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[ March 12, 2021 ]
Spring is (almost) Sprung! This weekend, as we set our clocks forward an hour, don't fret over the lost hour of sleep -- that just means extra time to watch the world awaken from winter! Along with plants that are peeking out with green stems and leaves, wildlife is also emerging with sounds of bird songs, frog calls, and yes, the buzzing of those pesky mosquitos. One animal also making its presence known this time of year is our featured creature, the green anole (Anolis carolinensis). Pronounced either "a-nole" or "a-NOL-ee," this lizard is one of 12 native species in S.C. and is commonly found in the coastal plain, as well as across most of the state. Green anoles possess several interesting traits, including the ability to change color and move their eyes independently, which gives rise to their nickname, "the American chameleon." In addition, much like geckos, green anoles have pads on their feet which allow them to scale vertical structures such as trees, fences, and buildings. However, despite having similar traits to geckos and chameleons, green anoles are, in fact, more closely related to iguanas! Both sexes possess a dewlap, which is a pouch located underneath the head; however, males have a larger dewlap and display it prominently, along with some animated head-bobbing, to attract a female. Feeding on small insects and other small invertebrates, the green anole is prey for several predators including birds, snakes, and small mammals. So, to wrap up this week's featured creature and segue into our newsletter, we say, holy anole -- check out these exciting education opportunities brought to you by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium and our partners!
(photo credit: E.V. Bell)
Deadline Approaching!
Back to Basics Virtual Educator Science Café
"Mixtures and Matter"
March 24, 2021 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Deadline to Register: March 23, 2021

Transmitting live from the Zoom-o-sphere to the comfort of your own home, join ocean science and space experts, Dr. Scott Harris (College of Charleston), Cyndi Hall (NASA Earth Science Data Systems), and Dr. Cass Runyon (College of Charleston and S.C NASA Space Grant) as we travel from the hydrosphere to the stratosphere and beyond to explore all things density! From currents of the deep to methane seeps, from coastal geology to lunar landscapes, and from radio waves to current technologies, you will engage in discussions with guest experts and also explore content through hands-on, standards-based demonstrations. After registration, you will receive a list of supplies that you can use during demonstrations (optional) as well as a theme-based recipe that you can enjoy while we come together to learn around the virtual dinner table (also optional). This event is brought to you free-of-charge by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium and Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. Renewal credits offered upon request. Send questions to E.V. Bell or Hannah Giddens. Registration closes March 23, 2021.
Environmental Education Association of South Carolina Hybrid Conference
"Environmental Legacy: It's Our Story...Past, Present, and Future"
June 10 - 12, 2021
Deadline for Proposal Submission: March 15, 2021

Mark your calendars for the Environmental Education Association of South Carolina's (EEASC) hybrid 2021 conference! More details to come, but an overview of the conference includes:

  • Virtual Keynote: Thursday, June 10
  • Virtual Concurrent Sessions: Friday, June 11
  • Face-to-Face Field Experiences: Saturday, June 12

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, general registration will be $25, with optional field trip and t-shirt add-ons. Are you interested in presenting a session? Click here to submit a session proposal -- presenters will receive a $25 discount on registration. Session recordings will be made available to registered conference participants after the event. Visit EEASC's webpage to stay up-to-date on conference details and to learn more about this fabulous organization!

All Booked Up: S.C. Sea Grant Consortium's Coastal Reading Club
Deadline to Sign Up: March 15, 2021

Calling all educators -- this is not just your average summer reading assignment! The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium is launching a new book club in the summer of 2021 in an effort to share and discuss influential fiction and non-fiction books related to the coastal environment. Please fill out this short two-question survey by March 15, 2021 to indicate your interest. Questions can be emailed to E.V. Bell.

Pollinator Conservation Webinar
March 18, 2021 from 4:00 - 5:30 PM
Deadline to Register: March 15, 2021

Register today for a FREE Pollinator Conservation Webinar! This webinar is hosted by the Environmental Education Association of South Carolina and Champions of the Environment. Formal and informal K - 12 grade educators in S.C. are welcome to attend. Expert speakers will provide presentations on:

  • Importance of pollinators
  • Planting for pollinators
  • Preserving pollinator habitat
  • Creating Carolina Fence gardens
  • Establishing Monarch Waystations
  • Lesson plans and activity guides

Attendees will receive door prizes, educational toolkits, and additional resources. Visit to learn more.

S.C. Environmental Awareness Award
Nominations Due: March 31, 2021

Nominations are now being accepted for the S.C. Environmental Awareness Award, which recognizes individuals who are doing extraordinary work to benefit the natural environment. The S.C. General Assembly established the award in 1992 to recognize outstanding contributions made toward the protection, conservation, and improvement of the state's natural resources. Each year the public is invited to submit nominations that are reviewed by an awards committee comprised of representatives of the state’s natural resource agencies: S.C Forestry Commission, S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, S. C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), and the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium. The nomination guidelines, nomination form, and a list of previous award winners are available on the SCDNR website. Questions can be sent to Bill Marshall (803) 331-2608.
New Opportunities and Resources!
Save the Date! From Seeds to Shoreline Virtual Teacher Training
July 28 and 29, 2021
Registration Opens: May 1, 2021

The From Seeds to Shoreline® (S2S) program celebrates 11 years of helping to restore areas of S.C. salt marsh and we want you to join our team for the 2021 - 2022 school year! The S2S program is the only salt marsh restoration program in the state designed specifically for K - 12 students and teachers. By growing Spartina alterniflora, the dominant plant of southeastern salt marshes, throughout the school year and transplanting young seedlings to areas of the coastline, students not only learn about the importance of this critical ecosystem but they also serve as environmental stewards. The cost to participate in the workshop is free; however, attendance at the two-day training is required to participate in the 2021-2022 school year. The online workshop includes: pre-workshop learning engagement activities, a virtual training via Zoom (four hours over two days), and an optional, in-person, salt marsh, field experience to occur later in Fall 2021. A free workshop kit of supplies and resources will be mailed to you so that you can participate, hands-on, from the comfort of your own home. Registration opens May 1, 2021. For more information, please visit the S2S website. Questions can be sent to E.V. Bell.

Teachers on the Estuary: Explore an Estuary NERR You!
July 20 - 22, 2021

Register today to explore several S.C. estuaries including the ACE (Ashepoo-Combahee-Edisto) Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR), Charleston Harbor, and North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR. This workshop is open to K - 12 teachers, pre-service teachers, homeschool educators, and nonformal educators of all subjects! This workshop is free-of-charge and brought to you by the ACE Basin NERR, North-Inlet Winyah Bay NERR, S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), and the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium. Please visit the flyer for more details and registration information. Questions can be sent to SCDNR Marine Education.

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission is Hiring!

Education Aide Position Description: Under the direction of the Recreation Environmental Education Coordinator, the Environmental Education Aide will assist full-time staff in creating and implementing environmental education programs for a wide variety of park patrons throughout the County Park system. Please check out the position description for more information.

Education Camp Aide Position Description: Under the direction of the Recreation Education Coordinator, the Education Camp Aide will provide environmental and historical programs for Charleston County Park Summer Camps. Please check out the position description for more information.

Please send questions about both positions to Lindsay Patterson, Environmental Education Coordinator, Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission.

Roper Mountain Science Center is Hiring!
Roper Mountain Science Center (RMSC) is hiring a Science Teacher position and two Environmental and Sustainability Specialist positions. More information can be found on the RMSC job page. Questions can be emailed to Michael Weeks.
World Water Day and Earth Day!
Submissions due March 31, 2021

If your school or organization is doing something for World Water Day (March 22, 2021) and/or Earth Day (April 22, 2021), please send a short description (1 - 2 paragraphs) and any photos or videos to EV Bell. Entries for World Water Day are due March 31, 2021 and entries for Earth Day are due May 1. All information will be compiled and shared across S.C. (and beyond) to show the great work being done to celebrate our natural resources!
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