The LoCastro Report
Thirtieth Edition
September 21, 2020
On August 18th, I was honored and humbled to win the Primary and to now serve as the official Republican nominee for the 
District 1 Collier County Commissioner seat!  

I'm proud of the professional & honest campaign we ran… 
reaching ALL of District 1.

We still have the November 3rd General Election against a Democratic opponent… and we will not take this upcoming final election for granted. I will continue to attend all County & City meetings, meet citizens, and hear concerns to best prepare myself to get started in this important position.

I'm at your service to attend events and speak at any size gathering so I can meet even more citizens throughout our District. These are perfect opportunities to open your home, business, clubhouse, etc… to those you know so we can talk about the issues important facing our community.

Please email me details if you have opportunities for me to meet and speak with citizens of our County!

In the primary election, you affirmed the value of Experience & Qualifications. Let's continue the momentum and see this through to the end.
During this pandemic most debates, townhalls, fundraisers, etc… have been cancelled…
Your financial support is critical & appreciated.

We won the August Republican Primary… but we now need your help to bring home the General Election!

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Rick LoCastro Campaign
1560 Buccaneer Court
Marco Island, FL 34145
One of the most important qualifications for our next District 1 County Commissioner is a strong grasp of the priorities, which can only happen if that person is experienced & knowledgeable about a wide spectrum of issues. Just some of the MANY items we must tackle!

East Naples
  • Have a true Master Plan to upgrade areas neglected and finally bring up to Collier County standards… but also ensure we DON'T neglect all other areas of District 1
  • Find solutions for storage units and out-of-business stores “dumped” in East Naples... and prevent those future mistakes
  • Ensure properly "Managed Growth" is considered to improve our District

  • Smart Track the long overdue fix of the main access road from flooding
  • Replace street signs damaged by Hurricane Irma--the County replaced them everywhere else long ago
  • Ensure we preserve Goodland as the paradise treasure it is!

Port of the Islands
  • Remove the abandoned, burned out, graffiti-filled buildings -- a massive Safety & Security hazard
  • Push for Fire House generator hooked to Marina pump for emergency use
  • Ensure any Master Plan for District 1 includes POI... you are no longer an afterthought!

Marco Island
  • Work collaboratively and improve cooperation between the City & County
  • Give long overdue attention to Tigertail Beach, waterway protection & access, and other environmental areas

Isles of Capri
  • Stop using the entrance to Isles of Capri as a staging area for Collier Blvd road repairs
  • Take ACTION on long overdue drainage issues and ensure culvert completion between the bays

  • Tackle drainage issues EVERYWHERE in District 1… normal rains should NOT flood communities & homes as extensively as they do
  • Have regular Townhall meetings in EVERY area of District 1... I will bring the Commissioner to the people!
  • Ensure District 1 has the most Experienced & Qualified Commissioner in the seat!
We continue to have a PERFECT record…
Receiving EVERY endorsement from EVERY organization who conducted interviews!
I'm proud to have recently earned the additional endorsement of The Hispanic Vote of Southwest Florida, a non-partisan group focused on informing and engaging the Hispanic community on voting and the local political process. Board members Carmen Salomé, Silvia Hasak, Rafael Lopez, and others in their organization are strong leaders for our community, and I look forward to working with them.
With friends, fellow candidates, & patriotic public servants

BYRON DONALDS - Congress, District 19
BOB ROMMEL - State Representative, FL House District 106
RICK LOCASTRO - Collier County Commissioner, District 1

Early Voting: Oct 19-31
General Election: Nov 3
On Patriot Day, September 11. With my friend and the ultimate Patriot… Captain Wayne Smith, former Vietnam POW & fellow Air Force Academy graduate!

We will NEVER forget 9-11 and the sacrifices made for America… and the world.
Citizens—please reach out to me via email, text, or phone… I want to hear from you! 
Call me directly at (239) 777-2452
or send me a personal email message at

The Primary has now concluded, and we must come together as a community. There are many challenges, issues, & opportunities in EVERY area of District 1 and ALL of Collier County. Thank you for your trust and confidence as we manage & lead this $2 Billion County.  

I look forward to representing EVERY person in our community with credibility & influence to ensure our District & County continues to improve. I look forward to being YOUR public servant… and working for YOU!
If you would like additional information, I encourage you to watch our campaign video, which outlines my bold, optimistic vision for Collier County. This year's election will be historic at every level. Make sure you choose leaders who are capable of leading us through these challenging times.
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Rick LoCastro Campaign
1560 Buccaneer Court
Marco Island, FL 34145
Rick LoCastro
Republican Nominee for Collier County Commissioner, District 1
- Conservative Republican
- U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate (1988)
- Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired -- 24 Years of Service (1988 - 2012)
- Combat Veteran & Senior NATO Commander (Afghanistan & Iraq)
- Base Commander of Multiple City-Sized Military Installations
- Managed Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars
- Worked for two U.S. Presidents (Bush 41 & 43)
- Naples -- Leadership Collier Graduate
- East Naples -- Former Chief Operating Officer, Physicians Regional Medical Center
- Naples -- Former Senior Leader, Avow Hospice
- Collier County -- Veteran Advocate, Rotary Club & American Legion Member
- Collier County -- Student Mentor & High School/College Leadership Lecturer
- Senator Scott Senior Veteran Advisor & Chair of His Service Academy Board
- Marco Island Resident & Naples Business, Healthcare, & Community Leader

NOTE: If you've missed a LoCastro Report, they are all archived at

During these uncertain times, please let me know if there are any questions I can answer.
Call me directly at (239) 777-2452
or send me a personal email message at
Paid by Rick LoCastro, Republican, for Collier County Commissioner