October 25, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 35
Market Updates
The air will be as crisp as apples this weekend. While the tides are shifting with what is available, our local foodshed continues to provide great abundance. Every week it is a pleasure to anticipate and discover what the farmers market has to offer. Speaking of which, we are are excited to be welcoming Wildland Kombucha to the Hollywood Farmers Market this weekend. This delicious booch is brewed here in Portland, and 100% of the profits go to benefit Wildland Firefighters. Come try it out!

  • Back this week: Happy Harvest Farm, Ken & June's Hazelnuts, Laurel Ridge Winery, No Mess Chef, NOBULL Scratch Starters, Suzette Creperie, and a bonus visit from Rise up Remedies!

  • Off this week: 503 Distilling, 2 Towns Cider, Bull Run Distillery, Cranberry Kitchen, Dragonfly Forge, Fire Brew, Freeland Spirits, Mic's Mix, More Bees, Stone Barn Brandyworks, Townshend's Distillery, Westward Whiskey and Wet Wizard.
It is a good weekend to squirrel away your nuts for the winter and stock up on juice because it is Ken and June's Hazelnuts' and Portland Juice Company's last weekend of the season. Bid your friends a farewell for now.

Savoy cabbage are really looking beautiful right now. These leaves become tender with a quick saute and can do surprisingly well on their own. They also weave into a stir fry seamlessly.

Costumes are welcomed and encouraged this weekend! Grab a warm drink, eat a delicious meal and enjoy Gaea playing live. We look forward to seeing you!
"Hollyween" Family and Pet Parade at 11am!
Come join the Hollywood Farmers Market vendors, volunteers and staff all dressed up at our Family and Pet Parade this Saturday! The parade will be at 11:00 am. Happy Hollyween!
Meet Our Vendors: NOBULL Specialty Foods
It's often a long 20-hour drive from Los Angeles, California to Portland, Oregon. But for Lani Raider, founder and creator of NOBULL Specialty Foods, the journey took twenty years. 

Lani was a small child when she first helped prepare the family meals in her grandmother’s kitchen in Los Angeles. Cutting, chopping, and slicing were all part of her initiation to her life’s passion of creating locally sourced, healthy and delicious food. This started the journey toward creating NOBULL Specialty Foods. 

Three of her four grandparents were born in Eastern Europe, and they brought their cooking traditions with them. Preparing food was always at the center of family get-togethers, holidays, Shabbat, etc. As Los Angeles lacked any noticeable seasonal changes, holidays marked the transitions others would find in a colder climate. 

The kitchen wasn’t just for preparing food; it was a secret place where the grandmothers told stories without male interruption or correction. Perceptive and intelligent, Lani loved the kitchen and recognized it as a sanctuary for her to hear their authentic voices. 

Lani learned to prepare family meals at an early age. But she also had an entrepreneurial leaning. As early as high school, she started her first business selling homemade cookies. Following her senior year, she spent a year in Israel, living on a kibbutz.

She was a practicing vegetarian and soon became the vegetarian cook on the kibbutz. This was the first time she had cooked for so many people. Lani found the same deep connection with the people she served that she had experienced in her grandmother’s kitchen.  

Wanting to continue her education, at the end of the year, Lani returned to the states and attended the University of Santa Cruz. While pursuing her degree, she continued her passion for preparing food for others. Lani’s cooking became a cornerstone of student gatherings. People put money in the till, and Lani’s talent would transform the contributions into meals inspired by local ingredients. She even worked on an organic farm at the base of the campus. It all seemed to fit with her core values of growing healthy food and taking care of the planet. Though she loved preparing healthy, vibrant food for others, it still never occurred to her that cooking professionally could be a career. 

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Saturday, October 26th:
Hollyween Family and Pet Parade

Saturday, November 16th: Cooking Demo with Sara Calderon
10am to 12pm
Featured Products
October 26th, 2019
Winter Green Farm
Also known as "gobo", burdock root has both culinary and medicinal uses, and an earthy artichoke-like flavor. Burdock isn't an easy crop to grow, requiring loamy soil and specialized harvesting, but Winter Green has specialized in it, growing several acres of organic burdock which they sell wholesale all over the West Coast - and directly to you at the Hollywood Farmers Market! You can essentially cook it in any way that you'd cook a carrot (though the flavor is quite different) - in soups and stews, stir-fried, roasted, or braised. 

Bone Broth
No Mess Chef
In addition to his Tomato SOUPor Sauce, Neil from No Mess Chef has been hard at work making bone broth from local pasture-raised animals. He'll be rolling out new flavors each week for the next month - this week is chicken and spicy chicken! Stop by his booth to learn about what's in store for November.

Bluebird Alpine Liqueur
Townshend's Distillery
A host of aromatic herbs and spices like angelica and fennel combine in this layered and gently sweet liqueur. They've designed it to be consumed neat on cold-weather occasions, but it's equally at home in a range of cocktails.
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See you Saturday at the market!