The Live Well Challenge - Spring Edition

an 8-week Nutrition and Fitness Programme

Tired of dieting and constantly counting calories? 
If so, this weight loss programme is for you! 

Over the course of eight weeks, learn everything you'll need to transform your outlook on nutrition and fitness. We'll help you to find a positive balance in your life, and show you how healthy lifestyle habits can help you achieve positive physical, emotional and overall well-being.

Let expert Amitha Mather, experienced nutritionist and mother of two, and Bianca Penning, accredited exercise physiologist and personal trainer, get you started on your personal revolution today!

Testimonial from our previous wellness challenge:

"I wish to share with you my wonderful experience I have had with Amitha and Bianca's Live-Well Challenge.

Having arrived just over one year ago, I had not been able to find the right balance between healthy eating and exercise. However, through participating in this wellness programme, my whole outlook on life here in Tokyo has been totally transformed. Both my weight and health have improved considerably, and I am truly astounded with the results going into my sixth week having lost over 4kgs, and am now exercising everyday!

I would recommend anyone who needs support with their weight and fitness to join up!"

 - Michelle

The first hour of each week you will be part of a nutrition discussion led by Amitha. She will choose different topics each week to enable you to transform the way you think about nutrition and weight loss, including topics such as: 

"What should your plate and shopping list look like?" and "Eating out and holidays!".

The second hour will be a training session led by exercise physiologist, Bianca, that will include a variety of strength, cardio and circuit style exercise. The exercise session will aim to get you feeling fit, strong and confident, and will provide you with tips and tricks on how to get your workouts done and dusted even with time constraints, and how you can make these workouts a part of your everyday life.

Course Details

  • 8 2-hour nutritional coaching and fitness training sessions with Amitha and Bianca
  • Weekly support and accountability with your health, weight, and fitness goals.
  • Fantastic resources including a take home manual jam-packed with recipes, exercises, and meal plans.
  • Report card detailing your fitness and weight loss achievements over the 8-week programme.
  • A supermarket tour where Amitha will show you how to read ingredient listings and nutritional tables. 
  • 12 participant maximum, so get in quickly and book your spot now!
April 13th - June 8th
(Break for Golden Week - May 4th)

  ¥54,000 (tax included)
8-week programme 


Meet Amitha and Bianca
Bianca Penning
Exercise Physiologist
Bianca is an accredited exercise physiologist and personal trainer at Club 360. She has experience helping people with a wide range of fitness levels to successfully achieve their health and lifestyle goals. She strongly believes that knowledge and balance is key, and that not one model fits all. "Being your best self" requires an individualised plan of action to result in a confident, healthy and happy you!

Amitha Mather
Amitha is not your average nutritionist; she likes to take a practical approach to health rather than just a clinical one. Achieving wellness is a three dimensional process, and a complete approach allows her to provide her clients with detailed, personalised and effective plans. She wants you to succeed, and if that means keeping your favourite food or morning coffee, then she won't make you change it (at least not straight away!). By taking small steps to get you to where you want to be, the goal is that these will be lasting, sustainable and most importantly, enjoyable changes.