September 21, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 30
Market Updates
It is officially the last weekend of summer. With fall equinox just around the corner your local farmers are busy, busy, busy harvesting! There may be a few clouds in the sky, but the fields are still bursting with with a huge variety of produce. Now that temps have dropped and harvest is up, it is my favorite time of year to get creative in the kitchen. Anybody want to join in on the fun? You name it, we've got it, so visit us this Saturday and fill your grocery bags.

  • Joining us this week: 503 Distilling, Cranberry Kitchen, Dragonfly Forge, Fire Brew, Freeland Spirits, More Bees and No Mess Chef, and Townshend's Distillery. Make cooking as easy as chop-and-mix by picking up some of NOBULL's premade sauces and broths.

  • Off this week: 2 Towns Cider, Leikam Brewery, Bull Run Distillery, Ken & June's Hazelnuts, Mic's Mix, Rise Up Remedies, Stone Barn Brandyworks, Westward Whiskey, and Wet Wizard.

Look at these beauties! Crispity, crunchity cucumber pickles anyone? These delightful little cukes won't be around forever, so come and get em'.
Peppers are in full swing right now! These fruits captured the heat of summer, turned it into sugar and are waiting on the vines. Blacken them for a smokey salsa, simmer them with fresh tomatoes for a shakshuka, eat them raw in salad - the options are limitless.
And look at this beauty queen. Frisee is a showy addition to the plate, nutritious, crispy and pairs excellently with the apples and pears available at market right now.
Kinvara will be playing live. Coffee and delicious treats will be waiting for you. We hope to see you there!
HFM is looking for new board members!
Want to make a difference in your community and shape the future of your neighborhood farmers market? Hollywood Farmers Market is looking for new members to join our volunteer board of directors!

As a non-profit organization, HFM relies on our volunteer board to oversee the direction, sustainability, and financial health of the Hollywood and Lloyd Farmers Markets. The deadline for applications is Monday, October 7, 2019 - go to to learn more and apply. Board members will also have a community booth at the farmers market this Saturday and next, for you to ask questions and learn more.
Pie Contest: Saturday, October 5th!
Bring a delicious pie to the farmers market on Saturday, October 5th to enter into our Pie Contest - a fundraiser for programs at the Hollywood Farmers Market.

To enter, drop off your pie at the HFM information booth by 10am on October 5th. Pies will be judged on appearance, originality and deliciousness, and must feature an ingredient from a Hollywood Farmers Market vendor. You must submit a list of

If you're more of an eater than a baker, get your fork ready, because at 10:30 we'll be selling slices of pie for $4, as a fundraiser for our farmers market programs.

Happy baking (and eating)!
Recipe: Collard Green Rainbow Rolls
Recipe is from nutritionist Sara Calderon of Foods for Thought . Sara will be back with another cooking demonstration on September 28th!

1 cup short grain brown rice
2 cups water
1 bunch of collard greens (about 8-10 leaves)
1 bell pepper, cut into thin strips
1 cucumber, peeled and cut into thin strips
2 large carrots, shredded or cut into matchsticks
1 avocado, cut into slices
½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped 

For the peanut sauce:
½ cup creamy peanut butter (almond butter or seed butter can also be used)
¾ cup light coconut milk
1½ tbsp fresh lime juice 
1 tbsp tamari soy sauce
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1/8 tsp garlic powder

1. Combine rice and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Cover with a lid, reduce heat to low and cook for 40-45 minutes. Remove rice from heat (with lid on) and steam for 10 minutes. Let rice cool before using in the rolls.
2. Whisk all peanut sauce ingredients together in a small bowl. 
3. Fill a large, shallow skillet with water, and bring to a simmer. While the water is heating up, fill a large bowl with cool water and add a handful of ice.
4. Wash the collard greens if they are dirty, then dunk one into the boiling water (using the stem as a handle) Let the leaf blanch for 10-20 seconds - until bright green. Remove from the skillet and plunge the leaf into the bowl of ice water. Repeat with the remaining leaves.
5. To make a roll, pull a leaf out of the bowl and blot it lightly on a clean towel. Spread the leaf onto your counter or cutting board, stem-side-up (the stem forms a large ridge down the back of the leaf). 
6. Using a sharp knife, fillet as much of the stem off as you can without cutting through the leaf itself. Slice off the entire stem off at the base of the leaf and flip the leaf over.
7. Add a small amount of each of your filling ingredients in a line across the width of the roll, leaving enough room on the sides so you can fold in the sides of the leaf like a burrito. 
8. To roll, fold the bottom of the leaf up over the ingredients, then fold in the sides. Use your fingers to hold the ingredients tight and roll away from you. You can add a small dab of peanut sauce to the last bit of leaf, to help hold it together. Repeat with remaining collard leaves and ingredients.
9. Slice the rolls in half and serve with peanut sauce on the side, for dipping.
Street Mural re-painting cancelled!
Due to the rainy forecast once again, we will be cancelling our street mural re-painting for this Sunday. What a rainy September! 

Sadly, this probably means that we will not have the opportunity to repaint the street this season. We'll be figuring out an early summer date for 2020, and will let you know when we do.
Tuality Plains Farm Tour
This Sunday, September 22nd, Tuality Plains Great Grains will be running a farm tour that will visit four Washington County farms: Gales Meadow Farm, Fraga Farmstead Creamery, Nana Cardoon Farm, and Willamina Homestead.

Learn more about the tour here, and purchase tickets here.
Looking for a farmers market to pick up some midweek groceries?
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Entertainment and Events

Community Booths

Special Events

Saturday, September 21st:
Shopper Dot Survey
8am to 1pm

Saturday, September 28th: Cooking Demo with Sara Calderon
9am to 12pm

Saturday, October 5th:
Pie Contest
Pies due at 10am
Featured Products
September 21, 2019
Fall Dahlias
Herr's Family Farm
Chow and Yua Her and their sons work incredibly hard each and every day, tending to their acres of flowers. Somehow the perennial dahlias, tubers waiting under the earth to burst forth with life, bring the most vibrant and unreal color in the fall, from delicate yellows and purples, to deep reds and oranges, to pristine whites and blues. Available both in mixed bouquets with other fall flowers, and in bunches on their own.

Canadice Grapes
Sun Gold Farm
Canadice grapes are a hardy variety, bred in upstate New York and named for one of the Finger Lakes. This hardiness means that they do well in our climate too, and have a delicious, almost spicy flavor, and a pleasant tang.

Tabouleh Salad
The Hummus Stop
This tangy and delicious salad, mostly parsley, lots of lemon, some olive oil, and a little bit of bulgar and tomato, sells out nearly every week at the market. Enjoyed by the spoonful on its own, or made into a meal with your choice of hummus and pita bread or chips, it will have you asking, what is The Hummus Stop's secret?
APR - SEP:  Every Saturday, 8AM - 1PM
OCT - NOV:  Every Saturday, 9AM - 1PM
DEC - MAR:  1st & 3rd Saturdays, 9AM - 1PM
NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block south of Sandy Blvd). In the Grocery Outlet parking lot.

For more information call (503) 709-7403, or check us out online at .

See you Saturday at the market!