July 20, 2018 | Volume 13, Issue 22
Market News
The skies are clear, the weather is warm, and the Hollywood Farmers Market is open at 8 AM this Saturday to bring you all your favorite things. Our vendors have got everything you need to endure Portland's next heat wave with piles of fresh produce, coolers full of fresh cuts of protein and jugs of ice cold drinks!
gorgeous orange tomatoes
Its the moment you've been waiting for all year: heirloom tomato season is here! Stop by Winter Green Farm, Deep Roots Farm, Sweet Leaf Farm and more to grab these summer treats. Like last week, there will also be plenty of cherry tomatoes around for salads and snacking. 
Speaking of cherries, be sure to get your fill of the pitted kind before they're gone! Cherry season is almost over so stop by Maryhill Fruit Company, Kiyokawa Orchards, and ProFarm Orchards to grab a bag before it ends. 
Fight off the heat this week with fresh corn! Both Big B Farm and Happy Harvest Farm will have corn cobs ready for you to grill, freeze, steam, butter, munch on, and more!
We are right in the middle of grill season and our farmers and ranchers are ready with coolers full of meat ready for you to eat. Throw some of Scratch Meats' handmade sausages on the grill or stop by Flying Coyote Farm to pick up a fresh, never frozen chicken. Pine Mountain Ranch has got free-range yak and bison, Naked Acres Farm has Certified Grassfed Beef, and Deck Family Farm has pasture raised pork and more!
Got any extra shopping bags laying around? We are  collecting durable, reusable shopping bags for community use at the market. If you have any extra you can part with, please leave them in the metal bins on either end of Hancock St for any forgetful shoppers to grab.
Power of Produce kids program continues every Saturday!
Remember, we'll be offering  free, fun and educational kids activities  (for ages 5 to 12)  EVERY SATURDAY  at the farmers market through September 1st. And kids who participate get  $2 in farmers market tokens to spend on fruits and veggies. Stop by the POP Club booth this Saturday and join in!
How to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at the Farmers Market
One great thing about farmers markets is that you can get your week’s groceries generally with minimal packaging. However, there are still some packaging items that are common at the farmers market, and many shoppers are unsure about how/whether these items are recyclable. So, here’s some helpful information. And remember, reducing and reusing are always preferable to recycling!
Berry pint boxes
Soft paper pint-sized containers, usually blue-green in color, sometimes called “hallocks”

Reduce: A great way to use fewer of these boxes is to bring your own containers (Tupperware for instance) to the farmers market. You can dump the berry pints into your containers at the farmer’s booth, which will allow the farmer to reuse the clean pint containers.

Reuse: Farmers are not able to accept these pint boxes back and reuse them. However, they can be handy for reusing if you have a home garden, for harvesting berries, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, etc.

Recycle: When clean (no berry juice or goo), these boxes are accepted in the curbside blue recycling bin. Otherwise, they must go in the trash bin. They aren’t accepted in the curbside green compost bin, but if you have a home compost pile, you can throw them in and they will usually break down.
Berry cardboard boxes (flats/half-flats)
Cardboard boxes, fitting either six or twelve berry pints

Reduce/Reuse: Some vendors will accept their boxes back and reuse if they are clean. You can also reuse them yourself by bringing last week’s empty flat to the farmers market and filling it with this week’s berries. Some people use the same 1 or 2 boxes all season long!

Recycle: If clean and unwaxed, they can be broken down and placed in the blue recycling bin. Waxed cardboard can’t be recycled, so should be reused whenever possible.

Egg cartons

Reduce/reuse: Different farmers have different policies about whether they will reuse egg cartons. Some farmers will only accept their own labeled egg cartons back, some will accept others’ egg cartons and put their label on top, and some will not reuse cartons at all. Check with your farmer to see what their practice is!

Recycle: Clean paper egg cartons can be placed in the blue recycling bin.

Nursery pots
Black plastic pots

Reduce/reuse: Nursery vendors will accept nursery pots back and reuse them. Generally, it’s preferred that you return the pots to the same vendor that you bought them from, to make it easier for them to reuse.

Recycle: Plastic nursery pots more than 4 inches in diameter and made of rigid (rather than crinkly) plastic can be placed in the blue recycling bin. Smaller and softer plastic pots go in the trash bin.
Plastic produce bags
Clear plastic bags that you tear off a roll

Reduce: There are many reusable/washable produce bags available, usually made from mesh or muslin, which can be used instead of plastic produce bags. Also, not all items need to be bagged separately. Try to combine items into one produce bag, like different types of bundled greens, or just throw hardier produce (like onions or potatoes) into the bottom of your shopping bag after checking out.

Reuse: Plastic bags are reusable too! Just rinse them out (if necessary) and air dry them on a drying rack or over the top of a jar or bottle.

Recycle: Plastic bags are not accepted in the blue curbside recycling bin. Some Portland Metro area retailers accept plastic bags. Check with your local grocery store or online.
Entertainment and Events
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Community Booths

POP Club Activity
What Part of the plant am I eating?
Featured Products
July 21st, 2018
Napa Cabbage
Big B Farm
This ultra-crisp cabbage, originally from Asia, is actually a different species than the standard (European) green cabbage - the same family, but actually more related to bok choy. It's used maybe most famously in Korean kimchi, but it makes the perfect base for a fluffy and delicate coleslaw.

Certified Grassfed Beef
Naked Acres Farm
Naked Acres Farm recently became the first farm in the Portland area to be certified grassfed by A Greener World for their lamb and beef, and are also certified Animal Welfare Approved. They brought their first beef to the farmers market last weekend. Some cuts will likely be selling out fast, but they have ground meat as well as a variety of steaks and roasts.

Ice Pops
Stellar Pop
Stellar Pop's ice pops are made from all-organic ingredients, and come in refreshing flavors like watermelon-lime (the "Pluto"), peach-blueberry-vanilla ("Saturn"), and the most popular strawberry-lemon-honey ("Neptune"), made with local raw honey. They're out of this world!
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See you Saturday at the market!