November 9, 2018 | Volume 14, Issue 38
Market Updates
There's a chill in the air to remind us that winter is coming, and with a rain free forecast for the coming weekend it's the perfect time to bundle up in your favorite warm weather wares and get out to the market. With over 45 vendors in attendance there's something for everyone.

Persimmons are in at Sun Gold Farm, and frost sweetened Brussels sprouts, kales, collards, and mustard greens are in at Sweet Leaf Organic Farm and Persephone Farm. And for those hanging onto the last bits of summer you'll find strawberries and raspberries at Happy Harvest Farm.

This week we are excited welcome our newest coffee vendor, Ristretto Roasters Coffee. They will be offering drip, cold brew, teas, and beans to perk up your market visit. Add a warm breakfast muffin from Tabor Bread, and you've got a soul warming market breakfast in two hands.

Umi Organic is back again, and will be serving up made to order bowls of noodle goodness, or take home a pack of ramen noodles and tub of hand crafted sauce to whip up your own noodle creation in the warmth of your kitchen.
If you still have Farm Direct checks make sure you spend them by the end of November! The checks expire November 30th and all vendors at Hollywood Farmers Market that sell fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs will accept them. Check out the Farm Direct Nutrition Program website for more information.

Got any extra shopping bags laying around? We are collecting durable, reusable shopping bags for community use at the market. If you have any extra you can part with, please leave them in the metal bins on either end of Hancock St for any forgetful shoppers to grab.
Herb of the Month: Get ready for Rosemary!
We feel it in the air: the heat waves of summer have passed, and the coolness of autumn begins. The smokey smell from wood-burning fireplaces turns my attention toward the fullness of fall, and with fall, more indoor activities: many of us turn toward cooking as a pleasant indoor pastime. Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means Christmas gift giving, family get-togethers, and cooking will soon be upon us. So this month, as we start to settle in for the winter, let’s talk about rosemary. Most of us are familiar with the fresh, almost lemony-pine-like fragrance of rosemary. But did you know that rosemary has a traditional legacy in rituals, healing, as well as culinary uses?

Rosemary's Historical Significance

Rosemary seems to have an unusually rich political, romantic, mystical, and medicinal history for an herb, not to mention the deep appreciation of chefs all over the world. Rosemary got it name because it was originally most often found growing by the ocean. Rosemary literally means "dew of the sea”.

Regarded as the symbol of friendship, loyalty, and remembrance, rosemary is also thought of as having magical properties. However, other than it is mentioned as having “magickal” properties, little specifically was provided in the resources I searched. Of the herbs we’ve covered in this series to date, rosemary has a greater wealth of historical uses and importance documented. “Our Herb Garden” is a recent find on the rich history and some of the folklore of herbs. A few excerpts on rosemary are listed below.

The folklore and medicinal uses of rosemary include such oddities as protection from plague to a cure for the common thief. Uses include:

  • Association with fairies and witches
  • Weddings
  • Finding husbands to marry
  • Memory retention
  • Making wooden instruments and tools
  • Burials
  • Thwarting the occasional thief
  • Removing evil spirits
  • Healing gout
  • Even protecting one from the bubonic plague.

Wedding Rituals

As a part of the wedding ritual, rosemary was often entwined into a wreath, dipped in scented water and worn by brides at the altar. The wreath symbolized fidelity, love, abiding friendship and remembrance of the life the woman had led prior to her marriage. For example, Anne of Cleves (1515 – 1557), Henry the Eighth’s 4th wife, wore a rosemary wreath at their wedding.

It was also customary for wealthy bridal couples to present a gilded branch of rosemary to each wedding guest.

Using rosemary in today's weddings is still practiced by many modern brides. Not too long ago this medieval tradition was carried out at the wedding of a contemporary of mine and we all walked away with sachet bags filled with this aromatic herb.

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Featured Products
November 10, 2018
Fresh Cranberries
Eagle Organic Cranberries
Eagle Organic Cranberries is a third-generation farm located in Bandon, OR. They transitioned to organic growing back in the 1990's, back when many thought it was impossible to grow cranberries organically. They'll only be here for two more Saturdays, so make sure and get those cranberries - some for Thanksgiving and also some for the freezer!

Thanksgiving Turkeys and Ducks
Deck Family Farm
Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, and it's time to plan your dinner! Deck Family Farm still has a few broad-breasted turkeys left for pre-order, as well as Pekin and Rouen ducks available. The Pekin is known as a "table duck", with mild, well-balanced flavor, while the Rouen is a heritage breed known for its flavorful and rich meat. Preorders of both turkeys and ducks can be picked up at their booth at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Saturday, November 17th.

Chai Concentrate
One Stripe Chai
One Stripe is dedicated to making you a delicious cup of chai, in a town where hot beverage choices have been dominated by locally-roasted coffee. They brew a chai concentrate from freshly-ground whole spices, lightly sweetened with jaggery (unrefined palm sugar) and local PNW honey. Stop by their booth this Saturday and try a sample!
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