March 1, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 5
Market Updates
Welcome to March! We are kicking off the month with a fresh a lively farmers market. With fresh fungi, proteins, cold hearty vegetables, nuts, dry beans, grains and the last of the fall harvested orchard fruit you are sure to find plenty for making meals and stocking the pantry.

In case you missed out last market, Dragonfly Forge is back again this Saturday and ready to handle any of your blade sharpening needs. Garden starts are also starting to sprout up at the market, and while we've still got cold weather ahead it's not too early to get a jump start for the spring growing season.

There will be a guest cooking demonstration at the Gales Meadow Farm booth this week! Charlene Murdock, the inspiration and organizer of Tuality Plains Great Grains, will be sharing Purple Karma Mushroom Barley Soup and Red Fife Whole Wheat Bread made with grains grown at Spiesschaert Farm in Forest Grove. Stop by for a taste!

Gales Meadow Farm will also be selling packages of whole grains and freshly ground whole grain flour produced by Tuality Plains Great Grains.

While we've been spared large amounts of snow here in the city, the rest of the region has been getting slammed and creating difficult harvest and traveling conditions for some of our vendors, so if you see one of your favorites missing it's likely because they are thawing out and eager to return in two weeks.
Volunteer at the Hollywood Farmers Market!
Interested in volunteering at the Hollywood Farmers Market this season? Come out to our annual Volunteer Orientation on Saturday, March 30th from 10am to 11:30 am, at the Rose City Park Presbyterian Church at 1907 NE 45th Ave.
Did you know that the Hollywood Farmers Market wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers? About two dozen of your neighbors come out each Saturday to help make the farmers market happen. We’d love you to join us!

What, you may ask, do volunteers do at the Hollywood Farmers Market? The following is by no means a complete list.

They arrive, sometimes before dawn;
Unpack market gear from its storage space;
Set up the space for musicians and community booths, and for customers to sit, rest, and listen;
Set out signs to guide traffic toward the market;
Ingeniously problem-solve worn-out market gear;
Set out, manage and haul away market-generated garbage;
Execute a crowd count for every hour the market runs;
Provide information to market shoppers;
Cover vendors so they can take a quick break;
Assist, chop, clean and taste test for cooking demo chefs;
Take photographs of produce, people and pets (the “three Ps”);
Pack our market gear away at the end of the day;
Serve on the farmers market’s Board of Directors;
Write articles for the Local Dirt;
Provide first aid;
Find parents of lost children;
Lift, haul, sell, smile and in a million unrecognized ways generously apply their expertise and time to the Hollywood Farmers Market.

But what do they get out of it? This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about.

Farmers markets are inherently social places. According to a Project for Public Spaces study, a customer has an average of 15-20 social interactions at a farmers market, versus 1-2 at a grocery store. And for volunteers, that number is much higher. Even for the setup and breakdown volunteers, who mainly just interact with each other, the camaraderie and sense of shared purpose is strong.
volunteer guys
On Saturday mornings, the mood at the information booth (which is the home base for market volunteers) is warm and inviting. New volunteers are welcomed heartily and quickly absorbed into the community, and returning volunteers are greeted as old friends. Some of the volunteers are people I’ve known for years, and every Saturday the market is something we share with each other and with the neighborhood.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, join us at our annual Volunteer Orientation on Saturday, March 30th from 10am to 11:30 am, at the Rose City Park Presbyterian Church at 1907 NE 45th Ave.

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering but can’t make it to the orientation, no worries; contact me (Ari Rosner) at 503-803-7279 or send me an email at and we can schedule you and orient you on market day.
Looking for a farmers market to pick up some midweek groceries?
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See you Saturday at the market!