June 8, 2017
Vol 12, Issue 17

Market Updates
Kids Day this Saturday!
This Saturday is our annual Kids' Day! It'll feature live kids music from Steve Cooper and Tallulah's Daddy, face painting, and a farmers market scavenger hunt. We're especially excited for the scavenger hunt; each child who completes it will earn a prize - $2 in farmers market tokens! Joanna from Turnip the Heat Cooking School will be running the scavenger hunt from her usual tent near the east entrance from 9am to 12 noon. Happy hunting!

Vendor News
----------------------                                                                      This Saturday bring more excitement with the return of Unger
Farms and all their berries (strawberries, for now, to be specific)! That means it's time to seek out your favorite strawberry variety (Hood, Seascape, Albion, Shuksan and more) find your farmer, and buy a flat for jamming, freezing for storage or just eating in a    state of berry bliss.

Speaking of bliss, have you checked out one of our new
vendors  Bliss Nut Butters? They offer a full line of fresh blended nut butters using Oregon honey and sea salt. Great for your every day sandwiches, with fruit or toast in the morning or by the spoonful if you are in the mood.

Returning after a week away  Pozole to the People  is itching to serve up fresh bowls of pozole to order, and they have jars of soup base to take home for your own flavorful creation. Other bi-weekly vendors at market this Saturday include Dragonfly Forge, K en & June's Hazelnuts, Leikam Brewing, More Bees  and Naked Acres Farm. 

Hollywood Garden Mural repainting has a Facebook event!
Last summer, over 100 volunteers came out to paint the Hollywood Garden Mural on our block of NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th! Taking its inspiration from the bountiful produce on display at the farmers market, the mural takes the form of a garden, with a path of stepping stones winding its way around fruits, vegetables and vines. This is one of the largest street paintings in Portland, stretching curb-to-curb along 100 feet of Hancock Street. On market day, it serves as a beautiful carpet for the farmers market, and throughout the week it leaves a reminder of the market on the street.

Now that it's been a year (and a brutal winter), it's time to repaint the mural. Help us re-beautify this block of the Hollywood neighborhood, and come out on Sunday, July 16th! Please join the event's Facebook page here, where we will be posting updates over the next couple months.

See you Saturday at the market!
When to Plant What
by Anne Berblinger, Gales Meadow Farm
"Can I plant that now?" is a question we hear often when we are selling vegetable starts at the market.
Some vegetables are "hardy," which means that they can stand frost and that they will grow in chilly weather, with daytime temperatures below 50°F and freezing nights. These include lettuce, peas, onions, broccoli, kale, cabbage, chard, beets, and others. We start these plants from seed in late January and bring the starts to the market from the first weekend in March through April and beyond. Customers who bought them in March and planted them right away have been enjoying fresh vegetables from their own gardens for weeks by how.
Other vegetables are "tender," which means that frost will kill them or severely damage them: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, cucumbers, basil, and many others. These plants love heat and will only grow and develop above a certain temperature, which is different for each kind of vegetable and sometimes for different varieties of the same vegetable.

Tomatoes can be planted safely outside as soon as the danger of frost is past, usually about the middle of April in Portland. However, they will grow better and ripen fruit just as quickly if they are planted a few weeks later, sometime in May. We aim for our tomato plants to be ready for market and transplanting the first weekend of May. At our farm in Gales Creek, it has frosted as late as May 22, and so we usually wait until the last week of May to plant tomatoes. Tomato plants will grow and develop when the temperature is above about 50°F. (They need higher temperatures, of course, to ripen their fruit.) Even the middle of June is not too late to plant cherry tomatoes and other varieties that will ripen fruit quickly

Peppers, eggplant, squash and cucumbers are much happier if they are planted in the garden when the night temperatures are staying above 45°F and the daytime temperatures are reaching the 70's or at least the high 60's. Planting these at the end of May or anytime up until the summer solstice is ideal.

Basil should not be planted outside until the nights are staying above 55°F and daytime temperatures are in the high 70's. When the conditions are right, it grows fast. If you can't do without pesto until July, explore the many other greens that make beautiful pesto: sorrel, garlic scapes, fava shoots.

For the vegetables mentioned here, the calendar is less important than the day and nighttime temperatures, and the temperature of the soil. Pay attention to how your plants respond to the weather, and next year, remember what it was like when your plants grew the fastest and appeared the healthiest. Have faith in your experience, and you will become a "seasoned" gardener.
Entertainment and Events
Steve Cooper
Talullah's Daddy

Community Booths
Dear Bike: Free Bike Repair

Upcoming Events
June 10th: Kids Day! w/ Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt 9am - 1pm
July 1st: Cooking Demo with NW Culinary Institute, 9am - 1pm 
July 15th: Senior Day , all day
Vendors at Market 
this Saturday
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Are you searching for new ideas on how to prepare your farmers market bounty? Or do you have a stack of long forgotten cookbooks or food magazines? Lucky for you 
the HFM Cookbook & Recipe Lending Library has returned for the season. Created and hosted by the amazing Ramona from Nourishment (and also a HFM Board Member), you can find the library set-up by her booth each Saturday at market. You can borrow a cookbook or recipe for culinary inspiration, or likewise you can leave a contribution for others to discover. 
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