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Vol. 17 March 2018
DFO Releases Science Advisory Report-
Peer Review of CAST
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has publicly released their Science Advisory Report detailing the Review of Risks and Benefits of Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow’s (CAST) Smolt-to-Adult Supplementation (SAS) Experiment Proposal.

The brief summary indicates there were negligible risks to the long term integrity, survival and recovery of the wild population in 2 parts of the program, namely the sub-basin genetic structure analysis and the laboratory experiments associated with collecting of smolts and adult salmon for the program. There was a low risk associated with the experimental river where the releases of wild and SAS fish will be closely monitored. 

There were 5 potential risks identified on the SAS impacts on a natural river and 4 have mitigation plans in place, for example:
Disease transfer risk – a disease monitoring plan is in effect to detect and treat any diseases or destroy the fish if a serious disease
Too many SAS fish to wild fish – wild fish will be counted with the Aris sonar counters to ensure that we never exceed a 1:1 ratio of SAS to wild
Risk of reducing genetic diversity by collecting smolts from one local area – smolts are collected in the lower sections of each river and collected during the entire run to provide a representative sample
Risk of inbreeding – mating will be carefully monitored in the experimental stream to observe if this phenomena occurs.
The last risk identified is the risk to the wild population increases as the geographical footprint of the experiment increases and we are proposing 2 Miramichi tributaries, the Little SW Miramichi and the NW Miramichi for smolt collection and adult distribution and we have already are growing 3 separate year classes from each river starting in 2015.

Next Steps:
The CAST team and DFO will be meeting, along with First Nations, on the details of the SAS program and hopefully permits will be issued in a timely manner so the program can begin with the first SAS adult stocking in 2018.
Don't Miss the MSA AGM/Icebreaker Weekend
Always a fun and informative weekend to kick off the start of another fishing season! Plan now to attend one or more of the following activities being help during the 22nd Annual Ice Breaker weekend;

Science Day 2018- 10:00AM-3:00PM, Friday, April 27 at the Woodsmen Museum in Boiestown, NB: Come hear and ask questions about what’s happening on the River. Speakers include all CAST project leads, the Atlantic Salmon Federation will give an International perspective, and there will be an update from the Department of fisheries and Oceans. The event is free and lunch is included. Be sure to RSV

65th Annual General Meeting – 1:00PM, Saturday, April 28 at the Upper Miramichi Rural Community Center, Boiestown, NB : All MSA members are welcome to attend this always informative Annual General Meeting of the organization. An MSA Board of Directors meeting will follow.

22nd Annual Icebreaker Dinner & Auction – 4:30PM – 9:30PM, Saturday, April 29th at the Woodsmen Museum in Boiestown, NB. Contact the MSA to reserve your $60 ticket for this always popular event.
MSA Director Greg Sprague Interviews 2018 Jack Fenety Scholarship Winner: Jani Helminen
Be sure to check out our Youtube page where you can find plenty of MSA content including this great interview with UNB PhD Candidate Jani Helminen. Jani is the 2018 recipient of the Jack Fenety Scholarship and will receive $10,000 towards his work with the ARIS Cameras part of the Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow (CAST) Project.
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Summer Students Wanted
The 2018 MSA Field Season is just around the corner, and we are looking to hire students for our programs starting in May. If you or someone you know is a student in the science field, or just loves to work outdoors, be sure to apply for the GNB Student Employment Experience Development Program and then send their resume and cover letter along to MSA Biologist Kelsey McGee. (Photo: Summer Students helping with the Smolt Tagging project)
DNR Publishes Fish Book 2018 and
Crown Reserve Results
This years 2018 New Brunswick Fish Book is out and you may recognize MSA Director Joe Palmer (and his son Aidan) on the cover. Be sure to check out the Fish Book for up to date regulations for this years fishing season!

Be sure to check out DNR's new interactive Fishing Regulations Map.

DNR has also released 2018 Crown Reserve Results.
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