The LoCastro Report
Twenty-Third Edition
May 1, 2020
For Collier County Commissioner, District 1

  • Conservative Republican
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate (1988)
  • Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired -- 24 Years of Service (1988 - 2012)
  • Combat Veteran & Senior NATO Commander (Afghanistan & Iraq)
  • Base Commander of Multiple City-Sized Military Installations
  • Managed Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars
  • Worked for two U.S. Presidents (Bush 41 & 43)
  • Former Chief Operating Officer, Physicians Regional Medical Center
  • Naples Leadership Collier Graduate
  • Naples Business Leader
  • Veteran Advocate, Rotary Club, American Legion Member
  • Student Mentor & High School/College Leadership Lecturer
  • Senator Scott Senior Veteran Advisor & Chair of His Service Academy Board
  • Marco Island Resident & East Naples Involved Citizen & Volunteer

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This past week has been a busy one, with many developments in our response to COVID-19. On Tuesday, I attended in person the meeting of the Collier County Commission, which convened and voted to reopen some activities in the county. I sat in 1 of only 8 public seats allowed in the main room due to social distancing guidelines. Stephanie Vick, Administrator of the Florida Department of Health in Collier County, made a presentation as did Sheriff Rambosk.

On Wednesday, a similar meeting was convened by the Marco Island City Council, which I was also able to attend in person. The Council unanimously voted to open beaches from dawn to dusk while following CDC guidelines limiting large groups and maintaining social distancing. Also reopened were parking, restrooms, boat ramps, and other recreational facilities, such as playing fields and hard courts, while pools and playgrounds will remain closed for now.

Governor DeSantis, of course, also released his new order for re-opening Florida in cautious, measured steps. We are starting to see some hope for a return to normal while doing everything we can to keep our citizens safe.
Part 3
…many more to come!
D r. Richard Blonna --
Professor Emeritus: William Paterson University
Scholar, Author, Entrepreneur
Marco Island, FL (District 1)

"…To All Collier County Voters:
I'm writing to endorse Rick LoCastro for County Commissioner, District 1. 

Rick is a dynamo. His energy-level is off the charts. The man does more in one week than most people do in a couple of months. Besides his energy level, Rick has the wisdom, experience, and leadership needed to guide us through the most challenging years our County has ever faced. 

As one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation we are on the cutting edge of several issues: 
  • Restoring our local waters to their once-pristine state
  • Balancing the needs of an exploding population with protecting, preserving, and expanding our natural resources and beauty 
  • Creating a high-level of readiness for hurricanes, rising seas, and other emergencies both natural and man-made
  • Growing a workforce that meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment
  • Finding workable solutions to the housing needs of this new workforce
  • Protecting the equity and lifestyle of full-time residents while supporting the tourist industry, the backbone of our economy

These are just a few of the tough, complex issues Collier County will face in the coming years. Dealing with these issues requires someone with the proven experience, vision, and leadership to tackle them head-on. I know Rick LoCastro is just the person to do this. He has proven himself to be a leader in the military, business-world, and public service sector. It is without a moment’s hesitation I fully recommend him for a seat on the County Commission representing District 1."
Mike & Sharon Davidian
Former CEO, American Industrial Technologies
East Naples Residents at The Arlington

"…As a resident of District 1 for over twenty years, along with many of you, we've witnessed the growth and improvements made possible by the work of Commissioner Fiala. Continuing this path will take even more innovation, hard work, and leadership which defines Rick’s entire professional career. His experience and past successes demonstrate he is prepared to work full-time in taking on issues concerning regulations, environmental & water issues, housing, schools, tourism, healthcare, etc… all vital to the continued improvement in the lives of our residents. Rick is the strongest candidate for this job and ready to take its residents beyond this crossroad to an even brighter future for everyone. We have known Rick LoCastro for many years and find him to be a no-nonsense, hard-working, resourceful leader, with a unique passion for problem solving. He is honest, truthful, and will work tirelessly for his constituents. We respectfully fully endorse Rick LoCastro to be our next Collier County District 1 Commissioner!"
Lee Rubenstein
Commander, American Legion Post 404
Collier County

"…I personally fully endorse Rick LoCastro for County Commissioner! As a fellow veteran, I can attest to his many years of proven leadership ability commanding huge military bases and later his leadership at Physicians Regional in East Naples."
Kelly Lichter
President & Founder, Mason Classical Academy
Naples, FL

"…Rick LoCastro definitely has the qualifications and experience needed for the job. He has a genuine and sincere concern to make our County better for everyone… and the experience and qualifications to do so." 
Tom & Linda Sessa
CEO, Sessa Sheet Metal Contractors
Marco Island, FL

  "…As the CEO of Sessa Sheet Metal Contractors, I am aware of the fact that success begins with great leadership, our company has prospered over the last 40 years for that simple reason. My wife Linda and I have lived on Marco Island since 1990 part time and now are full time residents. His experience in the military for 24 years and as a senior officer & Commander serving two U.S. Presidents along with his business experience in the medical & healthcare field give him all the necessary tools to be an excellent Collier County Commissioner.

We fully support and endorse Rick LoCastro… vote for him without question… We truly believe he will finally give all of Collier County the strong leadership & expertise we all deserve. We are fully endorsing Rick LoCastro for Collier County Commissioner."
Pam DeSmet
Goodland Resident &
Goodland Civic Association Secretary

"…I have been extremely impressed by Rick's leadership ability. He is fully involved in the community. When I attended his Townhall in East Naples I noted how the senior leaders there were interacting due to Rick's leadership. I know he will be good for all of Collier County!"
Previous Released Endorsements
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of our last two LoCastro Reports

Vann Ellison -- President & CEO St. Matthew's House (*doesn't constitute organization endorsement)

Phil Wood -- CEO John R. Wood Properties

Dan Lavender -- President & CEO Moorings Park

Jared Grifoni -- Vice Chairman Marco City Council

Vicki Tracy -- COO Gulf Coast International Properties & East Naples Resident

Carvelli & Serravalle Families -- Restaurant Owners of Snook Inn, Marco Prime, Oyster Society, & Davinci's

Dale & Marie Mullin -- President, Wounded Warriors of Collier County

Jane Watt -- Founder & Board Chair, Marco Island Academy

Glenn & Jane Brown -- Republican Leaders & Naples Residents

Marsha Warnike -- Senior Realtor Premiere Plus & Republican Leader

Gregg Sjoquist -- President & CEO, The Wasie Foundation Naples

Sandra Lee Buxton -- Owner Life in Naples Magazine

Jane & Sandy Schuman -- Former President, Singapore Exchange Americas & Marco Island Residents/Leaders

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Rick LoCastro
Candidate for Collier County Commissioner, District 1
- Conservative Republican
- U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate (1988)
- Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired -- 24 Years of Service (1988 - 2012)
- Combat Veteran & Senior NATO Commander (Afghanistan & Iraq)
- Base Commander of Multiple City-Sized Military Installations
- Managed Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars
- Worked for two U.S. Presidents (Bush 41 & 43)
- Naples -- Leadership Collier Graduate
- Naples -- Business Leader
- East Naples -- Former Chief Operating Officer, Physicians Regional Medical Center
- Collier County -- Veteran Advocate, Rotary Club & American Legion Member
- Collier County -- Student Mentor & High School/College Leadership Lecturer
- Senator Scott Senior Veteran Advisor & Chair of His Service Academy Board
- Marco Island Resident & Naples Involved Citizen

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