July 27, 2018 | Volume 13, Issue 23
Market News
Unless you've been living under a very cool rock this week, you've noticed its hot! While the temperatures are expected stay reasonable during market hours this Saturday, its always a good idea to stop by early to do your shopping. Our vendors will be here at 8am to help you beat the heat and fill your baskets with summer's best fruits and veggies. 
Thinking if you come to market early you'll need to skip breakfast Don't worry! Our vendors have got all kinds of tasty morning treats to fill your belly. Stop by Nourishment for breakfast burritos and tacos or Suzette for breakfast crepes. Grab your coffee or tea from Moon Coffee to pair with breakfast pastries and scones from one of our many fabulous bakeries. 
hot peppers
If you've already hit you're tomato limit, the good news is we are onto pepper piles all around. Padrons, Bells, Anaheims, Shishitos, Pablanos Jalapenos, Serranos, and more will be hitting the market this week. For those in search of something in the capsicum family this Saturday will provide spicy, earthy and sweet for early arrivals.
Power of Produce kids program continues every Saturday!
Remember, we'll be offering  free, fun and educational kids activities  (for ages 5 to 12)  EVERY SATURDAY  at the farmers market through September 1st. And kids who participate get  $2 in farmers market tokens to spend on fruits and veggies. Stop by the POP Club booth this Saturday and join in!
Hollywood Farmers Market Board invites you to join!
by Beth A. Rubin, HFM Board member
I have been shopping or hanging out at the Hollywood Farmers market for years before I moved to Portland. I discovered it because my sister has long been a vendor and what I discovered was a vision of life as I love it best: community, wonderful people, music and the most beautiful and fresh produce I’d ever seen (not to mention, sustainably raised meat and eggs and mouth-watering baked goods among other things). 

By the time I moved to Portland, my interest in the quality of food had deepened because my husband, in response to a major health scare, had turned to a plant-based whole foods diet. I felt incredibly lucky to have access to Oregon’s agricultural bounty as a way to meet my husband’s health needs. However, shopping at the Hollywood Farmers Market was (and is) never a chore! The community of Portland farmers, the food vendors, the volunteers, as well as friends and family I ran into made Saturday mornings a splendid part of every week. From there it made sense to volunteer for the market; doing so only deepened my appreciation of this incredible resource. So when I saw a column in this very publication ( The Local Dirt) about the possibility of serving on the board, I jumped. I was eager to give more to the organization that kept this wonderful market running, and delighted that my application was accepted.

In my time serving on the board, I’ve learned so much about how to best serve low-income shoppers, the nitty-gritty details of nonprofit accounting and fund-raising, and the challenges and opportunities associated with running and strengthening a trade association like the Hollywood Farmers Market. I’ve also gotten to know so many interesting and engaged people – the market’s full-time staff, the farmers and vendors, and the diverse group of community members who serve on the board and volunteer on our committees. In return, I’ve contributed my skills, time and energy. It’s been a rewarding, interesting, and fun experience! I am really grateful to serve something from which my family and I get so much.

If, like me, you love the market and want to contribute to supporting our local food system, consider applying for an open board position. 

You’ll get to take an active role in overseeing the direction of the Hollywood and Lloyd Farmers Markets, both of which are held year-round. You’ll gain insight into how our local food system works, and feel a sense of involvement in the community. We seek applicants from all backgrounds with a diverse set of skills. It certainly helps if applicants have experience with community outreach, agriculture, communications, account/financial planning, human resources or marketing. Energy and commitment, though, count for a great deal. Our goal is to compose a well-rounded, effective Board.

Our Board is comprised of up to fifteen members (though currently fewer) including a handful of seats that will be vacated at the end of this year. Board members serve a three-year term. The primary responsibility of the board is governance of the Markets. In addition, Board members participate on a variety of committees where they are able to creatively contribute to the market’s weekly activities as well as influence the organization’s future. Members attend board meetings held on the third Wednesday evening of every month as well as one or more committee meetings per month. Additional commitments include an annual Board retreat held in January, a vendor dinner in the spring and a fall harvest festival celebrating our volunteers hosted by the Board. While these are commitments they are also fun and engaging events.

The deadline for applications is Monday, October 8, 2018. The Board will invite candidates to an interview at the October 17th board meeting, and elections will take place that evening. New members will be seated effective January 1, 2019. Board meetings are always open to the public, so if you’re not sure whether the Hollywood Farmers Market board is right for you, please feel free to attend a meeting as a guest. Our next two meetings are Wednesday, September 19th, and Wednesday, October 17th, at 6:30pm at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church (there is no August meeting). 

The application is available on our website here. Any questions about the recruitment process may be directed to board chair Kristine Abraldes at recruitment@hollywoodfarmersmarket.org.
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POP Club Activity
Herbs: All the yummy flavors!
Featured Products
July 28th, 2018
Silver Slicer Cucumbers
Flying Coyote Farm
Flying Coyote is a new farm at the Hollywood Farmers Market, growing organic and biodnyamic produce and raising chickens at their 5-acre farm in Sandy, Oregon. These unique pale-skinned slicing cucumbers have a great sweet and mild flavor and thin smooth skin.

Jun Kombucha
Sacred Summit
Jun (pronounced "joon") is a cousin of kombucha: brewed in a similar way, but a completely different microbial culture. Dario at Sacred Summit makes his jun from blends of tea and raw honey, giving it a light, smooth and slightly sweet flavor, as opposed to kombucha's sourness. Stop by their booth and try the different flavors - "Tranquility", made from Jasmine green tea, ​Holy basil & Lavender tea, is a favorite.

Buns on the Run
One of the Hollywood Farmers Market's OV, or "original vendors" - these folks have been serving up marketgoers since the first season in 1997. The humble bratwurst is the #1 seller, followed closely by the chicken, sundried tomato, and garlic.
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For more information call (503) 709-7403, or check us out online at  www.hollywoodfarmersmarket.org .

See you Saturday at the market!