August 18, 2016
Vol 11, Issue 27

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While August really expresses itself this summer with another hot day ahead, we have plenty to keep you cool at HFM. To save our vendors and customers alike from wilting on the pavement in extreme heat we are

As usual market opens nice and early (8am) so you can get out before you even break a sweat, and incase you do we'll again have out our water mister and kiddie pool as well as ice water at the Information Booth. Remember to come hydrated, and take it easy. 

Dancing Light Ranch returns with the first fresh hops of the season, so weather you're a brewer or medicinal plant lover, ask Don what is the best variety for what you have in mind, or he may give you an entirely new idea to run with. Little Handfuls also returns, and this may be the right day to try their Blackberry Date Oat bites as a frozen snack. And of course for a truly icy treat stop by the Stellar Pop cart for an ice pop made will all organic ingredients, fresh juice and little or no added sugars. 

Also joining market this Saturday are Dragonfly Forge, House Spirits Distillery, Portland Bitters Project, Sacred Summit Herbal Elixirs & Chocolates and  Scratch Meats. 

Kids Activity: Freezer Jam Recipe
Hope everyone enjoyed participating in our freezer jam kids' activity this past Saturday with Joanna from Turnip the Heat Cooking School! If you'd like to make the jam at home (it's really easy!) here's the recipe she used. Check the instructions on your pectin package to see if it needs to be heated up before mixing with the fruit - if not, then you can do the whole process without turning on the stove!

Photo Contest on Instagram!
Our month-long photo contest continues through the month of August! We are running the contest on  Instagram ; just post your photo with the hashtag  #hfmphotocontest  to enter the contest. The winning photographer will receive  $20 in market tokens ; the runner-up will receive $10 in tokens. If you'd like to follow us on Instagram, our account is  @hollywoodfarmersmarketpdx . Full contest rules here.

Hollywood Farmers Market seeks board members
The Hollywood Farmers Market is now accepting applications to join its Board of Directors in January 2017! Board membership is a terrific opportunity for volunteers, vendors and market lovers to become involved with this successful nonprofit farmers market. The Board welcomes applications from individuals enthusiastic about the Market, and especially those with backgrounds in the areas of community outreach, agriculture, communications, account/financial planning, human resources and marketing. See our website for more information.
See you Saturday at the market!
Tomatoes, Eggplants, and Peppers - Oh My!
by Sarah Broderick, reprinted from 2007
lots of tomatoes I'd never met one of those people before. You know, the ones who don't like tomatoes. Or eggplant (?!). Or peppers. They generally don't like potatoes either, unless the potatoes have been really deeply fried. And they've likely never even heard of ground cherries (cape gooseberries) before. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, I'm talking about the anti-nightshade folks. I'd never known one until a few weeks ago when a houseguest of mine looked on in horror as I started slicing some of the most beautiful eggplants I've seen this summer. "Do you take the poison out before you eat it?" she whimpered in my kitchen. I just shook my head and sighed, "I salt the eggplants to soften and sweeten them." I know -- I could hardly believe it myself. 

mixed peppers from sweet leaf farm Tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers symbolize the height of summer to many gardeners and food-lovers. Potatoes are more than just comfort food, they are one of the most enjoyable crops to harvest. Plunging a hand into the soil and feeling around for a tuber is one of the rewards of planting this nightshade. Tomatillos and ground cherries in their husks act like they're holding secrets behind a papery curtain. And they are ... so delicious. Tobacco has played a significant role in human life for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And the fragrance of petunias and night-blooming nicotiana delight our sense of smell.

eggplant will be here forever. Nightshades have evolved to produce very desirable fruit, leaves, and tubers. They are important sources of food, spice, and medicine. To my friend's credit, the Solanacaea family of plants also contains a wide range of alkaloids that can be desirable, poisonous, or both. Some people are sensitive to the alkaloids in nightshades and have allergy-like responses when consumed. Certain plants of the Solanaceae family are poisonous, hallucinogenic, and even deadly. Belladonna, mandrake, and jimson weed are all examples of nightshades everyone should stay away from.

But for the rest of us, this time of year is one of celebration. It's time to be canning tomatoes, roasting and freezing peppers, and gorging ourselves on eggplant. It's time to make salsa verde and ground cherry pie. It's time to get over to the Hollywood Farmers Market and enjoy the bounty of the season.
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Upcoming Events

HFM Photo Contest
August, all month

Cooking Demo with Anh Luu of Tapalaya
Saturday, August 27th

Kids' Activity with Joanna of   Turnip the Heat Cooking School
Saturday, September 10th, 9am - 11am
Vendors at Market this Saturday
  • Big B Farm
  • Buns on the Run
  • Columbia River Fish Company
  • Deck Family Farm
  • Deep Roots Farm
  • Dragonfly Forge
  • Fleur de Lis Bakery
  • Fraga Farmstead Cheese
  • Fringe Meadery
  • Gabriel's Bakery
  • Gales Meadow Farm
  • Happy Harvest Farm
  • Herr's Family Farm
  • Hot Mama Salsa
  • House Spirits Distillery
  • Ken & June's Hazelnuts
  • Kimberly Farm
  • Kiyokawa Family Orchards
  • Laurel Ridge Winery
  • Liepold Farms
  • Linda Brand Crab
  • Maryhill Fruit Company
  • Mocha Roma's Coffee
  • Montiel's Cocina
  • Naked Acres Farm
  • Nature's Wild Harvest
  • Nossa Familia Coffee
  • Nourishment
  • Olympia Provisions
  • Peak Forest Fruit
  • Persephone Farm
  • Pine Mountain Ranch
  • Portland Bicycle Outfitters
  • Portland Bitters Project
  • Portland Juice Company
  • ProFarm Produce
  • Regular Portland Bread
  • Sacred Summit Herbal Elixirs & Chocolates
  • Sage and Sea Farms
  • Scratch Meats
  • Stellar Pop
  • Sterling Cookies
  • Stoneboat Farm
  • Sun Gold Farm
  • Sweet Briar Farms
  • SweetHeart Bake Shop
  • Sweet Leaf Farm
  • Tabor Bread
  • The Hummus Stop
  • Umi Organic
  • Unger Farms
  • Village Crepery
  • Winter Green Farm
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