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Schools Need to Address Student Trauma – Especially During Remote Teaching
Every teacher in every school has students who have experienced or are living with trauma in their lives – and many recognize that the trauma may be escalating with school closures.
Just because we’re not in the same room as our students, we still need to support their social-emotional health and help them cope in this unprecedented time. Some students are struggling to continue their studies in a less structured environment while feeling isolated or distracted. And many suffer continuous, recurring traumas that are amplified when they are forced to stay home.
A Trauma-informed Approach Helped Ethan Flourish 
Home life was a toxic environment for Ethan, with his parents constantly yelling and fighting. Then because of their drug abuse, he and his little brother were placed in the foster care system. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an available family who could take them both, so they were separated. This was traumatizing for Ethan and something he is still working to overcome.
After middle school, he was not looking forward to high school and knew he would not do well in a bigger school. He felt he would be lost in a sea of students. His aunt heard about Learn4Life and enrolled him as a 9 th grader – and Ethan soon began to flourish. 
Parenting Students Get Extra Help
During Remote Learning
Every year, 25,000 teens give birth in California – and 70 percent of teen moms don’t graduate high school. About 1,300 of Learn4Life students are pregnant or parenting, so we are doing everything we can to keep these young mothers engaged in school and learning parenting skills – even during remote learning.
Before COVID-19 forced remote learning, parenting teens could bring their babies to school while they studied and took tests. A separate child-friendly area ensured they didn’t disrupt other students. It was their safe place to study and meet other teen moms with the same issues. Diapers, formula and other essentials were available.