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Your Monthly News & Recap for January 2018
"What does it take to create literate, compassionate creative citizens who improve our world?" 

- This is the framing question behind everything we do at The Learning Alliance!
Upcoming Events

February 26th - Moonshot Monday @ TLA Teacher Center

February 28th - MCAN Meeting @ TEC - School District  

March 2 - Read Across America MCAN event in Fellsmere

Moonshot Institute - The Roots of Literacy
Nearly 80 Moonshot Academy educators came together at First Presbyterian Church for a workshop focused on how to develop foundational literacy skills through a project-based learning approach. They will return to their schools and use these strategies at our Moonshot Academy after school programs. 

The workshop showcased engaging, research based strategies and inspiring, rigorous activities to tackle critical standards. Participants also deepened their own professional knowledge of the research behind the work and discussed how to bring what they learned back to their classrooms. 

Having knowledgable, empowered teachers is necessary for our community to achieve its Moonshot Goal of 90% of our students being proficient readers by the 3rd grade.

Hayes Mizell, an advocate for education for over 30 years, wrote the following as it relates to teacher professional development. Mizell states, "Effective professional development enables educators to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address students' learning challenges. To be effective, professional development requires thoughtful planning followed by careful implementation with feedback to ensure it responds to educators' learning needs. Educators who participate in professional development then must put their new knowledge and skills to work. Professional development is not effective unless it causes teachers to improve their instruction or causes administrators to become better school leaders."  

Read more about Hayes Mizell's insights  on the importance of teacher professional development in his  Learning Forward  research article:  Why professional development matters

Teachers practicing 7-Up sentences to teach their students how to reflect and 
write complex sentences on the content they're studying

Environment proponent, Leslie Kiddy Maloney shared an inspiring tale of why she wrote Mermaid Meg and the Magic Lagoon. She wanted children to see how we can all make a difference in keeping the Indian River Lagoon healthy. This book launches the unit plan that several schools will use in their Moonshot Academy after school program.

TLA Team Members and author, Leslie Kiddy Maloney

At the institute, teachers had an opportunity to engage in an "Ask the Experts" Q&A breakout session: 

Sue Flak from Pelican Island Elementary sharing information 
about vegetation  found in our local region 

J eff Lappert, Associate Scientist,  Ocean Research & Conservation Association , sharing in-depth information about the Indian River Lagoon to teachers in the AskTheExperts session

FunFacts:  The Indian River Lagoon is an estuary, not a river.  Also, The IRL has been 
cited as one of the most biologically diverse estuaries in North America!
John's Island Breakfast: Updating Progress
The Learning Alliance recently had an opportunity to share the progress of the work happening throughout Indian River by the Moonshot Community Action Network(MCAN) partners and the School District of Indian River County.  Over 100 community members, organization leaders, and philanthropists attended. 

Ray Oglethrope and Dr. Mark Rendell kicking off the John's Island breakfast 

Check out the opening remarks from Ray Oglethorpe and Dr. Rendell here:

A new Moonshot initiative for The Learning Alliance was to provide additional extended learning opportunities to struggling students during the school day. 

TLA has partnered with Indian River County School District to provide 3rd Grade Interventionists  in five schools. Their efforts are paying off.  Student's are predicted to  score higher on their next state assessment! This news was the first of many exciting successes shared at the breakfast. 

State assessment scores are estimated to increase between 19 and 35% percentage points

Panelist including Meredith Egan - United Way of IRC, Dr. Nivea Torres - KRC, Susan Roberts Childcare Resources, and Andrea Berry - Healthy Start Coalition having a conversation about early education

"Investing early in education pays dividends in the lives of our children!"

The Fellsmere Action Community Team (FACT) discussing community collaboration

"With the right resources, our children CAN!" - Pastor Annie Mae Brown. 

Thank you to all the nonprofits, community members and philanthropist that  invest in our children's success! 
Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN): Improving Program Effectiveness through Evaluation
MCAN members continue to press forward in achieving the Moonshot Goal and deepening their commitment to our community's children and future. In the January meeting, 50 MCAN Partners worked together to discuss:
  • Updates on their Moonshot work
  • The power of a growth mindset
  • The qualities of a "Moonshot" community leader
  • How to evaluate their organization's Moonshot-related programs using the Lectio approach

MCAN leaders sharing updates on the impactful work happening in our community. 

Dr. Fran Adams sharing insights on the growth mindset and qualities of a Moonshot Community Leader

Community leaders engaged in the conversation about Lectio's evaluation tool

Moonshot Rocket at Children's Week - Tallahassee
Our Moonshot Reading Rocket was invited to participate in the annual "Children's Week" festivities at the state Capital, to facilitate our "Voices: A Community Tapestry of Stories" project. Our belief that "one voice is powerful, and together we are unstoppable" was a perfect fit for the Children's Week theme, and a platform to share the collective Moonshot work being done to improve children's literacy in Indian River County. 

Marie O'brien with Erin Grall, District 54 Representative and Moonshot Moment supporter
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