April 13, 2017
Vol 12, Issue 9

Market Updates
Vendor News
We've got sunshine, flowers and more returning farms and vendors awaiting you this Saturday in Hollywood. 
Another  reminder we are now open at 8am through September , and that means one more hour to shop for your favorite farmers market finds. 

This week we welcome back Deep Roots Farm with beautiful bunches of greens and ruby red rhubarb to kick off spring. You'll find them in the back row of the Grocery Outlet parking lot, along with Nature's Wild Harvest, Nature's Best-Oregon Honey, and The Hummus Stop.

It's time to ready your favorite vases, mason jars and lonely kitchen tables, because the hardworking Chow and Yua of Herr's Family Farm return with cut flower bouquets sure to brighten event the darkest of rooms. Surprise your sweetie or just treat yourself to a bundle of floral sun rays. 

To our almond croissant and potato donut loving diehards you'll be delighted to find Fleur de Lis Bakery is back for the season. We also welcome  Ken & June's Hazelnuts and Dragonfly Forge, both are here at market every other week. 

Free Bicycle Repair
Our bike repair booth returns to the farmers market this Saturday, offering free bike maintenance and safety checks. It's a great time of year to bust out that dusty two-wheeler and bring it down to the farmers market!   

Street Mural Repainting
Mark your calendars: We're happy to announce that we will be re-painting our beautiful mural on Hancock Street this summer, on Sunday, July 16th! (Our rain-date is the following Sunday July 23rd). More details to follow over the coming months. See you there!

See you Saturday at the market!
Vendor Profile: Sun Gold Farm
by Shelley Stearns
Vicki Hertel of Sun Gold Farm in Forest Grove says her family farm couldn't survive without "the help of hungry, wonderful people in Portland." She tells me that we are the ones that support them and keep the farm natural, something she doesn't believe would be possible in most other parts of the United States.

Our urban lifestyles and input also determine small details of the Hertels' daily lives. More than ten years ago, they started a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) to bring weekly shares of fruits and vegetables to Portland residents. This year, they bring (among many other products) leaf lettuce pots and tomato pots to the Hollywood Farmers Market; these plants will thrive in any apartment with enough sun and water. Just leave the heart of the lettuce intact and it will replenish all summer.

Before the Hertels grew organic produce, they were conventional dairy farmers. About twenty years ago, they were forced out due to a change in regulations. Dairy Creek was ten feet from their house, which meant it was close to cows and had a potential to become polluted, which the new regulations did not allow. Within a day, they sold their cows and began a major life change.

The Hertels transformed the dairy to a fruit and vegetable farm and went from using chemical fertilizers and sprays to organic practices. Vicki tells me of their experience interacting with end consumers for the first time at farmers markets. "We were handing people an ear of corn and that was the person who was gonna eat it," she says. "We didn't want any chemicals on it anymore."

Sun Gold brought in ladybugs, did their best to attract birds to control insect populations and forbid the shooting of coyotes on their property - a Sunday ritual at the time for Washington County farmers.

They also prevent plant diseases with crop rotation. This means putting a crop in the ground for one year and then not putting it in the same place again for five. As part of the rotation, half of their land grows timothy grass for hay. It's less work to upkeep and allows the Hertels to devote more time to the fruits and veggies they bring us. That's something we can all be grateful for.
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See you Saturday at the market!
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