May 17, 2023

The Results Are In...
The Links at Lakehouse Membership Kick-Off and
Golf Club of California Scramble

The Links at Lakehouse Membership Kick-Off Event

On April 23rd, we finally had some decent weather for our annual membership kick-off event at The Links at Lakehouse, (formerly, St. Mark), in which we had 41 members and 11 guests participate in the Cha Cha format. This format scores one best ball of the foursome on Hole 1, two best balls on Hole 2 and three best balls on Hole 3. It then starts over again with one best ball on Hole 4 and so on.

There was only one flight of 13 teams. The 1st Place winners received $30 Golfmart Gift Cards, 2nd Place winners received $20 Golfmart Gift Cards and 3rd place winners received $10 Golfmart Gift Cards. CTTP winners received $10 Golfmart Gift Cards.

The winners are!!
1st place - Deb Finlon, Rachel Hunter, Jax Jacquez and Kelly DeMello with a total net of 130.

2nd place - Heidi Hanna, Laura Wilkinson, Eunhwa Lenehan and Lois Spence in a card-off with a total net of 133.

3rd place - Pam Pongratz, Sue Neshat, Adrienne Acre and Melissa Silva also with a total net of 133.

CTTP Hole #6
Flight 1 - Deb Finlon (HOLE IN ONE!!! - Hard to beat that!!!)
Flight 2 - Kelly DeMello

CTTP Hole #11
Flight 1 - Heidi Hanna
Flight 2 - Meinir Heilbrun

Next 4 Places in the ChaChaCha game:

As noted above:
4th place - Donna Evans, Sarah Evans, Nancy Mason and Judy Hagar Schons with a net of 136
5th place - Laura Kampfhenkel, Missie Jacobs, Ann Kana and Kim Greco in a card off with a net 137
6th place - Jen Levin, Kristine Clemenger, Michelle Schmidt and Meinir Heilbrun with a net of 137 also
7th place - Bethany Selan, Marie Shannon, Paula Smith and Pat Haberman with a net of 139


And a big Thank You to BRENDA SCARTH for organizing and running this fun formatted event!!!
and to Jennifer of the Sauce Goddess for displaying and offering for sale some great sauces and salsas for purchase
Golf Club of California Big Scramble Event

Another nice day for a team event! On May 7th, we had our first Big Scramble event with 11 teams of four, split into two flights. This was a true scramble in which a minimum of three drives were chosen for each person in the foursome.

And the winners are..!

We had two flights. The 1st Place winners received $20 Golfmart Gift Cards and the 2nd Place winners received a $10 GolfMart gift cards.

Scramble Winners

Flight 1
1st Place - Cindy Mason, Dina Mauger, Michelle Petersen and Ashley Stone with a net 51.
2nd Place - Jen Levin, Jackie Glynn, Ashley Riggs-Zeigen and Karen Bridges with a net 53.

Flight 2
1st Place - Nancy Mason, Nancy Homer, Katy Armas and Mimi Pepa with a net 53.
2nd Place - Lisa Schmidt, Natalie Hobson, Adrienne Acre and Lois Spence with a net 54.

A Big Thank you to STACEY HAYASHI for organizing this event, and Lisa Schmidt and Paula Smith, who helped with registration

Thank you ladies!!

Fun Pics from St Mark Membership Kick-Off
Rachel Hunter, Deb Finlon, Kelly DeMello and Jax Jaquez celebrating Deb's Hole in One on Hole #6!! Congrats again Deb!

Deb's 3rd Hole in One!!
1st place winners: Rachel Hunter, Deb Finlon, Jax Jaquez and Kelly DeMello

2nd place team of Lois Spence, Eunhwa Lenehan, Heidi Hanna and
Laura Wilkinson

3rd place winners: Melissa Silva, Adrienne Acre, Pam Pongratz and Sue Neshat

Ashley Stone, Jen Faye, Cindy Mason and Dina Mauger

Pat Haberman, Paula Smith, Marie Shannon and Bethany Selan

Carmen Creamer, Jackie Glynn, Gladys Mester and Karen Bridges
with a post birdie celebration - FINALLY

Jennifer Reynolds (Sponsor, Sauce Goddess), Pam Pongratz, Brenda Scarth and Judy Hagar Schons who won the fantastic gift box donated by Jennifer.

Eunhwa Lenehan deciding which of The Sauce Goddess selection of
delectable goodies she will purchase!

President Jen Faye and Event Coordinater, Brenda Scarth in the background

Post Membership luncheon gathering... and the 19th hole continues...

Lois Spence, NOT following the pouring directions on the Guiness bottle (the bottle said to pour at a 45 degree angle. NOT SO according to Lois!

Until Next year!!!

Fun Pics from Golf Club of California Scramble
Flight 1- 1st place winners: Cindy Mason, Michelle Peterson, Dina Mauger and Ashley Stone

Flight 1 - 2nd place winners: Jen Levin, Karen Bridges, Ashley Riggs-Zeigen and Jackie Glynn

Flight 2 - 1st Place winners: Jen Faye presenting the remaining member, Nancy Homer. Not pictured - Nancy Mason, Katy Armas and Mimi Pepa

Flight 2, 2nd place winners: Natalie Hobson, Lisa Schmidt, Lois Spence, and Adrienne Acre

Soo Lee, Pam Pongratz, Suzanne Rogers and Stacey Musso

Judy Hagar Schons, Stacey Forcier, Maria de Lourdes Barroso and Marisa Farpon

Happy Happy - Meghan Smith, Javonda Franklin, Suzanne LaTour and
Rhonda Myers. Love the hats!!!

The Pink Team: Margaret Ashwell, Gina Menicucci, Cathy Wright and Paula Smith

Yoga Zen golf with Suzanne LaTour
Get one with nature, it helps your game!!

Meghan Smith, Suzanne LaTour, Javonda Franklin and Rhonda Myers - Cheers!

How many LPGA Amateurs does it take to jump a battery??
Answer: 6 - Jen Levin, Dina Mauger, Lisa Schmidt, Jackie Glynn, Karen Bridges and Cindy Mason, supervising

No one was hurt during this exercise!
Dina Mauger, Jen Levin, Jackie Glynn and Karen Bridges

Turned out to be a beautiful day at Golf Club of CA

19th hole enjoyment and socializing

Great views from the 19th hole

I think this little dude moved my ball!