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The Lemonade Stand
When I was a kid, oh, seven, eight years old, let's just say I wasn't perfect. In many ways.
For instance: our neighbor had several fruit trees in the backyard. With help from a couple of male accomplices, around the same larcenous age, we'd climb the fence and help ourselves to peaches, apples and lemons. That was bad enough. But we'd turn around and sell the bounty. Right out in front of our houses, in plain view for all to see. Not only were we thieves, we were dumb thieves.
We finally got caught one day loading up on the fruit, and after the neighbor dragged us home and our parents scolded us, our days as fruit bandits were over.
I got to thinking about those long-ago childhood days as I mulled over the phrase " turning lemons into lemonade ", or a variant " when life hands you lemons, make lemonade ."

The investing process can also provide us with opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade. When significant market declines occur, as we've seen recently, we look to take advantage of the situation. What does this mean?
First, we believe that the democratic nature of market panics tends to drive most stocks down, and opportunities can be numerous as a result. So, we re-evaluate all of our investment options, both from within our current portfolios as well as from ideas in our investment universe.
We ask ourselves--are there changes we can make to improve our estimated return potential and invest more of the portfolio in high-quality businesses? In markets like these, the answer to both often can be yes.  

It doesn't look pretty at the time as markets are volatile and you're selling a stock that's already declined to buy another stock that's declined. We call this " selling a seventy-cent dollar to buy a fifty-cent dollar. "
This is what we've been doing for the past month or so. The opportunity of broad market downturns is that they let you craft your own tasty version of lemonade with a little extra effort (and without the larceny!) One man's panic can be another man's pleasure.
-John Heldman, CFA

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