L) with fellow League nurses at CLUB1111 on June 11, 2022. >

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