August 30, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 27
Market Updates
Join us at the Hollywood Farmers Market this Labor Day weekend and fill your baskets! Many folks stop attending markets once school year starts back up, but September and October are the most bounteous months of the year, when the widest variety of crops reach their lowest prices of the season. It is in fact, the best time to shop at farmers markets, as well as an important time to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

  • Joining us this week are: 503 Distilling, Bull Run Distillery, Ken & June's Hazelnuts, Townshend's Distillery, and Rise Up Remedies.

  • Off this week are: 2 Towns Cider, Cranberry Kitchen, Dragonfly Forge, Fire Brew, Freeland Spirits, Leikam Brewery, NOBULL, Mic's Mix, Pine Mountain Ranch, SMALL Baking Co., Stone Barn Brandyworks, More Bees, and Wet Wizard.

Have you ever had a donut nectarine? They are here, and these massive fruits will leave you with juice dripping down your elbows. Stop by Pablo Munzo's Farm to pick some up!
Come on by, grab a bite and enjoy The Larks playing live. We look forward to seeing you at there!

Summer Soiree
On Monday we joined in celebration and appreciation of our wonderful vendors at our Summer Soiree event. Chef Andre Uribe (who specializes in farm to table catering) cooked up a delicious spread made from HFM vendor food. Leikam Brewing generously donated their space and hosted the party at their brand new taproom. Thank you Chef Andre Uribe, Leikam Brewing, volunteers and vendors who made the event as wonderful as it was!
Photo contest on Instagram!
This Saturday is the last chance to enter a farmers market photo in our 2019 Photo Contest ! We are running the contest on Instagram; just post your photo with the hashtag #hfmphotocontest to enter the contest. The winning photographer will receive  $20 in market tokens ; the runner-up will receive $10 in tokens. If you'd like to follow us on Instagram, our account is @hollywoodfarmersmarketpdx
Meet Our Vendors: One Stripe Chai
by Susan Gibson, HFM volunteer
What do an IT consultant, a military ranking, and Assam tea have in common? Not much - unless you are One Stripe Chai Co., owned and operated by Farah Jesani and Joshua Weinberg.

How it all got started: Farah was raised in Atlanta, Georgia by two parents who had immigrated to the United States from India. heir twice-daily ritual of consuming chai tea became the inspiration for One Strip Chai. But more about this to come...

Shortly after she completed college, Farah found her way to New York City and employment as an IT consultant. But she hated the work, the travel, and the lack of passion she had for the whole experience. Obviously not a good fit.

The 3rd wave coffee climate in New York had captured her interest. Seeking to learn as much as she could about coffee became her passion. She really wanted to know why on earth would someone spend $6 for a latte: “after all, it was just a coffee bean”. Though she had never worked in the food industry, she found she had a strong desire to open a coffee shop. On a whim, she decided to check out Portland, Oregon. She had no intention of staying—her plan was to learn all she could about coffee and then return to Atlanta or New York to open a coffee shop. But when she arrived, it didn’t take long to get hooked, not just on the coffee, but on the whole entrepreneurial food scene.

As a barista intern at TABORSPACE in 2015, she met Josh, her manager and mentor, and soon to become her business partner. During her coffee education, she frequented local coffee shops. Her encounters with the chai tea served was consistently awful—not at all like the chai which her parents religiously drank twice daily. In her family and community, chai was always the first thing served when visiting someone’s house. Even at her Mosque, friends would often say, “let’s get together at the chai station."

Portland’s chai was often too sweet, watered down, too milky, with weak tea, and void of the spiciness found in authentic chai tea she grew up with. What would people tasting chai for the first time think? More so, what would all the experienced chai drinkers think—that Portland was not the place to have an excellent chai tea experience.

Knowing she was on to something that she was really passionate about, Farah asked Josh what TABORSPACE did for their chai. Ironically, he was trying to come up with his own chai concentrate. Like Farah, he didn’t like anything on the market and didn’t want to serve it to his customers. But she wanted to know, “why would you need to make a concentrate? It is easy, you just make it on the stove.” Though it sounds easy, there are a few issues coffee shops have when trying to make chai using traditional methods.

POP Club ends this Saturday!
This Saturday will mark the end of our 2019 POP Club (Power of Produce)! We've had such a great time running activities for market kids this summer, and are already looking forward to another POP season next year. This week's activity will be Farmers Market Bingo.
Only 9 days until we re-paint our street mural on Sunday, September 8th - just one week from this Sunday! It should be a blast - we'll be re-beautifying the block of our farmers market, while enjoying pizza from Hotlips and (just confirmed) ice cream courtesy of Rose City Park Prebyterian Church!

If you're on Facebook, you can RSVP and invite your friends here. See you at the painting!
Entertainment and Events

The Larks

Community Booths

Special Events

August (all month):
Hollywood Farmers Market 2019 Photo Contest
See our Instagram for details - get your photos in by this Saturday!

Saturday, August 31st: POP Club for Kids!
Activity: Farmers Market Bingo
(POP Club will run every Saturday until August 31st)

Saturday, August 31st: Cooking Demo with Sara Calderon
9am to 12pm

Sunday, September 8th:
9am to 4pm
Featured Products
August 31, 2019
Brandywine Tomatoes
Sweet Leaf Farm
The Amish tomato that started the whole "heirloom craze". Meaty and full-flavored, the old timers exclaimed "These are what tomatoes used to taste like!". How to pick the perfect Brandywine: rosey pink means ready today; pinkish red means wait until tomorrow, and light pink means it'll be best in 2-3 days.

Sweet Briar Farms
Sweet Briar Farms has chorizo sausages, which owner Keith describes as "bratwurst with a bite!" You can grill them up and eat them on a bun or cut them up and mix them with your eggs.

Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
Ken and June's Hazelnuts
You probably know their raw or roasted Oregon hazelnuts, but Ken & June's takes it one step further with their full line of chocolate covered varieties. With milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, marionberry chocolate, and mint chocolate there is sure to be a flavor combination for you.
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See you Saturday at the market!