May 14, 2015 Vol 10, Issue 13
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Market Updates
The market is bursting at its seams with beautiful spring produce right now! Strawberries, snap peas, and asparagus are in abundance, and if we're lucky, a few Hood strawberries may even appear this week!

Laurel Ridge Winery  is coming back to market this Saturday, and we're excited to welcome our newest vendor, Naked Acres!  Gus and Margo sustainably farm 3 1/2 acres on the outskirts of Portland, and will be bringing a variety of vegetables, handmade preserves, meat, eggs, and goats' milk soap. Stop by and say hello! On-call vendors Portland Regular Bread, Pono Farms, & Rossi Farms will also be back this Saturday. 

Are you hoping to finish up your gardening this weekend? We've got you covered!  Boondockers Farm, Gales Meadow Farm, Glass Jade Nursery, Sun Gold Farm,  and   Think Unique Gardens will all be offering plants and seeds.  Speaking of home gardens, did you know that you can use your  SNAP benefits to buy vegetable plants and seeds?  Just stop by the Information Booth to get your tokens and make those dollars grow!  


A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of going morel hunting with "Wild" Bill Cole from Nature's Wild Harvest. HFM volunteers Rollin and Lianne Bannow joined us, and put together this great video vendor profile! Lianne and Rollin have been putting together these video profiles of our vendors for a few years now; you can see all of their work on our website here. Who would you like to see video-profiled next?

Our first kids' activity day of the season was this past Saturday and was a big success! About a hundred kids painted with beet juice, including more a than a few Mothers' Day cards. They also tasted small-diced raw beets, and a lot of the kids really liked it, saying it tasted almost like carrot. Thanks to Joanna Sooper from Turnip the Heat Cooking School for leading the activity. (Also thanks to Kitchen Share NE, where we borrowed the juicer.) Joanna Sooper will be back in the market on June 13th, for our annual Kids Day. See this page on our website for more info on our summer of kids fun!


Of course, beets have many more uses than just painting. See below for a few of our time-tested tips for buying, storing, and cooking beets!

See you at the market!

Beet Tips

golden beets and regular beets 
  • Beets are best stored unwashed in the refrigerator. Remove all but an inch of the greens/stalks, and store them separately. Under these conditions the roots should last up to two weeks; the greens should be used as soon as possible.
  • Beet greens are edible! Just as delicious as their close relative chard, they can be prepared the same ways - raw in salads (if small and young), sauteed, steamed or boiled. 
  • Think you don't like beets? Try salt-roasting them. Cut the tops and tails off and halve or quarter beets if necessary so they're the same size (do not peel). Sprinkle large pinch of salt over each beet, and roll around to coat. Tightly cover beets in roasting vessel with foil, and bake at 375F for 30-40 minutes or until fork tender. Peel when cool enough to handle. They will have a pronounced saltiness, with great flavor and juiciness, good for pairing with Greek yogurt and fresh mint or parsley (or eating plain!).
  • To retain color and nutrients, whenever possible cook beets with the skin on. Once they're cooked, the skin will easily peel off under cold running water. Early in the summer, very young beets can be eaten with the skin on.
  • Raw beets are a great option, and some people prefer their fresh, sweet flavor to that of cooked beets. Try them grated in salads.
  • Experiment with different varieties of beets, available throughout the season at the farmers market. The golden varieties are generally milder and often sweeter.

Also, check out these beet recipes from previous HFM cooking demos!  

At the Market
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Market Medicinals Demo w/ Lorraine Ferron: Bone Broth!
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