The LoCastro Report
Twenty-Second Edition
April 24, 2020
For Collier County Commissioner, District 1

  • Conservative Republican
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate (1988)
  • Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired -- 24 Years of Service (1988 - 2012)
  • Combat Veteran & Senior NATO Commander (Afghanistan & Iraq)
  • Base Commander of Multiple City-Sized Military Installations
  • Managed Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars
  • Worked for two U.S. Presidents (Bush 41 & 43)
  • Former Chief Operating Officer, Physicians Regional Medical Center
  • Naples Leadership Collier Graduate
  • Naples Business Leader
  • Veteran Advocate, Rotary Club, American Legion Member
  • Student Mentor & High School/College Leadership Lecturer
  • Senator Scott Senior Veteran Advisor & Chair of His Service Academy Board
  • Marco Island Resident & East Naples Involved Citizen & Volunteer

Proud to have been part of the volunteer team this past Saturday (April 18) distributing 21,000 free masks on Marco to Collier County residents. Cars lined up to get two FREE masks per person... courtesy of  Allyson Jeter Richards  &  Jim Richards ! They personally purchased 30,000 masks, giving 9,000 away to our local hospitals. We distributed the remaining 21,000 to pedestrian traffic as well as lines of over 2,300 cars. What an amazing community day!
Before you go to the Republican Primary polls on August 18th -- take a look at the resumes, qualifications, & experience of candidates. Ask yourself, " This might be a 'nice person' and they have good intentions… but especially in time of critical decisions, massive financial choices, & times of severe crisis… is this the senior leader I want directing our community & making decisions on my behalf? "
This is more than an election, it's a "job interview" by our voters. In my 24 years in the military, combat veteran, and having the honor & blessing commanding troops in many different locations… it certainly was a privilege to defend & serve my country. Later as a local Collier County healthcare & business leader... I was proud to be a servant leader once again in my community.

Now more than ever during this crisis and even during past times of 9/11, natural disasters, and so many other emergencies… I hope citizens understand we need Experienced & Qualified public servants. It’s not enough to just have a laundry list of "the issues"… that’s the easy part. But do you have the proven depth to understand & most of all -- SOLVE those problems? Just as important--have you ever solved massive problems & dealt with gigantic budgets before? 
I‘m running for County Commissioner to serve this wonderful community I love because we need prepared leaders now more than ever. Our County budget for 2021 will top $2 Billion and we have the opportunity to improve in so many areas… but also are vulnerable to regress if we don’t have the right leaders & decision makers.
Over the years there’s been a lot of "fighting" for District 1… yet why are there are so many gas stations, storage units, and it looks so much more industrial in many places than our other four Districts? Our current Commissioner has often said (and many agree) District 1 has often been the "dumping ground" for many unwelcomed things… and it's still continuing.
What we now need is the most Experienced & Qualified leader representing District 1… not the opposite. If you’re looking for a professional, credible, and qualified candidate who has worked in the trenches in the military & elsewhere… and also at some of the highest levels in healthcare, government, and city management… and gotten things done by collaborating, partnering, and getting others to support what was needed through experience, credibility, & professionalism…
Part 2
…many more to come!
Dale & Marie Mullin -- President, Wounded Warriors of Collier County
"…We absolutely fully support and endorse Rick LoCastro. His passion and dedication for our community and public service is obvious in all he does and says… and has done! Knowing Rick for several years, we fully believe he is a man you can trust… he will go out of his way to help where needed. Definitely the man for the job of Commissioner!"
Jane Watt -- Founder & Board Chair, Marco Island Academy
"…I fully support and endorse Rick LoCastro for County Commissioner, District 1. Not only does he have the necessary business and leadership experience, but he also exhibits a strong moral character. He is a true asset to Collier County.”
Glenn & Jane Brown -- Republican Leaders & Naples Residents
"…Colonel LoCastro has an amazing background, both military & civilian, in demanding & highly responsible positions, requiring great leadership, expertise and problem-solving skills. As a retired Navy Captain myself, I have a keen appreciation of the great confidence & respect the Air Force placed in Rick by virtue of his complex & important assignments. We are confident he is ideally equipped to represent all the residents of District 1 & our entire County because he has the experience & expertise to analyze, understand, & properly address all issues."
Marsha Warnike -- Senior Realtor Premiere Plus & Republican Leader
"…It's imperative we vote our values, so I'll be endorsing Rick LoCastro for District 1 County Commissioner. Rick has the proven leadership skills & experience through his many years of service as a Colonel in the Air Force and the healthcare industry. He is a strong advocate for our first-responders, teachers, healthcare professionals, and the military. He is a knowledgeable and engaged community member who pays attention to local politics every day. Rick seeks out new ideas & different perspectives… and weighs the alternatives to ensure the best decisions will be made to benefit our County. I know Rick will govern well--he has my full endorsement!" 
Gregg Sjoquist -- President & CEO, The Wasie Foundation Naples
"…Rick LoCastro has spent the majority of his adult life serving the people of America; a graduate of the prestigious United States Air Force Academy and as an officer in the United States Air Force for 24 years. Now Mr. LoCastro desires to focus his life on serving the people of Collier County. If elected Commissioner from the First District, Rick LoCastro will serve the people of the County full time. For him, public service will not be a part time job, nor will it be a stepping-stone to higher elective office. He will work tirelessly, day in and day out, for the people of the County he loves. Colonel Rick LoCastro has my full enthusiastic endorsement!"
Sandra Lee Buxton -- Owner Life in Naples Magazine

"…Rick does his research and is fully prepared for the work at hand. When he becomes involved, he sees it through in an unbiased professional manner. He has my full endorsement."
Jane & Sandy Schuman -- Former President, Singapore Exchange Americas & Marco Island Residents/Leaders

"…It is with great pleasure that both my wife Sandy and I support Rick's candidacy for Collier County Commissioner, District 1. Commissioner Fiala was an extraordinary leader and personality. However, based on Rick's diverse and deep background, vast experience, and proven leadership in our community, it is our opinion out of all the candidates he is best suited to fulfill the massive tasks at hand. Rick has both the heart and intelligence, along with the patience, experience, and understanding… to define and resolve the many challenges facing Collier County and District 1 over the next decade. We fully endorse Rick for County Commissioner!"
Previous Released Endorsements
Last Week's April 18th LoCastro Report

Vann Ellison -- President & CEO St. Matthew's House (*doesn't constitute organization endorsement)

Phil Wood -- CEO John R. Wood Properties

Dan Lavender -- President & CEO Moorings Park

Jared Grifoni -- Vice Chairman Marco City Council

Vicki Tracy -- COO Gulf Coast International Properties & East Naples Resident

Carvelli & Serravalle Families -- Restaurant Owners of Snook Inn, Marco Prime, Oyster Society, & Davinci's

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Rick LoCastro
Candidate for Collier County Commissioner, District 1
- Conservative Republican
- U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate (1988)
- Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired -- 24 Years of Service (1988 - 2012)
- Combat Veteran & Senior NATO Commander (Afghanistan & Iraq)
- Base Commander of Multiple City-Sized Military Installations
- Managed Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars
- Worked for two U.S. Presidents (Bush 41 & 43)
- Naples -- Leadership Collier Graduate
- Naples -- Business Leader
- East Naples -- Former Chief Operating Officer, Physicians Regional Medical Center
- Collier County -- Veteran Advocate, Rotary Club & American Legion Member
- Collier County -- Student Mentor & High School/College Leadership Lecturer
- Senator Scott Senior Veteran Advisor & Chair of His Service Academy Board
- Marco Island Resident & Naples Involved Citizen

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