July 5, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 20
Closeup of Raspberries and Blueberries
Market Updates
It's 4th of July weekend and the Hollywood Farmers Market is open and packed with farmers and food makers to keep you, your friends, neighbors, and family well fed through the holiday. There will be berries in every shade and flavor of red and blue, summer squash ranging from green and yellow, to white and stripped, and a rainbow of cherry tomatoes.

If it's been a while since you've been to the market, July is a great time for your next visit. With 55 vendors coming weekly now through October, the market is at it's peak diversity of seasonal and regionally produced fruits, vegetables, foraged foods, humanely raised meats, eggs and dairy, flowers, small-batch beverages (alcoholic and alcohol free) featuring local ingredients, and delicious and lovingly crafted prepared foods.

We are joined again by our newest vendor Rose City Refillery and their almond-hazelnut nut milk blend, as well as 503 Distilling, Bull Run Distillery, Ken & June's Hazelnuts and More Bees.

We look forward to seeing you at the market!
Senior Appreciation Day is July 13th
Next Saturday (July 13th) is our annual Senior Day! Seniors (65 and older) can stop by the information booth on this day and pick up coupons for 20% off purchases at Hollywood Farmers Market that day. They can also enter a raffle to receive a free basket of farmers market goodies!
Double Up Food Bucks receives state funding!
Great news! In the final hours of the session on Sunday, Oregon legislators passed $1.5 million in funding for Double Up Food Bucks . This is a big win for farmers and low-income Oregonians, and will improve access to farmers markets around the state - including HFM! See the article below for a roundup of other policy wins for local farms, including increased Farm-to-School funding and organic Extension programs.
This state funding will arrive in 2020 - so for this year, we're still relying on our network of sponsors and donors to continue the program. This week's sponsor is the Hollywood Neighborhood Association - their sponsorship makes it possible for 50 families to shop at the farmers market! You can make a donation by cash or check at the information booth any Saturday, or through Paypal on our website.
POP Club continues
Our POP (Power of Produce) Club continues this Saturday - all summer long we'll be offering free activities for kids aged 5 to 12! This week's activity is Raspberry Jam Making .
2019 Legislative Session Ends with Progress for Sustainable Agriculture
Article from Friends of Family Farmers, by Ivan Maluski
The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session ended with a flurry of activity on Sunday, June 30. The final days of the session were in question after Senate Republicans staged a 9-day walkout that threatened to derail action on more than 150 bills and agency budgets. But with a Constitutional deadline for action looming at midnight on Sunday, the Senate came back into session and rapidly passed nearly all remaining legislation over two days. Here are a few highlights of key wins, losses and surprises for small farms, sustainable agriculture and local food systems from the roller-coaster that was the 2019 Legislative session:


Farm to School sees big funding increases – Oregon’s popular Farm-to-School bill looked poised to receive $4.65 million, similar to funding levels approved in previous years. But in the final days of the session, an additional $10.35 million was added for a total of $15 million over a two year period. Long-time Farm-to-School champion Representative Brian Clem (D-Salem) spearheaded the funding increase, surprising even advocates for the program. The expansion will dramatically increase the ability for local schools to source products for school meals from local farms around the state. While Farm to School was not a major focus of FoFF’s this year, we have advocated for the program since it was created in 2007.

Double Up Food Bucks gets first-time funding – In the final hours of the session, Oregon Legislators approved $1.5 million in funding for Double Up Food Bucks programming across the state. Double Up Food Bucks programs, often managed by local farmers markets, double the money that Oregonians who are eligible for federal supplemental nutrition assistance programs are able to spend at local farmers markets, or when purchasing directly from farmers. The program is a win for farmers and low-income Oregonians, helping enhance access to healthy, local food. Led by a coalition of farmers market advocates, FoFF made funding Double Up Food Bucks one of the priority issues we highlighted during our March 27 Family Farms Mean Business Day at the Capitol and throughout the session.

Organic Extension Programs funded – For the first time ever, Oregon Legislators dedicated funding for organic Extension programs at OSU. Contained in an end-of-session budget bill was a line-item for $375,000 to the Oregon State University Extension Service ‘for two organic agriculture faculty positions’. FoFF has been part of a coalition of organic advocates supporting increased investments in organic Extension programs during this year’s Legislative session. We co-sponsored an ‘Organic Grows a Better Oregon’ event at the Capitol early in the year, and talked with dozens of legislators about the need for organic funding.

Entertainment and Events

Community Booths

Special Events

Saturday, July 6th: POP Club for Kids!
Activity: Raspberry Jam!
(POP Club will run every Saturday until August 31st)

Saturday, July 13th: Senior Appreciation Day
Featured Products
July 6, 2019
Farm Special Half-Flats
Pablo Munoz Farms
This farm, new to HFM this season, is located in Dayton, OR, and grows a variety of fruits and vegetables. Their special is the mixed half-flat, six pints of your choice, including fruit and vegetables. Right now they have strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and green beans - tomatoes and peppers are a few weeks away.

Almond-Hazelnut Milk
Rose City Refillery
In case you missed this new HFM vendor last week, they'll be back this Saturday. Rose City Refillery makes fresh-squeezed almond-hazelnut milk, sold in refillable glass bottles. The hazelnuts come from HFM farm Ken & June's Hazelnuts. Rose City Refillery's credo is zero-waste - the nut meal is composted and will eventually be used for baked goods, the bottles and labels are reusable - even the bottle caps (if you return them along with the bottles) go to a local artist to be melted and turned into functional art!

Cherry Bratwurst
Scratch Meats
These handmade sausages are made from scratch in North Portland, from sustainably sourced meat and produce from local farms. The newest seasonal addition - cherry bratwurst, made with organic Oregon cherries, and a complex spice profile including nutmeg, ginger and tarragon.
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