Stopping to smell the irises in downtown Grand Junction, CO on my recent visit back home in April/May 2021.
The Little Engine That Could!

Mariah McGlothlin
July 2021
Like the little engine that could, this small team is gaining strength and momentum with each forward push. After months of training and preparing, taking small steps and celebrating incremental progress, we’re seeing fruit in each area of our integrated ministry.

WASH Training

Earlier this year I wrapped up the training-for-trainers for my team, (pictured above) and since then they've successfully run their first course of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) lessons in a community called Nhambonda. About 65 different families participated. Many of those families are now practicing what they learned, as my team found out with a round of home visits. We were amazed to see how many new trash pits and latrines were being dug, and handwashing stations and dish drying racks were installed. Still more surprising is that folks who never even attended our lessons are practicing better hygiene, too! Next we'll circulate and offer biosand filters to families who drink from unsafe water sources. And we’re running the course again for those who missed it the first time.

What really makes me smile is how thrilled my team is to see the fruits of their labor. As the project picks up momentum, the more they rise up in leadership. For me, this is what it's all about.
Top left: Water pump recently fenced in as a result of the WASH lessons. Bottom left: Quisito and Alberto teaching on sanitation. Top and bottom right: participants singing and dancing as they received their training certificates.

Meanwhile, Quisito and Alberto continue to facilitate Bible Studies in Bucorussi. One study group member named Tomas asked for coaching in evangelism and Bible study facilitation, so Quisito and Alberto now meet weekly to mentor him.

Incidentally, a church building was recently constructed in Bucorussi by a mother church in the city, and it was left to be pastored by a young believer who feels ill-equipped and not anointed to do the job. He was selected because he’s literate and relatively free of vice. That man seems open to coming under Quisito and Alberto’s wing, as well.

Lord, encounter Tomas and the new pastor as they study Scripture, transforming them day by day. Lay it on their hearts to share the truth boldly and graciously in Bucorussi and awaken in them a passion for Jesus and His Kingdom. Fill Quisito and Alberto with the Spirit as they lead these disciples by example. May these new disciples learn from Quisito and Alberto how to obey Jesus and how to make disciples. Matthew 28:18-20.

In each community they touch, lead Quisito and Alberto into divine appointments with key people who are open to the Gospel and whom will invite others to learn as well. 2 Timothy 2:2. Give them your heart for the lost and broken- grow them in love. Pour out your Spirit in Bucorussi, Nhambonda and Zimpinga.

BioSand Filters

Since the project began, we've fabricated 34 biosand filters and installed 27 of them. We've instituted a sweat equity program for families that want a biosand filter: one family member must give one day working alongside us at our filter fabrication site in order to "earn" a filter to be installed in their home. This adds to the sustainability of our program, but most importantly, it leads to families valuing and taking greater care of their filters. The filters are in high demand now as news spreads by word-of-mouth.

Top left: The team after installing a demo filter on our base. 
Top right: Filter installed for the Julio family in Zimpinga. Bottom: Filters ready to be transported and installed.

By the grace of God, both the WASH course and the biosand filter project have created their own momentum. Now the challenge is to scale up our team to make the most of it. I can hire more people, but I also want to involve the beneficiaries of these programs in the labor.

Father, grant this team the wisdom to know how to expand and lead them to those whom you've prepared to join them. We pray for new team members of high integrity and capacity, and hearts that are set on serving the Lord by blessing others.

Cause Quisito, Alberto, and Paulo to each grow in their walk with you. Teach them how to love as they learn how they're loved by You. Strengthen each one's leadership skills, grow their capacities, and fill them with joy in their work and their relationships. Reveal to them the gifts they carry and show them what they were created for!
I Finally Visited Home!

I spent 5 weeks in April-May back in Colorado, visiting family and friends. It had been 1 1/2 years since I'd left Mozambique (because of Coronavirus) so I was very ready for a break. I've honestly never felt so blessed as I did during that vacation. A big thank you to all the family and friends who made time to catch up with me and were so generous to me! I came back to Mozambique refreshed.

My sister and me in Ouray, CO on my recent visit home!
As always, thank you for reading my updates and for your prayer support. My “little engine that could” program is gaining speed, so all the more need for your prayers to keep it going strong and moving in the right direction. One more prayer, for myself…

Jesus, I pray for You and Mariah to meet every single day, and that she learns to always keep her eyes on You. May Mariah continue to grow in grace and favor. Bless her connection with friends that are near and far from her, and may she make time to be creative. Grow her in leadership, wisdom and understanding as she develops her program. May she reflect You as she leads her team.

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