The Lily Pond
Winter 2020 Newsletter
We've had an unusually mild winter this year, with a few snow storms thrown in for good measure. February even delivered a couple of sunny days, much to the delight of the horses and dogs. By early March, the daffodil shoots began to appear and the glassy surface of the pond melted into cold blue currents. A mated pair of geese are already on the scene, strolling the property and fishing for dinner, nose down and tail feathers sticking up from the surface of the water. We know there will be a gaggle of little downy goslings appearing soon!
The beavers have been industrious throughout the chilly days, constructing two dams and effectively reengineering the shape of our lower pond. The bowl of bird seed on the porch is a popular gathering place for the many sparrows, blue jays, nuthatches, goldfinches, junkos, and chickadees who come to gossip over a good meal. A crimson pair of cardinals are often seen together, stunning in color and of particular interest to the cats attentively watching through the window with eager eyes and twitching tails.

The global spread of the Coronavirus has certainly brought changes to our lives, effectively creating a collective pause for humanity. One of the goals of our annual Earth Day Celebration is to call in the light and offer blessings for the planet and all sentient beings. We feel that blessings and healing are needed now more than ever, so at this time we are still planning this joyful event but at a later date for everyone's safety. The Earth Day Celebration has been rescheduled to Saturday June 13th, 2020. During this time of isolation, we appreciate the calming natural beauty of the trees and ponds here at the sanctuary and continue to care for our beloved four-legged friends. The animals here and all over the world are working to reduce humanity's fear and to cultivate the qualities of love and joy in people, as they have since time immemorial.
The Happy Arrival of Happy!
It was a chilly day in January when a big bundle of warmth and joy danced into our lives. Happy is a 5-year-old Shih Tzu who is so ding-dang adorable that he leaves smiles and laughter in his wake wherever he goes. He was rescued from an abusive home by a local woman, but a change in her living situation necessitated the re-homing of several of her dogs. When she contacted the sanctuary, she spoke with utter confidence and conviction that The Lily Pond would be the perfect home for this special needs boy. It turns out she was right! She had taken ownership of Happy 18 months ago after he sustained a trauma to the head due to abuse by his previous owner. The trauma left him with a neurological issue that affects his balance and motor skills. But Happy doesn't let that slow him down in the least! He merrily hops and bounces around, dancing his way through life and into people's hearts - especially ours!
It didn't take long for Happy to integrate into our pack. He absolutely adores Tig and follows him everywhere. Unfortunately, Tig does not reciprocate Happy's devotion but merely tolerates his hyper hippity-hoppity presence. Tig is a senior fellow and cannot be bothered with overly bouncy young whipper-snappers who try to kiss him. Brodie thinks Happy is A-OK, unless Happy decides to pay him a friendly visit in his crate. Brodie loves his crate - it's where he feels safe and secure and he is not used to entertaining visitors. Happy's invasion will typically result in sideways glances from Brodie and pleading looks for us to restore the sanctity of his space by removing the unwanted visitor. Now Dolly - she is Happy's new bestie. They snuggle together on the sofa every night. It is real entertainment to watch them together, because Happy often crashes into Dolly due to his issues with balance. That's no problem for Dolly, for whom gravity has no influence. Dolly simply springs straight up into the air, landing gracefully on the other side of Happy. They can navigate a whole room with this dance!
Happy also has an important job. He spends the day in the office at Sienna Sky Pet Cremation Services and helps comfort our clients who arrive with their beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Happy's Ewok-like cuteness and bouncy greetings frequently bring smiles to those who are deeply grieving the loss of their beloved pet. We feel that this is truly Happy's purpose on the planet: to bring comfort, joy, and smiles to all who are fortunate enough to be presence of this wise and caring soul.
Brodie looks askance at the unexpected visitor in his crate
Happy is our new champion of #tongueouttuesday on Instagram
Snuggle buddies Dolly and Happy staying warm
Updates From The Cat House
This Winter has brought some new challenges to our family of felines. We want to keep you updated and to thank all of our friends for the outpouring of kindness and support.
KATARINA is one of our senior kitties who will be turning 18 years old in May of this year. She began to show signs of not feeling well in late February. We quickly got her to our veterinarian at Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital, where our fears were confirmed: Katarina has diabetes. We currently have two other cats with diabetes at the sanctuary - Elliot and Otis -- so we already had insulin supplies and blood glucose test kits. We started Katarina on daily insulin and have been successful in keeping her blood glucose around 105, which is ideal. About two weeks later, she suddenly lost the use of her back right leg, dragging it behind her. Due to the suddenness, we rushed her back to the vet fearing that she had experienced a stroke or blood clot. Thankfully, it was neither. The issue is neuropathy caused by the diabetes. Dr. Patterson recommended a B vitamin supplemnent to help recover greater mobility. After only two days, Katarina showed marked improvement! She is a little wobbly on her feet, but she has regained the use of her back leg! We are so proud of our sweet senior Siamese and are cheering her on every day.
HUBBLE is another one of our senior cats here at the sanctuary. Always friendly and sociable, Hubble wins hearts with his sweet personality and adorable wall-eyed gaze. In late February, he suddenly stopped eating, which is very unusual. Hubble has a history of IBS, so despite a hearty appetite and the high calorie diet we give him, he is very thin due to his inability to absorb nutrients. We have tried multiple supplements and medication to treat his IBS, without much success. Hubble simply cannot afford to lose any more weight, so we rushed him to Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital for an emergency appointment. Dr. Patterson did bloodwork and put him on antibiotics and an appetite stimulant. We also started giving him sub-cutaneous fluids. Hubble started eating again, much to our relief. However, the bloodwork came back with disheartening news: Hubble has kidney disease. He is also anemic because his kidneys have stopped signaling his bones to produce red blood cells. We have started treatment with Epogen to increase his red cell count. And finally, Hubble has a high white cell count, which Dr. Patterson believes is pancreatitis and thankfully not cancer. Through this whole ordeal, Hubble has remained as sweet as ever, purring happily for pets and lap time cuddles. He is such a beautiful soul and beloved member of our family here at The Lily Pond. We are committed to doing everything we can to maintain Hubble's health and comfort.
MERLIN is also a senior kitty here at the sanctuary. He arrived last summer and will be turning 19 this year! Merlin is a shy fellow, but enjoys the company of the other cats and can often be found lounging in the main room. In December, he began isolating himself at the top of the stairs and howling. We made an appointment with Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital and discovered that Merlin had just lost a tooth - one of his front incisors! Dr. Patterson put him on antibiotics and pain medication. A few days later, Merlin was back to his favorite spots in the main area of the cat house. Shortly after this, we began to notice that Merlin was startled whenever he was approached from behind. He knows his name, but when we called, he did not respond. That's when we realized that Merlin has lost his hearing. He is as sweet as ever, but definitely prefers to hang out with his back to a wall so that he can see all the action and not worry that anyone is behind him. Merlin loves to be pet and brushed and he can always be counted on to show up for treats!
Celebrating Two Milestones for Waverly
This Winter season has marked two special milestones for our off-the-track Thoroughbred Permanent Wave - or Waverly as we affectionately call her. This leggy racehorse celebrated her 11th birthday on February 28th. She was born on a Kentucky farm to Awesome Again and India Halo -- racehorse royalty. Destined for a career in speed, she raced the Northeast tracks, placing first at Aqueduct in February 2012. She was retired after earning over $39,000 in winnings. For the next few years, she served as a broodmare, birthing five foals in five years.

And then her luck changed. Waverly was retired to a Hudson Valley farm that did not make horse care a priority, nor did they have enough food for all the equines on their property. The severe neglect of the horses finally came to the attention of authorities in early 2019 and the sheriff and a local rescue organization stepped in to re-home eight of the horses. That's when we were contacted and immediately agreed to provide a forever home to Permanent Wave at the sanctuary. She arrived with much fanfare on St. Patrick's Day of 2019, thin, muddy, and covered in rain rot. We began the process of rehabilitation, having her cleaned, vetted, treated for the rain rot, teeth floated, hooves trimmed, and placed on a diet to increase her weight. The results were dramatic as she recovered and blossomed here in her new home.
Waverly spends her days with Sammir and April, flirting with Mister Ed over the paddock fence, much to Sammir's chagrin. There's no shortage of drama with this gal, who is known to rear and buck when it's time to return to her stall for meals. We frequently catch a glimpse of the speed of which she's capable when we call the horses into the barn for dinner every evening. Sammir and April trot dutifully over to their stalls, but Waverly waits at the far end of the paddock. Once everyone else is in the barn, it's game on as she launches from a standstill to full gallop in two seconds, tail rippling and hooves kicking up showers of dirt as she rockets across the terrain. It's not until she's inches from the barn door that Waverly gracefully comes to an abrupt halt and calmly walks into her stall. It's breathtaking to watch!
Happy Birthday and
Happy Adoptaversary Waverly!
In Loving Memory of Theo and Apache
by Susan Bandy
We recently had to say goodbye to two cherished members of The Lily Pond family. These transitions are never easy... in fact they are devastating. One of the most difficult aspects of animal rescue is grieving the loss of their passing - a challenge we face regularly given our focus on seniors, special needs, and hospice care. We also acknowledge the privilege of supporting an animal as they cross over into the next phase of their soul's eternal journey. These moments are sacred and full of grace. We find comfort in the special memories we shared with our beloved four-legged friends and the fact that they were living their best life with us... safe, well fed and cared for, and loved. Always loved.
THEO. My beloved Theo. Bringer of Joy. Champion Drooler. Tongue-Sticking-Out-Funny-Faced Comedian. Possible Alien From Another Galaxy. Snorting and Slurping Sweetheart. Caring Cuddler. Purring Machine. Lover of Life... and of me. Theo was in a class by himself.

It is with a grief-filled heart that I share the passing our beloved friend. Theo was 17 years old and had been on medication for thyroid issues since last May. In late December, his health took a dramatic turn for the worse and he lost his appetite. Several scheduled and unscheduled emergency vet visits, medication and sub-cutaneous fluids could not stop the inevitable approach toward the Rainbow Bridge as his body began to shut down and his kidneys gave out. Through it all, he never stopped purring. Theo passed peacefully at home here with me on January 7, 2020.
I will never forget the day I first met him at Best Friends animal sanctuary in Utah. I was volunteering in order to learn everything I could about running a sanctuary when I came upon this lethargic, drooling bundle of cuteness with strange, otherworldly eyes. Instant Head-Over-Converse-Sneakers Love! I returned to New York, determined to adopt him as soon as I was able to purchase the sanctuary property in the Hudson Valley. And that wonderful day arrived on February 23, 2016.
There were tears in my eyes as his plane touched down at Albany International and I watched them bring out his carrier, ecstatic to be reunited with my friend. Theo settled in right away at the sanctuary, an exemplary cat. Always calm and sweet, ever ready to cuddle or make us giggle with his snorting and drooling, Theo was just plain fun to be around. Watching him loudly snork down cat treats was comic entertainment every night. The notable exception was grooming. Theo could not be bothered to groom himself and made it perfectly clear with a theatrical performance of howling, wailing and swatting that he did not wish me to brush him, trim nails, or even consider the possibility of a bath, thank you very much. Despite his deficiencies in personal hygiene, Theo got along well with other cats and became besties with our Siamese Katarina, often snuggling together on the sofa.
Theo had also made an indelible impression on his caregivers at Best Friends. They, too, had a funny sense that he was an alien from another planet, which is why they had called him Neptune. During his adoption checkup, the veterinarian at Best Friends couldn't figure out why he always stuck out his tongue, but finally noted in his file: "No obvious anatomical abnormalities." The Best Friends staff found the incongruity of this pronouncement hilarious and gleefully set about capitalizing on the irony. A week later, I received a T-Shirt from the Best Friends staff with a photo of Theo: tongue out, drooling for miles, and a silly expression on his face. The caption on the shirt reads: "No Obvious Anatomical Abnormalities."
What a privilege to be loved by such a mighty soul. He was only with me for four short years and I lament that I did not have more time with my dear friend. But in truth, another 20 years would not have been enough. I know that his spirit is still with us here at The Lily Pond. I know in my heart that we are forever friends.
Thank you, Theo. Thank you for being part of our family. You brought so much joy and laughter. You knew how to love and we felt it. Know that all your love is returned back to you in double measure. Rest in Peace and Serenity, my dear friend. ❤️🌈💫
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
APACHE was more puppy than pony. A mischievous and lovable little tyke, he would follow us around the paddock and entertain himself by knocking gear off the wall of the barn. This 27-year old Paint gelding arrived at The Lily Pond only a short time ago in September 2019. His previous owner had rescued him from a bad situation and cared for him for the past twenty years. When she decided to move to Florida, she sought a new home for Apache because she didn't think he would be able to make the trip. We were happy to welcome this cutie-patootie, who wasted no time in stealing everyone's heart... including our hay supplier! Apache was resistant to insulin and had a history of hoof problems, for which he wore gel boots. Unable to eat hay due to his teeth being worn to mere nubs, we put him on a special diet of warm mashes. We were thrilled to see him fill out, gaining more than 100 lbs!
In January, it became apparent that Apache was experiencing an episode of laminitis. He stood with legs spaced apart in the paddock and resisted walking back to the barn due to the pain in his hooves. We put him on stall rest with deep bedding, working closely with our veterinarian and farrier to treat the issue and manage
Apache in September 2019 at the time of his arrival at The Lily Pond.
Apache in January 2020, after 3 months of warm mashes.
his pain. During this time he was also diagnosed with Cushings Disease, which is a tumor on the pituitary gland that causes excess hormone secretions, primarily the stress hormone cortisol. When no improvement occurred, we ordered radiographs of his hooves to get a better understanding of the problem. We contacted his previous owner, who was also worried and generously offered to cover the cost of the procedure. The results were heart-breaking: x-rays revealed rotation of the coffin bone in both front hooves. Even worse, there was loss of density in the coffin bone, which cannot be recovered. Our vet increased his medication to manage the pain and our farrier Peter Buckbee applied Natural Balance shoes for support. We were told that it would take a week to evaluate whether the shoes were helping to relieve the pain. After two weeks of hoping, praying,
and cheering for Apache, we had to admit that the shoes were not offering much relief. We were faced with a terrible Catch-22: our beloved pony needed a high dose of medication to control his chronic pain, but the medication itself would quickly exhaust his liver and kidneys.

On February 19, 2020 Apache went down in his stall. Our Barn Manager Brenda Izzo did her best to get him back up, but we all recognized with sinking hearts the look in his eye that communicated his intense suffering and readiness to make his transition. I made the call to the veterinarian. Caretakers Morgan Izzo and Jamie Dunton arrived to say their goodbyes. We groomed Apache and gave him his favorite meal and treats, surrounding him with our love and blessings as our vet helped him gently cross the Rainbow Bridge. Apache was laid to rest here on the property near an old apple tree with a view of the pond. I find comfort in knowing that he is galloping free, no longer suffering from the pain of laminitis.
Thank you for being part of our family, Apache. Your sweet, gentle soul touched us all. Run strong and free.
On windy days, we will think of your tail flying by to touch us on the breeze. ❤️🌈💫
A Warm Welcome to Charlotte!
We have a lovely new lady at the cat house - please join us in welcoming Charlotte to The Lily Pond! This pretty tabby is approximately two years old and was born to a feral cat colony. Jodie LoMeli from O.C. Safe Cats had been feeding the colony when she noticed a kitten stuck in the engine of a parked car. Thankfully, Jodie got Charlotte out of that engine and over to the vet. That's how she came to live with the O.C. Safe Cats. However, a recent change in their living arrangements necessitated the re-homing of many of the cats. Many were successfully adopted, but Jodie knew that a skittish cat who does not enjoy the company of people would be a challenge to place. That's when we received a call about providing Charlotte with a forever home.
Charlotte arrived on January 26th, very frightened of the changes in her life. Because cats are territorial, we have a policy of integrating them into the group in two steps to reduce friction and fear. Charlotte was given her own room for a couple days so that she could adjust in a calm environment and get used to her new caregivers. She hid in her crate the whole time. We then moved her to the cat tower in the cat house. The cat tower is a tall, 3-level crate that keeps the new arrival safe while the current residents become acquainted. Charlotte adjusted well and received frequent visits from Toblerone, who would reach through the bars to touch her, and Barnaby, who decided that the top of the tower was the perfect place to nap. It wasn't long before Charlotte was making cute chirping noises, chit-chatting with the other cats and reaching for the toys just outside the bars of the tower.
When we felt it was safe to release her into the cat house, we figured she would find a little cubby and hide all day. She surprised us! While not interested in being pet by people, Charlotte enjoys the other cats and exhibits zealous interest in hunting toys. She and Nigel have become besties, galloping around the house together and doing some serious bird watching through the window. The temptation of a tasty morsel overrides her shyness and she can be counted on to come running every night when we dole out the bedtime treats.
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Toblerone benefits from a visit with our Equine Massage Therapist Tracey Rostron
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