May 2017 
April 15-
Camp Lincoln store open online! Time to replace your well-loved gear.

June 20, July 25, August 22
6-8 PM
Community Nights! Come enjoy summer activities, hot dogs, and marshmallows.  Free and open to the public!

October 7-9
Family Camp!
Soak in all that Camp has to offer as a family--the waterfront, arts and crafts, hiking, the ropes course, and more.  Sleep in our cozy cabins (or your tent) and enjoy a weekend of recharging together.

Dear Camp Alumni,

Happy Spring and welcome to our Alumni Newsletter! When the team and I started talking about what we wanted to call this newsletter, we struggled in finding a name. This winter as we sorted through decades of historical Camp material, we came across year books from the 60's and 70's. These Lincoln Logs had messages and pictures from their respective camp seasons. These were then mailed out to campers after the season ended each year. We continue to learn new things about Camp's history on a regular basis and are so fortunate to be a part of this legacy.

It is only 24 days until our first campers arrive for our 91st season! There are lots of exciting things happening at Camp:

  • We have a new fire pit in the octagon of power!
  • Construction on a new septic system which will serve the upper side of camp (dining hall, nurses cabin and eagles unit) is currently underway.
  • We are working closely with the Hoyt family to design and construct a permanent structure/ pavilion for the Archery range in the Back 40. The range will be named in Derek Hoyt's memory. Derek was a long time camper, CIT and staff member who is dearly missed by the Camp community.
  • An AmeriCorp volunteer team is currently living and working at Camp. They will help to get things ready for the season.
  • We are excited to welcome international staff from six countries this summer!
We hope that you enjoy reading through this newsletter. Please reach out and send us updates so we can keep the alumni community connected. Updates can be sent to

In the Camp Spirit,

Campers, staff and alumni had a blast at Winterfest! Mother Nature provided the ice and snow and  Camp Lincoln provided the fun! Although ther e was no snow for the first Winterfest date  in January , th e lake was perfect for skating.   By the second date  in February , the snow had arrived and our sledding was exceptional! About 75 people got to enjoy the ride.  Of course we also enjoyed snowshoeing, hot ch ocolate, and building snowmen .  Those who braved the frigid temperatures for the last event  in March  got to try their hand at candle-making  and winter s'mores ! We hope you and your family will join us for other upcoming events!



Friday, April 7 th  was Y Camp  T-Shirt  Day! We loved seeing pictures of you all in your Camp Lincoln shirts and hearing about what your Camp experiences have meant to you! As Ben Giorgi put it, " learn lessons as a camper, CIT, and Staff member that you don't learn anywhere else.  These lessons have shaped my life and who I am.  They have built my strong character, and taught me about  perseverance .  They gave me a spirit that isn't easy to knock down and made me, me!

Thank you for posting and for represen ting all that Camp Lincoln stands for! Here are just a few of the pictures you shared.  If you're not on our Facebook Alumni page, or have alumni friends who aren't, pleas e let us know so we can add you!                                                                                                                                   

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Catching up with... Sarah McLean
What year(s) did you attend Camp? I attended a few programs in the summer of 1998 and 1999, in the off-site activities. I loved the environment so much that I applied as a CIT the following summer and worked at Camp Lincoln from 2000-2004. My final summer working at CL they piloted an overnight program, which are some of my fondest memories of camp.
What college did you attend (if applicable)? I attended Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada for my Bachelors and the University of London for my Masters.
Where are you living now? I currently live and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What's your current profession? I am the head of the Early Years Department at an international school in the center of the city.
What do you think you learned from your time at Camp Lincoln? Camp Lincoln was a phenomenal experience for me both as a camper and young 'professional'. It taught me perseverance and helped me to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills. I also think my experience working with Camp Lincoln's youngest campers cemented my passion for education and confirmed for me that teaching/ education was and is where I feel fulfilled.
What was your favorite activity at Camp?
My favorite activities included anything on (IN!!) Kingston Lake. I still make sure I get out on that lake every summer with my Kayak because I have such beautiful memories of doing this with our campers and my colleagues.
Do you have a favorite Camp memory? I don't think I could pick a specific memory, but when I think about CL the amphitheater comes to mind. I remember how happy I felt every time we gathered there, watched performances, laughed and sang. Another that sticks out is swimming out to 'the rock', I wonder if that still happens?
Do you have a favorite Camp song?
Either, singing in the rain (because of the silly actions) or There Was a Great Big Moose.
What advice would you give to current or future campers?
Enjoy it! Try to forgive the sticky weather or rain days, because when you grow up CL will be a memory you cherish! And have a paddle around the beautiful lake, for me!


The t-shirt designs and the hairstyles have changed over the years, but you might recognize some of the places (and maybe even the people!) in these old group shots.  If you have old pictures you'd like to share, feel free to post them on our Facebook page or email them to

Here are Ada and Connor Holleran in their Camp Lincoln onesies! Melissa (Finan) and her husband Ted welcomed these two on January 17, 2017.
We can't wait to have them in the Critters program in a few years! 

If you've celebrated a life event--a wedding, new baby, exciting new job, or big adventure, let us know! We'd love to share your news with other alums in the next edition of The Lincoln Log!

We want to stay in touch. Please forward this newsletter to any Camp Lincoln alumni, and encourage them to join our mailing list by emailing! If you have pictures, stories, updates or old camp memorabilia that you'd like to share, please send it along via email, snail mail, or, even better, stop by camp! We would love to see you!
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