The Library District - Museum Row
The Library District, also known as Museum Row, is one of the most ostentatious neighborhoods in Titan City. With its rich, historic architecture and expansive collections of eclectic art, this neighborhood is not only fun to explore, but in constant need of protection from super powered robbers!
The Library District is located on the map above and is the site of many Titan City Landmarks and Moguls. These include:

The Alexandria Central Library:
The Vande Vere Museum of Technology:
The Labyrinth Museum of Natural History:
The Nguyen Museum of Modern Art:
The Holt Collection Museum:
The Statue of Heroism Defending the World (also known as the Colossus)
The American Star Mausoleum:
The Hanging Gardens:
Below is an aerial view of the neighborhood:
About the Library District:

The Library District is centered around its namesake, the Alexandria Central Library. As the neighborhood grew, the area surrounding the Central Library benefited from repeated infusions of money and rebuilding over the last century in an attempt to turn it into a showpiece for the city.
The Library District (unlike other neighborhoods in Alexandria) is relatively open, with large structures set back on landscaped lots.
Over decades of development, the park areas became landscaped with bridges, gardens and fountains to connect the area like one great extended park.
The Library District became known as Museum Row because over the years many museums and art installations were built throughout the neighborhood that eventually competed with the Central Library as a major draw for visitors. With explosive growth, "Museum Row" became a top destination for Titan City residents and tourists.
The Library District and all of its museums will be a favorite spot for heroes to run missions and fight battles in Alexandria!