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 "What does it take to create a Moonshot Community with caring, compassionate, curious, lifelong learners who will improve our world?"
- This is the framing question behind everything we do at The Learning Alliance!
Upcoming Events

November 20th - Moonshot Monday 3rd Grade Teacher Collaborative 

November 21st   Pelican Island Elementary School Informance

November 23rd   -  Happy Thanksgiving! 

November 27th   -  Moonshot Monday Open Teacher Collaborative   

November 28th - 30th   -  Lectio Institute Training Workshop to document our Campaign for Grade-Level Reading progres
Literacy Expert, Kurt Wootton Visits Pelican Island & Rosewood Magnet
Pelican Island Elementary (PIE) and Rosewood Magnet School (RMS) received a special visit from literacy expert and author Kurt Wootton to celebrate their large group participation at the Moonshot Institute on October 21st.  

Before the school day at each campus, Kurt, along with Educational Consultants from The Learning Alliance, Debbi Arseneaux and Leslie Connelly, presented a personalized professional development workshop based on the teacher's requests for support. 

The team spent the day visiting classrooms, modeling strategies, supporting planning, and sharing ideas.

This visit was a part of The Learning Alliance's commitment to focus deeply on several Moonshot Partnership Schools and to provide customized support on campus.

Kurt Wootton  interacting  with teachers from PIE and RMS to provide solutions to their challenges and evidence-based strategies to implement in their classroom.

A PIE student practices "gnashing" his "terrible teeth" as part of a read aloud 
with Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are

PIE kindergarteners practice writing letters during a Fundations lesson.
Moonshot Monday: Moonshot On-Campus
On Monday, October 9th, The Learning Alliance Impact Team launched the first of a series of "Moonshot Mondays" as an opportunity for educators to come together in a professional learning community at the newly dubbed "Moonshot Learning Center" located at The Learning Alliance's office.

The collaborative inquiry group encourages participants to f ocus on a question of personal professional development; and t hen come together approximately monthly to learn from each other. 

K-2 classroom teachers and literacy coaches gathered, along with Moonshot Innovation Specialists to: 
  • Build an  educator  community; 
  • Share insights and challenges around Enriched Literacy; and 
  • Start to develop their inquiry focus. 

Literacy and Science Coaches from Indian River Academy, Rosewood Magnet and 
Pelican Island Elementary connect over student success stories. 

Moonshot Media Center Innovation Specialists Sherry White from Vero Beach Elementary (left) and Julie Carroll from Rosewood Magnet (right) go on a scavenger hunt in the Moonshot Learning Center to find objects that represent their current excitement and concerns about the school year.

Thank you to our Moonshot Community Partners for the support 
that makes these opportunities possible!

Literacy Off the Page: Focus on Foundational Literacy
On Saturday, October 21st, nearly 40 educators came together at Storm Grove Middle School for a workshop focused on how to develop foundational literacy skills.

The workshop showcased:
  • Engaging, research based strategies; and
  • Inspiring, rigorous activities to tackle critical standards.
The purpose of the workshop was to deepen the professional knowledge of participants through understanding the current research on foundational literacy and discuss how to implement these strategies in their classrooms.

Chris Kohlstedt, Principal of Pelican Island Elementary stated,  "I have been a leader, but coming  to these institutes really helps me reconnect with what the students require so that way I can support the teachers in the classroom..."  

See more highlights from the workshop on  the video below! 

A recap video of the event featuring Pelican Island Principal, Chris Kohlstedt; Citrus Elementary Teacher, Jennifer Riddick; and School Board Member, Tiffany Justice. 

Thank you to all the dedicated Indian River School District leaders and teachers that attend these professional development opportunities. 
The Moonshot Rocket Bus recently had an opportunity  to  support our Moonshot partner, The Brackett Library, and  collect  more LOCAL stories filled with dreams and future hope for the "Voices: A Community Tapestry of Stories Project." The  Brackett Library is the most recent stop for Rocket after having the opportunity to travel across  the country  and stop at six Campaign for Grade-Level Reading cities in addition to impacting over 5,150 children and families over the last year. 

The Reading Rocket addresses the need to provide awareness and access to academic and social-emotional programs for all children and families in the county, in an effort to impact kindergarten readiness, reading on grade level by 3rd Grade, social-emotional needs, and parent/family involvement. The program manager, Bridget Lyons, is the Captain of the Rocket who is responsible to facilitate lessons and performances that engage participants of all ages.

With that in mind, the purpose of the "Voices Tapestry" is to engage the community in an art project where their collective expressions are  co-joined  together  in a "Tapestry/quilt."  Individuals are asked to share their "story" on a piece of fabric and draw a picture that represents them or their story. 

According to the Project for Public places, the benefits of engaging in community art projects are that they: 
  1. Encourage interactions in public space;
  2. Increase civic participation through celebration and/or create the conditions for civic engagement action; 
  3. Engage youth in the community;
  4. Promote the power and preservation of a place; and
  5. Broaden participation in a civic agenda (e.g. literacy  for Indian River). 

At the Brackett Library open house, 50 community members enthusiastically 
participated in this Enriched Literacy project. 

Moonshot Partnerships with Local Law Enforcement
TLA represented the Moonshot Moment for the Sebastian and Fellsmere Police Department's National Night Out events in October.

We are excited to have local law enforcement supporting our Moonshot Moment efforts.

Through the two events, we gave away over 300 books to our local families!

Research shows that having age-appropriate books in the home are strongly linked to academic achievement.  "They enhance the academic performance of children from families at all educational and population levels," the researchers write, "but the enhancement is greater for families with little education and low-status occupations."   Books Linked to Academic Achievement

Future reader = future leader!

Sebastian Police Department's PAO Jason Gillette, with their mascot "Mercy"

Did you know that 85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile  
court system  are functionally illiterate?

Dr.  Nivea Torres (KRC), Maria Pantoja (KRC), Alida Gomez (Literacy Services), 
Marie O'Brien (The Learning Alliance), Pastor Brown.

"It takes a community!"

Special Thanks from The Learning Alliance to 
Our Moonshot Community
We are thankful for each of you.
Thank you for your support  and work in our Moonshot Community! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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