School May be Different - But the Learning Goes On...
In spite of the pandemic, back to school is such a fun time to watch your children's excitement; the first day of school, pictures, head-scratching math problems, new friends and those ah-ha! moments.

This time of year also brings a renewed sense of excitement for life-long learners.

At Snowflakes, we are always learning more and more about embryo adoption (oftentimes from our Snowflakes families that we want to share with you. We hope that you find their stories both fun and informative!
Information Based Upon Personal Experience
James and Anna, a Snowflakes Embryo Adoption couple traveling their adoption journey, graciously answer many questions about their experiences. Chatting about everything from their home study to the matching process, their friendly approach can help folks new to embryo adoption gain a better understanding of the program.

The power of story is incredible.

We know that YOUR voice and YOUR story are the most compelling ways to spread the good word
about Snowflakes embryo adoption.
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A Glimpse into a Placing Family's Struggle

After the birth of their first daughter, Cecile and Michael wanted to grow their family, so they turned to IVF. They joyfully welcomed their son as a result. However, when they naturally conceived their third child, they knew they would need to do something with their remaining embryos.

“It wasn’t an instant choice,” Cecile said. “It took us three years to make that choice. We wondered, ‘Is it okay to give away your embryos because it isn’t convenient? What kind of family were we exposing them to?’”

“What does it mean to me to have a biological child somewhere else? How am I going to feel about that?” Michael recalls. “I came to the realization that life is more precious than my personal feelings.”

A Harvest of Embryo Babies

Five new Snowflakes babies - we are now officially over 750!


J and A welcomed their daughter Heidi #748
A and E welcomed their sons Josiah #749 and Silas #750
J and K welcomed their son Everett #751
M and S welcomed their son, Adam, #752

Are those Narwhals swimming playfully across Adam's tummy?
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