May 5, 2017
Vol 12, Issue 12

Market Updates
Vendor News
It's May and that means more vendors are starting their seasons, and we'll have over  40 farmers, foragers, food and beverage makers out in the heart of Hollywood and ready for you on Saturday morning. 
For all you crepe fans it's time to rejoice, Rhonda and Village Crepery are back and ready to make up your favorite french style pancake filled with scratch made sweet and savory options, making them delicious for breakfast, lunch or desert!

Come out to discover new vendor  Touhu Organic, making fresh soymilks from organic beans with an old Thai family recipe. They make fresh batches the morning of market in unsweetened, lightly sweetened and Thai tea variations. Try it warm or over ice, and take a container home as well. 

Make a stop by another new vendor  Bliss Nut Butters and explore their full line of blissful nut butters made with Oregon honey and sea salt, and fun variations such as Cinnamon Chia Seed Peanut Butter Bliss and Cranberry Hazelnut Butter Bliss. With seven varieties to try, there's likely one to please every tastebud in your house. 

We also have Gluten Free Gem back at market, fresh off opening their new retail space at 140 NE Broadway and ready with a wide array of pastries, donuts and sweet breads all free of gluten. 

Stone Barn Brandyworks, Portland Bitters Project and 2 Towns Ciderhouse also are back for the week. 

Thank you to 42nd Street Station!
As you may know, our  Double Up Food Bucks  program continues this season, thanks to the support of our sponsors. This week we'd like to thank our first sponsor of the season,  42nd Street Station ! Their generous donation will make it possible for 50 families to afford fresh local produce from their neighborhood farmers market. Thanks! 

Street Mural Repainting
Mark your calendars: We're happy to announce that we will be re-painting our beautiful mural on Hancock Street this summer, on Sunday, July 16th! (Our rain-date is the following Sunday July 23rd). More details to follow. See you there!

See you Saturday at the market!
Success With Tomatoes
Anne Berblinger, Gales Meadow Farm
Tomatoes are not hard to grow, but they do need thought and attention. The key ingredients to tomato success in our area are:

Selecting the right varieties
Our area is not ideal for growing tomatoes, because tomatoes need warm nights that stay above 65°F, or even better above 70°F. That doesn't happen here. The last summer we lived in the Washington D.C. area, the low was 89°F one night. Which would you rather have, our pleasant cool nights, or the widest possible selection of tomato varieties? I choose cool nights, since there are still (really!) thousands of tomato varieties to choose from. The classic Brandywines, Cherokee Purples, Mortgage Lifters and the Hybrid Beefsteaks are only going to give us ripe tomatoes in September, if then. But we can have Prudens Purple, Victoria, Astiana, and Anna Russian, which are every bit as wonderful as the best known heirlooms. And some of them qualify as heirlooms themselves, being more than 100 years old.

We grow early and mid-season varieties, as do the other tomato plant vendors at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Feel free to ask when you can expect tomatoes from the variety you choose. But don't expect a very precise answer, since it all depends on "degree days," a measure of how many warm hours we will have between now and tomato time. Early tomatoes are usually ready before the end of July, and mid-season tomatoes in August. Gales Creek, where we have our farm, is colder than Portland. The cool air from the top of the Coast Range comes down the Gales Creek Canyon every night in summer and settles on our fields. So if a tomato works for us, it will work for a garden in Northeast Portland.

If you can only grow your tomatoes in pots, choose varieties that have been bred to grow well in pots. We have ten varieties that do splendidly in pots. Some of them are from a group of enthusiastic breeders participating in the Dwarf Tomato Project, and all of these are enrolled in the Open Source Seed Initiative, which should keep them out of the clutches of the greedy seed monopolists. Some of them have funny names like Brandy Fred and Sarandipity.

Choosing the right location
Tomatoes need good soil and as much sun as they can get. At least ten hours of sun a day is ideal, and six hours is the absolute minimum. If your garden area is too shady to provide that, pick a sunnier spot and grow container varieties. Some tomatoes that do fairly well with less than ten hours a day are Sungold, Uralskiy Ranniy, Stupice, Victoria, Latah and Katya. Cherry tomatoes are usually more tolerant of less than 10 hours than bigger ones.

If your tomato location has not been used as a garden spot before, put off getting your tomato plants and spend some time preparing it. Remove a layer of sod (or all the weeds if that is what is there). Dig in generous amounts of your own or purchased compost.

Entertainment and Events

Community Booths
Fort Vancouver National Historical Site
Free Bike Repair Booth
Vendors at Market 
this Saturday
Deep Roots Farm
Seeking Donations
A true child of HFM, Arissa (daughter of Kimberly at Deep Roots Farm), is asking for our help. Arissa has been a frequent bell ringer, and now staffs the stall each week with her family. 

Arissa's Destination Imagination team, the Corvallis Masqueteers,  are fundraising for their trip to the Global Finals in Knoxville, TN. They are partnered with ARC hosting a clothing drive and are accepting any gently used clothing, bags, shoes and household fabrics. If you have those to donate folks can drop them at the Deep Roots Farm stand this Saturday May 6th. 

They are also accepting donations of empty, refundable cans and bottles, and those also can be dropped at the Deep Roots Farm stand. 

Thank you for supporting our farmers market community!
Lloyd Farmers Market
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See you Saturday at the market!
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