The Lily Pond
Spring 2020 Newsletter
A mild winter slowly turned into spring and then decided to go out in spectacular style, covering all of our pink, purple, and yellow blooms with snow! In addition to being a home to our rescued companion animals, the The Lily Pond is where the wild things are. An abundance of wildlife announced its presence this spring. A family of beavers are keeping their babies safe in a den built in the middle of the lower pond. Chipmunks scamper around the stone walls while a chorus of peepers sing their hearts out in the ponds to the accompaniment of a baritone bullfrog with his tuba-toned calls. Bees and butterflies with wings of orange and iridescent blue whisper sweetly to the new blossoms. The little snakes came out of
hibernation and we watched a native wood turtle make it's way across our yard to lay eggs near the pond. When the geese returned to the pond in March, we knew we would soon see some baby goslings. What a surprise to observe not one but two families with a dozen fluffy goslings parading the grounds. A mother deer grazes the fields with her twin spotted fawns, ever keeping watch as a large wolf appeared one day out of the forest. Of magnificent stature and pure white fur, the wolf loped around the pond and trotted along the edges of the woodland. Our land has been the traditional hunting ground of wolves for thousands of years until they were driven out and exterminated from the area by humans. As a sanctuary, The Lily Pond's philosophy is respect for life with a focus on the connection between all sentient beings. We were
thrilled to realize that the land had called back her old friends the wolves, who have found safety in our woodland and bring great benefit and balance to the local ecology. A majestic blue heron returned to the pond to fish and we were fortunate to have a mated pair of Baltimore Orioles fluttering around the barn. Barn Manager Brenda Izzo put out fresh oranges and the fiery-breasted orioles happy feasted on the treat. We watched a mated pair of crimson cardinals build a nest in the rose bush outside the kitchen window. The female swooped back and forth with salvaged twigs while the male hunted for food and fed it to her as she worked. Humanity may have spent most of this spring quarantined in their homes, but the natural world is flourishing with beauty and splendor.
A Boy Named Buttercup and His Bestie Sedley
The image that typically comes to mind when told of a cat named Buttercup is a sweet girl with fur the color of light fawn or ginger. That's not our Buttercup. The newest member of The Lily Pond family is a charming fellow with jet black fur from head to tail who arrived with his best friend Sedley, a fluffy gray with eyes of speckled green.

The bonded pair arrived this spring after we received a call from Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital in Wappingers Falls. They had been boarding the two cats for their owner, who was
hospitalized with cancer. Sadly, Buttercup and Sedley's person passed away. With no family members willing to take them in, the two kitties were in need of a home. They are both 12 years old and both have special needs. Sedley has kidney disease and requires medication, a special diet, and subcutaneous fluids several times a week. Buttercup has thyroid issues and is also on medication. The good folks at Earth Angels felt that these two seniors needed a forever home that could provide for their special needs and reached out to The Lily Pond. Like 19th century travelers embarking upon a lengthy journey, the cats arrived with trunks full of medication, food and supplies. Happy to have one another, they did not take long to get over their initial shyness. Clearly loved, Buttercup and Sedley were quick to show their affection for their new family, purring when petted and in Sedley's case, drooling waterfalls of joy.
It was clear that Buttercup had not only loads of luggage, but loads of personality as well. His meow sounds more like a quack and if you offer him food, he will sprint in the opposite direction. Sedley is always at the ready to scarf down Buttercup's meal, as a favor to his friend of course. We were also informed that Buttercup has a predilection for hanging upside down. In response to our surprise, Carrie Reiss, who kindly drove the two from Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital to the sanctuary, scooped up the ball of ebony fur and held him upside down in her arms, resulting in contented purrs. If there's no one conveniently around to hold Buttercup upside down, he indulges his hobby by hanging in a head-first dive off the side of the cat tree. We figure there must be some opossum or fruit bat DNA in his ancestral family line. Either way, we're happy to welcome these two fabulous felines to their new home at The Lily Pond!
Sedley with eyes of speckled green
Best friends
Upside down Buttercup
Buttercup and Sedley are in need of friends! Could you be the special sponsor for these special needs cats? Please consider a monthly donation in any amount to support their care. Sponsors receive updates and a gift! Thank You!
Dakota And The Bear
A year ago in May 2019, we were notified of two local horses in need. Health problems were making it difficult for the owner to properly care for them and they were planning to euthanize both horses. A visit to their paddock shocked us. The horses had only a rickety shed for shelter, a mound of hay that had molded from the rain, and a water tub filled with algae that appeared to not have been cleaned since the Obama Administration. A crippled white horse and a spunky brown and white miniature were the denizens of this ramshackle paddock. It was immediately clear that the white horse Harley was suffering. He had sustained an injury to his leg many years ago that surgery had not been able to fix. His left front hoof had healed crooked and his knee was terribly swollen, making it very painful for him to walk. Senior in age, Harley was so arthritic that we knew we wouldn't even be able to get him on a trailer. Dakota the mini was around 20 years old and had issues with laminitis, so needed hoof care and a special diet with no grain. He had previously been employed giving pony rides to kids. He was friendly and seemed to enjoy the company of people and other equines. He did not deserve to be euthanized for the owner's convenience.
Dakota and Harley needed help, but The Lily Pond did not have the space to house a miniature horse. We discussed the best way to proceed and Brenda offered to foster Dakota while we sought an adoptive home for him. We concluded that the most loving action for Harley would be humane euthanization due to his painful condition. The family agreed to release Dakota into our care and asked us to handle the euthanization of Harley. Brenda Izzo, Morgan Izzo, and Susan Bandy arrived at the property to meet the veterinarian and support Harley's transition across the Rainbow Bridge. Morgan groomed him and he enjoyed some apples and a delicious meal. Harley's passing was peaceful. Brenda laid flowers on his grave and he is now mercifully free from the pain he had lived with for so many years. Lynn Cross, who runs a horse sanctuary at Little Brook Farm, arrived to trailer Dakota to Brenda's home. Lynn had rescued neglected horses from this very same family several years earlier and agreed to help.
Dakota arrived at his new digs and set about making friends with Brenda's horses Pretty Girl and Silver, as well as Mister Ed, who Brenda was fostering at the time. Shortly after unloading Dakota from the trailer into his paddock, a black bear arrived on the scene, lumbering through Brenda's yard. Loud yells and hand clapping kept the bear moving toward the woods, but the horses didn't seem to mind their visitor. Dakota blossomed under Brenda's care, displaying an inclination for mischief and definite skill in escaping his paddock. At one point when Mister Ed was dealing with a terrible abscess in his hoof, he went down in his stall and it was Dakota who was first to his side, breaking through the fence to stand next to his fallen friend, licking him until help arrived. Thankfully Mister Ed recovered from the abscess and we had yet another example of the wonderful ways in which animals help heal and support one another.
We put the word out that Dakota was available for adoption, hoping to find a family with a child that would enjoy riding this miniature gelding who was always up for adventure. As time went by, no suitable adopter appeared. In the meantime, Dakota was forming a strong bond with Brenda. Always seeking attention, he loved his daily hugs and would put his muzzle in the air and curl his lip, asking for a kiss on the nose. A year later, Susan and Brenda discussed a game plan for Dakota and came to the conclusion that he had already found his forever home. A happy foster fail, Brenda agreed to adopt Dakota and make their family official. That week, a black bear once again saw fit to visit Brenda's home, ambling through the yard exactly a year after a bear had welcomed Dakota home that long ago day in May.
Brodie's Smile
Sweet, smiling Brodie is our senior Springer Spaniel who arrived with his friends Tig and Jeb in September 2018. A local family's house had been struck by lightening and caught fire. All were safe but the family had to move out during construction to repair the damage. They left the dogs in the basement. Alone. The extended family stopped by to feed the dogs hamburgers from McDonalds and were concerned about their welfare. That's when we got the call and immediately agreed to take them.

The three arrived in pretty bad shape, covered in fleas and burrs and matted fur. We got them cleaned up and vetted and set about becoming a family, which was not difficult given the sweet nature of the dogs. Tig and Jeb were vocal and outgoing, but Brodie was shy, often retreating to the safety of his crate. The family had
reported that Brodie had always been bashful. Originally raised as a hunting dog, he was returned by his first owner for being too timid in the field. We suspect that Brodie experienced some form of abuse in his early years, as he shows some of the classic signs. But when Brodie smiles, it lights up the galaxy. He is such a sweet soul, always obedient and eager for cuddles and pets. When it's time to go for a walk, he grins from ear to ear and hops up and down on his front paws. Playing fetch is Brodie's passion in life, happily chasing the ball across the yard and bringing it back for another round. In the evening when I'm relaxing with the dogs, Brodie sits to my right, resting his chin on my knee while gazing up with trust and affection in his brown eyes. He so loves to be loved. And when he smiles, all the the world is mine.
In Loving Memory of Hubble & Katarina
by Susan Bandy
We recently had to say goodbye to two cherished members of The Lily Pond family. These transitions are never easy... in fact they are devastating. One of the most difficult aspects of animal rescue is grieving the loss of their passing - a challenge we face regularly given our focus on seniors, special needs, and hospice care. We also acknowledge the privilege of supporting an animal as they cross over into the next phase of their soul's journey. These moments are sacred and full of grace. We find comfort in the special memories we shared with our beloved four-legged friends and the fact that they were living their best life with us... safe, well fed and cared for, and loved.
Always loved.
HUBBLE was the Mayor of the Cat House, having appointed himself the official greeter and King of the Couch. A senior cat with special needs, Hubble-Bubble was a wall-eyed, toothless Flame Point Siamese who charmed everyone he met with his stunning beauty and adorable lamb-like meows.

Hubble was one of the first cats to arrive at the sanctuary in November 2016. Originally rescued by Best Friends in Utah from a terrible hoarding situation, Hubble did not attract adopters due to his Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which made it difficult for him to use the litter box consistently. Or perhaps he was simply disinclined to travel across the room to the nearest litter box. I don't know and I don't care. I tumbled madly in love the moment I glimpsed the
picture of this floofy feline smiling slightly for the camera with blue eyes gazing in opposite directions. At our initial meeting, Hubble refused to be pet or picked up. But he kept his eyes on me and that was enough.

He bravely made the flight to New York and without missing a beat, set about exploring the cat house and making new friends. Not one to be held -- no manhandling, please -- Hubble nonetheless was a confirmed lap cat. On the day of his arrival, I sat down on the couch and this fearless feline hopped up and settled comfortably in my lap, purring contently. This would be a nightly routine that would continue for the next four years.
Hubble could not be bothered to play with toys or run around with the kittens. Catnip held no allure. The key to his happiness was a good meal. Hubble was culinary gourmand who put top priority on enjoying food and treats. The clink of a cat dish on the counter or the scrape of a can being opened was enough to bring Hubble instantly to my side, plaintively bleating his baby lamb-like meows to encourage swifter service. He was allergic to fish despite his fondness for salmon pate and tuna medley. But the culinary highlight of his day was the chicken flavored Temptations cat treats that we dole out every night as a bedtime snack. Oh the joy from a handful of flavored brown nuggets!
We had been trying different remedies for Hubble's IBS and had also successfully treated several bouts of pancreatitis over the years. But last December, his health began to deteriorate. He was growing thinner and our vet confirmed kidney disease. We started him on medication and daily fluids, preparing special meals to encourage him to eat. In April, our friend began to fail. In Hubble's last days, he simply wanted to be held. I cleared my schedule so that I could sit and cuddle with him, to which he responded with purrs. The morning of Easter Sunday, Hubble passed peacefully in my arms. Later that day, I noticed his birthdate was April 16, 2006. Sensing a moment of synchronicity, I researched the date of Easter for the year 2006. It was April 16th. Our blessed Hubble was born on Easter Sunday and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Easter Sunday.
Hubble had been a popular figure on social media. He became good friends with a stunning black cat named Francis on Instagram. We had fun posting "parties" with catnip, tunatinis, and general silliness. Francis and his family were a source of great support during those final days, checking in regularly and sending prayers. Upon learning that Hubble had received his angel wings, they sent a beautiful bouquet of purple and white flowers to honor his life. I am so grateful for their love, support, and friendship and I know Hubble is too.
Thank you precious Hubble for putting your trust in us and being a part of our family. You brought so much joy. Rest in Peace and Serenity, my dear friend. ❤️🌈💫
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
KATARINA was the embodiment of beauty and grace. A stunning seal-point Siamese with eyes of sapphire, Katarina was a gentle soul who used her healing gifts to comfort sick animals here at the sanctuary.

Katarina had been a family pet, but when they made the unfortunate decision to declaw her, she stopped using the litter box because the litter irritated her tender paws. She would walk with a limp the rest of her life. The owner's response was to get rid of her, surrendering her to Best Friends in Utah. Katarina did not do well in the communal setting at Best Friends, as she was naturally shy and felt disempowered without her front claws. She simply stayed in her cat bed and soiled it regularly because she was too frightened to navigate the room full of cats and did not want contact with the litter. This did not help her prospects for adoption. When I met her, she was hidden in a cat cubby but responded with such warmth when I
reached out to pet her. She started purring and I knew that I had found a friend. Katarina arrived at The Lily Pond with Theo and I placed them both in the less populated special needs cat room, as I knew that too many cats would upset her. She adapted quickly to her new home and enjoyed sitting by the window, gazing out at the pond. She loved to sit on my lap, taking advantage of every opportunity. To address her litter box issues, I placed a puppy training pad in one of the boxes, which she immediately began to use since it didn't bother her
paws. Problem solved. Katarina became good friends with Theo and the two would cuddle on the sofa. She would often groom Theo, who could not be bothered to groom himself and benefitted greatly from her motherly attentions. This would become a pattern as The Lily Pond continued to accept terminally ill cats in need of hospice care. When Halo arrived for hospice care due to kidney disease, Katarina could often be found comforting her by sitting next to her with a paw
draped over her shoulders. We took in a senior stray named Lou who was suffering from liver disease. When he passed peacefully here at the sanctuary, Katarina was by his side resting a paw gently across his back during his transition across the Rainbow Bridge. When Hubble had bad days due to kidney disease, Katarina would lay next to him, offering the comfort of a friend. The Lily Pond's mission statement is "people, animals, and nature in healing partnership" and Katarina put this philosophy into daily action with her compassionate care of the other animals.

In January, Katarina was diagnosed with diabetes, which we were able to keep under control with daily insulin. A month later, another devastating diagnosis was delivered: kidney disease. We began all the recommended treatments and daily fluids. Happily, she celebrated her 18th birthday on May 15, 2020. We were thrilled that she reached this milestone but soon realized that she was preparing her approach to the Rainbow Bridge. Like Hubble, she just wanted to be held. We cuddled her, singing songs to bring comfort. Katarina passed peacefully in my arms on May 24, 2020. She lived a long, full life. Our sweet angel truly merited her wings.
What a blessing you are, Katarina. Your beauty, grace, and kindness touched us all. Thank you for your gift of compassion. May you rest in blessed peace. ❤️🌈💫
Katarina caring for Halo during her illness with kidney disease
Katarina supporting Lou across the Rainbow Bridge
Katarina comforting Hubble during his illness with kidney disease
Meet Aidan...Waverly's 4-Year Old Colt!
Waverly with her baby colt Aidan the day after his birth in May 2016. All photos in this article are courtesy of Rosemary Farm.
We recently had the opportunity to connect with Dawn Robyn, Founder of Rosemary Farm, a horse sanctuary in South Kortright, New York ( Dawn saw one of our FaceBook posts on Waverly and replied that Rosemary Farm is currently caring for one of Waverly's colts! His name is Aidan and he was rescued from the same situation of neglect as Waverly. Used as a broodmare upon retirement from her racing career, Waverly produced five foals in five years, several of which are currently racing the Northeast tracks. Sadly, Aiden was not viewed has having racing potential and he and
his mother found themselves at a farm that did not prioritize quality horse care. At the time of Waverly's rescue, we were not aware that one of her colts was on the property since Rosemary Farm had stepped in shortly before and rescued three young stallions, of which Aidan was one. They began the process of rehabilitation, as Aidan was very sick and the colts were underweight from malnourishment. Once health was regained, Aidan's training began at T&K Farms where he was started under saddle in the hope of increasing his chance of finding an adoptive family by transforming him into a terrific riding partner. Aidan was recently moved to Fairbanks Stable to
continue his training. A FaceBook post from Rosemary Farm noted that "He continues to mature into a fantastic, calm, friendly and quiet young Thoroughbred gelding... he will make someone a really great equine friend." Waverly was very happy to hear that her son is safe and thriving in his new life, although she admitted that Aidan's calm, quiet demeanor surely must have come from his father as she reared up and galloped across the paddock to play with Sammir. We applaud Rosemary Farm for helping Aidan and so many other horses in need. Rescue works!
The Lily Pond Website Is Live!
We are pleased to share that The Lily Pond Sanctuary now has a fabulous website!

Check out all the latest news and upcoming events, read bios for each of the animals, view photos of the beautiful sanctuary property, and learn about all ways to support our work helping rescued animals in need!

Call to Artists for an Art Auction Fundraiser!
Painting by Celeste Chute-Wright
Painting by Eden S. Hart
The Lily Pond Sanctuary will be hosting an online art auction this Fall to raise much needed funds for the care and feeding of our rescued animals

Beautiful paintings, photographs and jewelry will be available for bidding. The auction will also feature paintings created by The Lily Pond animals

If you are an artist, we would love to feature your work!

If you would like to donate an item to be included in the auction,
please contact Susan Bandy at (518) 392-3030
2020 Winner's Circle
A heartfelt THANK YOU to our generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers!
Mister Ed and the horses receive a visit and treats from volunteers Nick, Julia, Sophia, and Joey Neet!
We are so grateful to the members of our Winner's Circle who have helped provide a home to animals in need.

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