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Summer 2018 Newsletter
Summer is drawing to a close, but the days are sunny and the flowers still in bloom. We're especially delighted with all the pink waterlilies floating in the lily pond!

We've been busy completing the parrot aviary and preparing the barn and paddocks for the arrival of horses in the Fall. But of course, there's always time for evening strolls with the dogs.
Happy Birthday Kittens!
For the past two years, we've taken in summer-born kittens in need of a home... and how they've grown! Here's a progress report on our little curtain-shredding, tail-chasing, floofy purr-machines.
Happy 1st Birthday Toulouse! Last summer, this handsome fellow was spotted by a local resident crying at the woodland edge of their property with no mama cat in sight. They called Faith Connolly from Pet Partners, who was able to trap him and transport him to Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital for veterinary care. We were happy to welcome this little orphan into our family, who was quick to make friends at the cat house. Toulouse can often be found knocking over the tall palm and hiding among the leaves.
Toulouse on the day of his rescue, September 2017 (Photo courtesy of Faith Connolly)
Barnaby and Nigel
These two cuties were born under our deck last summer. A stray cat that we call Viz had frequently been spotted around the property and was in the habit every year of having kittens in our garden shed or under the deck. Last summer, we were finally able to trap and vet the whole family, who decided to stick around and call the sanctuary home. Nigel has a bit of a mischievous side, reminiscent of a pesky younger sibling. He delights in teasing Marta by circling around her territory at the kitchen sink. Barnaby's favorite activity is munching on Temptations cat treats (chicken flavor for any prospective donors out there...) Happy 1st Birthday Barnaby and Nigel!
Barnaby bravely venturing out from under the deck, August 2017
Barnaby the House Panther, August 2018
Nigel welcomed with open arms, August 2017

Nigel hanging out at the cat house, August 2018
Toblerone and Halley Comet
These two arrived together in September 2016. They were part of an organized rescue at a local farm that had become overwhelmed with approximately 70 feral cats. Many were adopted out to loving homes, and we agreed to take two: a silver-colored shy fellow and a chocolate-colored mischief-maker.
Halley Comet has always been aloof with a very contemplative air. He would be a philosopher if he wasn't so busy being a cat. Toblerone arrived looking like a chocolate covered Ewok... with a big personality to match. He's maintained his penchant for mischief, charming everyone with his invitation to play. Happy 2nd Birthday Toblerone and Halley Comet!!
Toblerone bossing everyone around... August 2018
Halley Comet contemplating the mysteries of the universe, August 2018
In Loving Memory of Zaffa
 by Susan Bandy
I am heartbroken to share with you the recent passing of our beloved German Shepherd, Zaffa.

He had been eating, drinking, and going for walks as usual. His energy seemed a little lower, but he's a senior fellow estimated at 10-12 years old with some arthritis in his hind legs. The morning of his passing, he was in the dog yard when he collapsed and quickly went unconscious. We rushed him to our veterinarian, who immediately attended to him, but was unable to save him. He never regained consciousness. The vet exam revealed a mass in his midsection and the ultrasound confirmed fluid in his belly: a fast-growing tumor that had burst.
It's been devastating to lose our special boy. Zaffa was such a big presence at the sanctuary -- physically, energetically, and vocally. There are so many reminders... the nose prints on the window; his favorite red ball; the bite marks on the doorknob. His loss is felt by all of us, especially his pal Dolly.

When it comes to animal adoption, that familiar question of who actually rescued who is relevant. Zaffa was a teacher and the lesson that he insisted I learn was leadership. This is a dog with a history of abuse who was
irresponsibly trained to attack. An imposing set of teeth combined with poor judgment made it imperative that I establish my authority as leader of the pack for the safety and well-being of all. Zaffa fancied himself as Head of the Household, so I had my work cut out for me in the shape of a sharp learning curve.

Upon reflection of my time with Zaffa, I have also come to realize the value of inspired action. I had not planned for him. I happened to view his adoption profile one evening, and the next night at 10:00pm, an email alert hit my inbox: Zaffa had been moved to the "To Be Destroyed" list and would be killed the next day at 12:00 noon. I knew nothing about this dog and had no place to put him at the time, but logic had gone out the window. I leaped out of bed and pledged a $200 hold with the shelter, which gave me a window of opportunity to save him if I could show up at their Brooklyn location before noon the next day. I showed up. I looked into that dog's eyes and filled out the paperwork on the spot. The next few weeks were a blur of activity, getting him vetted and arranging for foster care while I dealt with the purchase and move to the farm. We finally arrived home together and the training began: he learning basic manners and I taking a crash course in leadership.

In those early days, I recall noticing just how closely related German Shepherds are to their canine ancestors. Zaffa's gait and mannerisms fairly shouted "wolf!" I've been a longtime fan of the book " Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. As I watched Zaffa lope around the yard, I chuckled to myself that perhaps I'd found my wolf with whom to run. Truth be told, I was actually the "Woman Who Cleaned Up After the Wolf's 53rd Supposed Accident on the Carpet." But yes, I suppose we did run together -- each of us teaching and learning. We ran together for three years, and I'm so glad I took the risk to follow my heart that day we met.
Goodbye, My Friend
Zaffa, I'm so grateful that you were part of our family. Thank you for being my teacher and guardian. Light, love and blessings to your beautiful, brave soul. Your spirit will always have a home here.
-- Susan
Welcome Home, Elsa!
We are thrilled to introduce Elsa, the newest member of The Lily Pond family! Dolly was lonely without her partner in crime, Zaffa. So we set about looking for a dog in need of a loving home who would get along with our young and rambunctious Treeing Walker Coonhound. We didn't have to look far. Perfect Pets Rescue is a local nonprofit organization that pulls dogs from high kill shelters in Georgia and transports them north to New York's Hudson Valley, where they are placed in foster care until they are adopted into their forever home.
Elsa at the shelter in Georgia (Photo courtesy of Perfect Pets Rescue)
We visited the Perfect Pets Rescue website ( and saw the photo of Elsa (formerly known as Marmite) at the shelter in Georgia, looking confused, frightened, and lonely shortly after her family surrendered her. We filled out an adoption application on the spot. Interestingly, a friend of the sanctuary who also works in animal rescue sent us Elsa's adoption profile with a recommendation that we consider her. We didn't need any further confirmation! The arranged meet-n-greet with Dolly was a success and we made plans to welcome this sweet gal home.

On the day we went to pick her up, Elsa was very excited and jumped into the car with a big
smile on her face. We tried to get her to come back out for a few pictures, but she was determined to stay in the truck until she was sure that we had arrived safely home.

We pulled up into our driveway and Elsa knew she was home. She jumped out and said hello to Dolly, who was overjoyed to have a new friend. Dolly pranced around, inviting Elsa to play, but our senior lady wasn't too interested... much to Dolly's dismay. However, the minute we set out on a walk together around the pond, the two pups happily investigated every new scent and made several attempts to chase the deer grazing nearby in the field.
Elsa is a senior around 8 years old and has the appearance of a petite German Shepherd. She has the traditional black and tan coloring of a Shepherd, but the short legs and weight of a Corgi. But don't let her 30 lb. size fool you -- she has no problem bossing Dolly around and making her wishes clear. Elsa's wonderful foster mom kindly gave us a dog bed that Elsa had grown attached to, which provided some continuity and comfort during her transition to her new home here with us. For anyone who knows Dolly and her predilection for destroying dog beds, it should be no surprise that she made a beeline straight to Elsa's bed with the gleeful anticipation of shredding it into a million bits of fluff. Elsa read her intentions with keen alacrity, and quickly moved to defend her property. Dolly took the hint, but Elsa remains vigilant. Dog bed defense aside, Elsa has settled in quickly and is a model of good behavior. She has a very sweet personality and loves belly rubs. We're so grateful that this precious pup has joined our family!
Progress Report on the Parrot Aviary
We've been working on the parrot aviary and wanted to provide an update on both the parrots and the building. The macaw and two cockatoos went through a full vet exam prior to scheduling transport to the sanctuary. A lump was discovered in one of the cockatoos, so they both need to remain under medical supervision until we get the biopsy results back and determine a prognosis. The macaw has also been experiencing health issues related to IBS, so a blood test has been ordered in an effort to diagnose the issue. Their health and well-being are our first priority, so we will not
attempt to transport them until they receive a clean bill of health and the veterinarian confirms that it is safe for them to travel.

In the meantime, we've been finishing up the indoor portion of the aviary. The building has been stained, the indoor perches and swings installed, and the back area prepped for installation of the fencing for the outdoor section of the aviary. We re-seeded the grass around the aviary, which has grown in nicely over the summer.

We're so grateful for all the support we've received for this big project - we couldn't do it without you! We're still short of our fundraising goal and will continue to build out the outdoor section of the aviary as we raise the funds. We would welcome your support as we prepare to bring these beauties home! Please click the below link to donate to our GoFundMe campaign. THANK YOU!!

2018 Winner's Circle
A heartfelt THANK YOU to our generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers!
Dolly enjoying a walk with visitors Everett and Elena Crandall (Photo courtesy of Lisa Crandall)
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