The Smarter Classroom
November 2017
Project Spotlight

This  elite independent school in Los Angeles partnered with LightWerks to create a dynamic creative space for young artists.

LightWerks Communication Systems worked with this elite independent school in Los to integrate interactive technologies into this drawing classroom. The Epson Brightlink interactive projector is used for both display and interactivity. LightWerks added an iPad with the easy-to-navigate Crestron control system app, allowing the instructor to switch between sources and control the room system with ease!

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In This Issue
Let us help you transform your physical security posture from reactive to PROACTIVE.

Sadly, the need for better physical security solutions becomes more pressing each day. That's why LightWerks has partnered with Avigilon, the leading surveillance system manufacturer, to help our educational clients take their security posture from reactive to proactive.
What do we mean by this? Well, traditionally the surveillance approach is to either:
  1. Have a security officer stare at a bunch of grainy monitors to ensure nothing is happening on their watch (imagine doing THAT all day); or
  2. Have a surveillance system record everything for future playback in the event we need to review a security breach after the fact.
The former approach is prone to human error and the latter approach does nothing to help stop a threat while it's happening.
That's where Avigilon comes in.  By combining their "smart" monitoring software (featuring real-time event analytics) with their ultra-high-resolution, digital cameras, your security team can now be alerted to events  as they're happening

Automated person and vehicle detection and alerts take your security capabilities to a whole other level.
Depending on the time of day and other rules you can set, Avigilon's system will alert your security staff and immediately highlight vehicles and people who are in places they should not be.

Fewer cameras.  More coverage.  It's new math!
Avigilon's system can be more economical than a traditional surveillance system, too, by m aximizing the coverage of key student areas with fewer cameras. 
For example, one 30 megapixel Avigilon camera can cover the same area as 95 traditional analog cameras, giving you better coverage of open campus areas and public school grounds - at an overall lower cost!
We'd love to help you provide better security for your institution and would be happy to provide you a free, onsite demonstration. 
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Business man pointing to transparent board with text  Training   Development
Professional Development

Our place or yours?

LightWerks is pleased to offer Training and Professional Development on a variety of products and services!

  • Interactive whiteboards 
  • Interactive displays
  • G Suite for Education
  • SMART displays
  • SMART Notebook software
  • Epson Brightlink projectors and software
  • Student response systems
  • Digital signage
  • ...and more!
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Please contact  or ca ll us at (888) 454-4489  to sc hedule a training at your school or business today! We can also conduct remote training or live webinars!