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This Lenten Season, we’re focusing on promises: the promises that God makes to humanity, and the promises that we make to God and each other. 
When my kids were little, they always wanted my promises.
If we were at the store, and I didn’t buy them a treat, but mentioned that maybe next time I’d get them one, they’d immediately ask, “Do you promise?”
If they wanted to go to the park but it wasn’t a good day, but I offered that maybe the next day we’d have time, they’d prompt, “You promise?”
I learned quickly to never promise those kinds of things. Who knew if and when I’d have an extra few dollars for a treat or extra time in the day for a park visit? 
But there were plenty of things I would promise them. I could promise them that I’d always love them, and that I would treat them with kindness and patience and care for them as best I could. 
God’s Biblical promises often come in the form of covenants – that God will love us, but also asks for faith and love on our part. It’s a sacred pact we make together to be in relationship with God and others.
Continue to join us this season to explore not only God’s promises, but the ways that we promise to live in light of divine love and salvation. 
Peace today,
Rev. Sandi
March Worship
Services can be viewed live on Facebook AND YouTube, or afterwards with the links found on the website and weekly emails. (Click the dates for links to service.)
If you were unable to join us yesterday, you can view worship here:
           A Season of Promise: Promise of Blessing
               Isaiah 49: 5-6; Genesis 17: 1-16
               A Season of Promise: Promise of Guidance
               Psalm 19: 7-10; Exodus 20: 1-17
A Season of Promise: Promise of the Heart
               Jeremiah 31: 31-33; Romans 2: 28-29

A Season of Promise: The Promised King
Psalm 118: 26-29; Mark 11: 1-10  
Click on the button below to sign up to join the Wash Park Neighborhood Cleanup project on Saturday, March 13 from 8am to noon. Meet at church at 7:45 am. Remember to dress for the outdoors and wear a mask. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided.
Thank you!
Holy Week Opportunities at WPUMC

Once again, we will celebrate a virtual Palm Sunday Parade! Send pictures of yourself with real or homemade palms to by Thursday, March 25th to be a part of our virtual parade in worship on Palm Sunday, March 28th.
Join us on Thursday, April 1st at 6:30pm for a Maundy Thursday worship Service. Gather communion elements (a cracker or piece of bread and a drink) and a cup or bowl of water in preparation. The service will be live on Facebook or YouTube with this link:
Join us for an in-person Stations of the Cross experience in the courtyard and sanctuary on Good Friday, April 2nd, from 11:30am – 1:30pm (time will be extended if needed). There will be interactive prayer stations as you walk through Jesus’ last moments. Ten-minute slots are available for one individual or family at a time and advanced sign-ups are available: Click here to sign up.
Join us on Saturday, April 3rd in the morning (time TBA) to drop off food drive donations for FISH of East Denver.

At the same time, bring over a flower (real or handmade) to decorate our Easter Cross.  
Finance Committee Update
A blessing within our own walls: our WPUMC Preschool

When my husband, Jason, and I joined WPUMC, we didn’t have any children (though it was still a hopeful possibility!). We came to our first service to try it out. Rev. Sandi asked us to reach out to those around us and introduce ourselves. We met Doug Smith, who was then on the Finance committee. He was so friendly and eager to tell us all about the wonderful church community we had found. I remember it like it was yesterday; we were sitting in the southwest corner, about three rows from the back. We were trying to lay low since we didn’t know anyone, but we got introduced via microphone and were handed a new bright blue water bottle. Needless to say, we felt more than welcome. We loved it so much we obviously stayed!

One of the first things Doug told us was about the preschool that their church had; it was immediately clear how much pride the congregation took in the preschool. I knew without a doubt that it was a wonderful organization. Coincidentally, my best friend’s little boy was enrolled in the same school, and she had told me just how terrific it was, too. It all came together for me.

Now that we have a toddler, Jason and I are blessed to be able to call WPUMC Preschool her second home. Avery runs in the at beginning of every day like she has been waiting for this moment her whole life (even though it’s only been since the day before 😊 ). Her teachers (and all of the staff) are blessings to us that love our children like they are their own. Avery is thriving; not only is she learning, she is making friends, learning about God, and surprising us on a daily basis with her new skills.

The preschool has been especially challenged over the past year with COVID and all of the restrictions that have come with it. They have worked tirelessly to keep the school running, to keep our church community going, and to keep our children thriving. I can’t thank them enough for their efforts.

Our preschool is something to be proud of. They are building strong relationships and raising wonderful children with a deep love for Christ.

Kristiana DeYoung, Finance Committee
Children's Ministry
First off, we want to say how fun our Zoom call on Feb. 11th was while we had a chance to visit and do a craft together. We want to do that again, and again! As we look forward to March we have a few upcoming events to share. The upcoming dates are Thursdays, March 11th and April 1st at 4:30 PM. During those Zoom video calls we will be making a craft and sharing how we are doing and what we have been up to! This call is for our Sunday School age children, 3 years up to 6th grade. We will have a St. Patrick’s Day craft and quick lesson and an Easter craft for our April 1st Zoom video call. We aren’t foolin’, we miss seeing you all and until then, lets meet by video!  

If your child would like to participate, please connect with Sheri Salis at This way we can mail out, drop off, or coordinate a church pick up the craft supplies. Be sure to allow mailing time if you are out of the church neighborhood. Our April 1st call may be during your Spring Break, so if you will be out of town but still want a craft kit, reach out early so we can gather your craft items well ahead of time. We will send out the Zoom link email closer to the times of the calls. 

Mark the Calendar! VBS 2021! Big News!
We WANT to host a Vacation Bible School this summer and not have another bummer summer without it. The dates for VBS are Monday, August 2-Friday August 6. M-Th, 9-11:30 and F 9-12:15. More information and details will be coming out about as we roll out plans. Much consideration, evaluation and planning have gone into hosting a VBS this summer. We feel confident our church can host a safe event like this. If you are interested in learning how you can help lead a safe and healthy VBS, contact Sheri Salis

-The Children’s Ministry Team
Youth Group
Join us this March as we launch our new Youth Group series on Dilemmas. Every day, we are called to navigate a world full of challenging decisions—from the simple choices about everyday life to the much more serious ethical dilemmas that can make being a teenager so complicated. We can’t offer simple answers, but we can learn to understand how to make smart choices. Walk with us as we study morals, ethics, love, values, choice and consequences over the coming weeks! 
-Rev. Jamielee

If you have any questions or would like more information on joining our youth group, please email Rev. Jamielee at

March 7—Dilemmas: Morals and Ethics (Zoom 11 am- 12:30 pm) What do the 10 Commandments mean to us today?
March 14—Dilemmas: The Love Commandment (Zoom 11 am- 12:30 pm) How do we love our neighbors as our selves? 
March 21—Dilemmas: Valuing Values (Zoom 11 am- 12:30 pm) What are our values? What do they matter to us every day? 
March 28—Palm Sunday & Sunday Funday! Keep an eye on our weekly emails for more information!
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