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 "What does it take to create a Moonshot Community with caring, compassionate, curious, lifelong learners who will improve our world?"
- This is the framing question behind everything we do at The Learning Alliance!

Greetings Dr. Rendell, Pam and Kelly,

I'm personally sending you a copy of TLA's eNewsletter that recaps September 2017 and has an extended list of event dates.

Last month, we had a couple of exciting things happen including:The Moonshot Institute at Vero Beach Elementary where over 70 teachers took a deeper dive into enriched literacy and problem-based learning; and Lenora Ritchie facilitated a MCAN workshop on collective impact and honed in on intriguing insights about the difference between collective impact and collaboration.  We took a deep dive into barriers organizations might have in working together to address complex social issues.Thank you for your participation.

This month a few notable events are happening. We have partnered with The Museum of Art on a literacy enriched performance arts presentation of Where The Wild Things Are to benefit students throughout the district. We have over 2,000 IRC students signed up to attend. We also have multiple trainings that the teachers should find valuable - Sonday Training @ Citrus on the 11 th  from 4:00-7:00 and  our Moonshot Institute on Oct 21 st at Storm Grove Middle School  We are looking forward to  the foundational literacy focus of the next MSI and the collaboration with Karin to ensure we are addressing district needs.

Thank you for the 9 week data review protocol.  We are very excited about watching the principals and their schools target their highest need students and areas for support. This is developing into a transformative partnership.

I want to personally thank you for all your efforts to shape the future of our children. Together, as a Moonshot Community, we will continue press forward towards our bold, transformative Moonshot goal. Our children will succeed!

Liz Woody Remington
Co-Founder and Director of Professional Development
The Learning Alliance

Upcoming Events

October 11th - Training @ Citrus Elementary, 4pm - 7pm
October 16th -  Moonshot Monday - 3rd Grade Interventionist @ TLA Office
October 21st - Moonshot Weekend Institute - Focus on Foundational Literacy, 8am - 2pm @ TBD  

October 13th - 9-Week Data Review @ IRC School District Office
October 16th -  Science, Math and ELA Meetings/Secondary Department Chairs @ VBHS
October 26th - Assistant Principal Cohort A and B @ TEC

Education / Enrichment
October 10th - Moonshot Rocket hosts Beachland Elementary - 2nd Grade @ VBMA
October 13th - Moonshot Rocket hosts  VBE - 2nd Grade @ VBMA
October 17th - Moonshot Rocket hosts  Beachland Elementary - 1st Grade @ VBMA
October 20th - Moonshot Rocket hosts  North County Charter - 1st Grade @ VBMA
October 24th - Moonshot Rocket hosts  Pelican Island Elementary - Kindergarten @ VBMA
October 27th - Moonshot Rocket hosts  Treasure Coast Elementary - 2nd Grade @ VBMA

November 9th - Day of Service - Classroom Tour @TBD, 8:30am - 10:30am & Luncheon @Oak Harbor, 11:30am - 1:30pm

Moonshot Weekend Institute - Literay in Action!
On September 30th at Vero Beach Elementary, over 70 educators participated in the Moonshot Institute workshop: Literacy in Action. 

Teachers attending the workshop continued their journey to become more effective educators through their dedication to professional and personal development. 

The Literacy in Action workshop featured transformational resources and information on project-based learning and enriched literacy, which addresses the social-emotional needs of learners, foundational skill attainment (standards mastery), and application of  learned  knowledge (ability to create and problem solve). 

The workshop objectives for teachers were for them to: 
  • Experience highlights of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary unit plan that can be modified and adapted
  • Learn a variety of strategies and ideas and afford  teachers time  to brainstorm, adapt, and transfer
  • Understand how Social Emotional Literacy and Project-Based Learning can reinforce each other and support student growth and achievement

Dr. Mark Rendell provided the welcome and remarks for the workshop 

 Teachers participated in a recycling lesson on sorting materials to be either recycled, reduced, or reused

Teachers collaborating together to make a Public Service Announcement
on the importance of the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Team TLA sharing enriched literacy resources that are inclusive of
social emotional , foundational, and applied learning

Teachers shared their reflecitons , learnings, and Ah-ha moments  

Thank you to all of the School District Personnel, Principals, and Teachers who attended. You are invaluable partners in helping 
our community reach its Moonshot Goal!!!

Betty Barth, Teacher at Vero Beach Elementary (formally Sebastian Elementary) shares how The Learning Alliance's Moonshot Institute has helped her as an educator to reach her students through arts-integration and social-emotional techniques.

Take a few minutes to listen to her amazing success story and the impact TLA's professional development series is having on her classroom! 

Arts Supporting Literacy and Literacy Supporting Arts
The Moonshot Rocket in collaboration with Vero Museum of Art will launch a Where the Wild Things Are literacy and arts-integrated performance to benefit approximately 1,700 Indian River County School District students over the next three months. The literacy-arts experience will be hosted at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and made available to elementary students throughout the  county !
The collaboration between The Learning Alliance, Vero Beach Museum of Art and the Indian River County School District is what a Moonshot Community does!

Thanks to Dr. Rendell, Indian River County School District and Brady Roberts & Shanti Sanchez, Vero Beach Museum of Art for bringing this partnership together.
Thank  you  Bridget Lyons, Moonshot Reading Rocket Program Manager and Debbi Dillon, Volunteer, for implementing the program.
Last but certainly not least, a special thank you to  Cat Faust  for producing the amazing, creative artwork to accompany the performance.

We could not have launched this transformational program without the hard work and talents of all individuals involved. 

Moonshot 2 Me: Sharing the Impact and Personal Vision of Our Moonshot Community 
We are continuing to make the impactful Moonshot Community work visible through our Moonshot 2 Me Social Media campaign that The Learning Alliance kicked-off in June 2017.  

Our goal is to reach 2,018 active Moonshot supporters in 2018!  Will you please participate in our Moonshot2Me social media campaign?  

This is how you can: 

1. Please send your "Moonshot quote" to Willie Finklin, 

3. Lastly, please
subscribe /follow us online and tag/like/retweet when applicable:

Quotes from our Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN) 

True Collaboration: The Art of Collective Impact! 
Over 30 MCAN Partners attended a workshop at the School District's TEC to learn about Collective Impact principles.
The workshop covered topics such as but not limited to:
  • The difference between and benefits of partnerships, collaboration, and collective impact
  • How organizations can work together to resolve complex social problems
  • Overcoming barriers to collaboration/collective impact 
MCAN Partners committed to press forward and take a deeper dive into this topic in order to explore innovative ways to :
  • Share resources to reduce program costs
  • Extend the reach of current services being provided to the community
  • Jointly implementing, managing, and intergrating more robust targeted programs

Lenora Ritchie  presenting  information on the necessity for organizations to shift to a growth mindset 

MCAN partners sharing their thoughts on collective impact

The MCAN group shared their insight on the risks of collaborative impact

Special THANKS to Lenora Ritchie of Carter for facilitating a highly informative and beneficial workshop to our MCAN family! 
Make a Difference: Volunteers Needed
The Learning Alliance is looking for volunteers to tutor struggling Kindergarten students on early literacy skills at the same time each week. TLA is happy to announce that we will offer 4 volunteer training sessions for the 2017-18 school year.  The training dates are:  

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Thursday, February 8, 2018

Each training session will be from  9:00 to 12:00 at The First Presbyterian Church. 

New volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend a training session, and returning volunteers are always welcome to attend a "refresher" session.  

The training sessions provide an opportunity for volunteers to practice the specific activities they will use during their one-on-one tutoring sessions with kindergarten students using the research-based Fundations curr iculum.  All materials will be provided at the training sessions.  

For more information please contact Pat Shaw at   or by phone at   772-321-4133 .

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