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Tech Talk by Neal Bloom
We would like to dedicate this issue to Bruce Bigelow , who recently passed after a brief illness. He was a stellar journalist and a champion of the local tech and science community with a flair for a good story. 

Bruce’s longstanding coverage of the San Diego tech ecosystem was unparalleled, and his recent thesis of Big Bio Meets Big Data will be his legacy in identifying what San Diego will be known for going forward. The Xconomy team has created a place to share memories and we welcome you to join in.

All the best to the Bigelow family.

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San Diego Startup Week 2018 was an incredible gathering of entrepreneurs, tech workers, and investors. With the first time having a home base at the Civic Center, thousands of connections were made on a daily basis.

Below are some reviews about various Startup Week events:

Read the full recap here.

Startup Week's Ada Powers of Telium placed this Post-it on the mirror of the women’s bathroom where San Diego Startup Week was held, so that every woman looking at herself in the mirror felt affirmed as a valued member of this group, and as a symbol of the need for inclusion and diversity in the local tech industry. See what transpired over the next four days to Ada’s surprise.
MP3. com Mafia : Rebellious of convention, led a digital music revolution in the late 1990s that not only infuriated many big record labels but more importantly, gave music artists more power over their own music, and a more personal connection with their fans. We caught up with some of the key players at, who gave us the inside scoop about those exciting days as well a what they’re up to now. Read more here .

Tech Company Exits: The State of the San Diego Tech Scene : San Diego has had strong momentum with all of the acquisitions that have happened over the last year. Read a sample of local text exits here .

Culture Brewing : There is no doubt that company culture is impacted by the city companies are located in, and San Diego is no exception. Most prominent is the clear appreciation for a work/life balance that weaves itself into the tapestry of many cultures here. Curious what else impacts your company culture? This article by local serial entrepreneur Jill Felska takes us beyond the perks, to the real core of the company culture concept.
Photo: Frank McKenna

  • The SD EDC is now accepting applications for two support programs - MetroConnect and Defense Innovation Voucher. Apply to receive funds and support to help your biz grow in SD


  • CureMatch Wins the $35k MetroConnect Prize by the World Trade Center San Diego

  • Koala Gets Dexcom’s Smart Device to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

  • Cibus - $70M with Fidelity, Cormorant Asset Management, Alexandria Venture Inv

  • Truepic - $8M with Dowling Capital, Jefferey Parker, Andrew Filipowski, William Sahlman

  • MedCrypt - $1.9M with Sway VC, NexCubed, Eniac VC, Oronoco Inv, Friedman BioVentures

Join Neal Bloom as he chats with San Diego’s top tech company and ecosystem builders with a flair for our local lifestyle too.

Interview with Etienne de Bruin, founder of 7CTOs


  • Summer Social by San Diego Venture Group - Wednesday, July 25, 4-7 p.m.

  • 1st Mondays by Startup San Diego - Monday, August 6, 5-7 p.m.

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  • Ashok Kamal from Tech Coast Angels’ fave is Haggos in Leucadia

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