Breaking News! There's a new 5-speed in our PerfectFit™ line up!
Legends Get Better Over Time

Earlier this month, we made several new product announcements:

  • A line of Re-manufactured Automatic Transmissions
  • A T56 Magnum 6 speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1975 to 1981 Camaros and Firebirds
  • A T56 Magnum 6 speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1964 to 1970 Mustangs and 1967 to 1970 Cougars

But what better way to celebrate SST's first birthday than by bringing back the most popular PerfectFit™ offering of all time!


From the start of our company, you have been asking us for the Legend Transmission PerfectFit™ kits.  And, for almost that long, Kevin Smith (President of Legend Gear and Transmission) and I worked to determine if this was possible and what the best way to do it was.


Legend Gear and SST both had high standards which needed to be met if this were to happen.  The Legend LGT-700 is a premium product, designed for high performance and ease of installation.  It is manufactured under very stringent quality controls.


The SST PerfectFit™ kits are the market leader in quality, customer support and ease of installation.  In addition, SST is known for not taking deposits and for the fastest delivery available.

This means a LGT-700 equipped with the SST PerfectFit™ kit will:

  • NOT require a deposit
  • Ship quickly
  • Be complete - including the proper shift position for your car, crossmembers, drive shafts, shifters,  installation instructions, everything necessary to install it in your model and make of vehicle...including accessories like bell housings and clutches.
  • Have qualified, knowledgeable technical support personnel available to the customers.
Almost six (6) months ago, SST began ordering Legend Transmissions and accessory equipment, designing crossmembers and other equipment, and refining installation manuals.  Today, we have a moderate supply of LGT-700 transmissions with a large inventory of kitting materials and accessories.  And we have a production stream of LGT-700s arriving from Legend Gear and Transmission every month!

Today, we are announcing that SST has become a distributor for Legend Gear and Transmission.  LGT-700 transmissions with PerfectFit™ kits are now available for most GM Classic Cars!

This announcement does not in any way reflect a change in our support of the TREMEC TKO or T56 Magnum transmissions. This is simply another step forward in our quest to become the leader in powertrain components for your classic car, truck or street rod; SST will continue to be the market leader in developing and providing transmission kits for these great products.

LGT-700 PerfectFit™ Kit

700 lb-ft torque, in a compact, round case, and all the components you need to update your driveline.  Available for most GM cars and in stock while supplies last! Click the link below to learn more about the LGT-700

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