March 2017
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New in the App World
Having trouble with your New Years resolution of losing weight? You may want to try using an app called Rise (
Rise is a popular nutrition app that connects the user with a registered dietitian who offers feedback on your meals, which the user takes pictures of and sends to the dietitian.
At sign up, which involves answering six brief questions, you get five nutrition coach choices and you pick the coach that best suits you.
The app is free to download and the monthly subscription fee is $48, or $120 for three months. Most online reviews have been positive.
Well Being:
A therapist named Benjamin Reisterer, LPC, of Grand Rapids, MI, has created a new app called Meta Fi ( that helps people track their emotions on a daily basis.
Meta Fi is different from other emotion tracking apps in that it combines mindfulness, emotional intelligence and body awareness.
It tracks user's emotional experiences in three ways: naming emotion; locating the emotion in your body and logging it.
MetaFi is a free app on Android and iOS.

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DC Talk Therapy Welcomes a New Therapist

In an effort to expand our evening and Saturday hours, we are pleased to announce the addition of a seventh therapist to DC Talk Therapy, Amy DeYoung, LPC.
Ms. DeYoung, who will start April 3, sees young adults (20s and 30s) for individual therapy. She specializes in trauma, including medical trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); anxiety disorders, and depression.

She has experience working with the LGBTQ community; those surviving, living with, or impacted by cancer and/or other medical complications; survivors of physical, emotional, and sexual violence (including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and childhood sexual abuse), and co-occurring substance use disorders.
Ms. DeYoung primarily uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with her clients but also incorporates mindfulness and meditation.
Ms. DeYoung has a master's degree in mental health counseling from George Washington University, where she worked in the counseling center. She has an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green University in Ohio.
Ms. DeYoung currently offers evening and Saturday appointments and will add daytime hours in the next several months.
To make an appointment with Ms. DeYoung, call  202.588.1288  or email our office administrator Leah Sugarman at .
Tip of the Month
Since we work with a lot of early-career professionals, the issue of resumes sometimes comes up.
Here's a quick tip to make your resume stand out:  At the end of each job summary, write the word 'Results' and put it in bold and slightly larger font than the rest of the text. Then write one sentence about some action you took that made a measurable difference. Example:  Helped increase sales by 23%.
Employers remember numbers, not text. And if they see that you made an impact at your current job, there's a good chance you'll do the same at future jobs.
Remember, employers care about how you can help them, so it's important to tailor your resume in that fashion. If you use this technique, you'll distinguish yourself from the majority of resumes out there.
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