August 9, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 24
Market Updates

It's National Farmers Market Week! Every week, many hands and a lot of hard work contribute to making the products that show up at farmers market on Saturday. Many of us don't see the irrigation leaks, spilled food and many other hurtles that are jumped in order to bring such high quality, fresh food to us. Even if you don't witness these hurtles firsthand, a great way to show appreciation for their effort is to come out and vote with your dollars. Your local food producers have been putting great care into making this happen, so come on down to the Hollywood Farmers Market this Saturday and show your farmers some love. We will have so many delicious, treats for you!
You will be able to find just about everything you could need for your week here, whether it be fresh baked bread from Gabriel's, or goat cheese from Fraga Farmstead. Pick up some eggs from Sweet Briar Farms, pork from Naked Acres, or if you don't eat meat, grab some delicious dried beans from Sungold Farms. There will be crisp, refreshing cucumbers for that classic tomato cucumber salad and scrumptious apricots for desert.
This week we have Fire Brew, Cranberry Kitchen, Leikam Brewery, Townshend's Distillery and Wet Wizard joining us. Out this week are Dragonfly Forge, Ken and Junes, NOBULL, Mic's Mix, More Bees, Olympia Provisions, Rise Up Remedies, and Wet Wizard.

Get the day started with a coffee from Central City and enjoy and a delicious breakfast or lunch, while listening to Free Range pick on their string instruments.

We look forward to seeing you at there!
Meet Our Vendors: The Fermentista
by Susan Gibson, HFM volunteer
One of Hollywood Farmers Market’s newest arrivals is The Fermentista, a great source for live, cultured, and enzyme-rich foods. Owner and creator Sarah Pesout grew up on a homestead in the foothills of Calaveras County in Northern California where canning and preserving the garden bounty were part of summer rituals. She learned first-hand that locally-grown vegetables have the most intense flavor.

Leaving the rolling foothills and her family’s homestead, Sarah migrated to sea and redwoods along California's coast. Here she completed a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and anthropology from UC Santa Cruz. Always drawn to cooking and experimenting with food, she was soon taking culinary classes at Cabrillo College. Here, she completed a Culinary Arts degree. As part of a bakery staff team, she loved working the local farmers markets all over the San Francisco Bay Area ─ still her favorite job.  

Farmers market vendors often trade products such as vegetables for bread. But not all of it is easily consumed fast enough to avoid spoilage. Never one to waste, Sarah wanted a way to preserve the abundance she was getting. She had already been making kombucha for several years, and with her degree in biochemistry, she experimented with fermenting vegetables as a great way to preserve the abundance. 

But the California shoreline and redwood trees gave way to the Pacific Northwest's call for the budding fermentista. Romance, as in all great stories, was the impetus to migrate to Portland. While getting started in her new environment, Sarah worked at Roman Candle, Ava Gene’s, and finally Tusk. After a year at Tusk, she took the opportunity to get a food processing license. Soon she was providing the fermented vegetables used on the menu. And it wasn’t unusual for Sarah to take vegetables that might not have a home on the menu and create delicious fermented accompaniments. For example, celery was a favorite to whip up with other vegetables; add a little salt, let this batch ferment, and voila! A lush marinade for meats.   
As Sarah says, “All ferments are pickles, but not all pickles are ferments.” Most pickled vegetables are preserved in vinegar which is great for preserving pickled vegetables, but it’s highly acidic and kills all microbes, including the good ones necessary for a healthy digestive system ─ think naturally occurring probiotics, millions of them!    

Photo contest on Instagram!
Our month-long photo contest continues through the month of August! We are running the contest on Instagram; just post your photo with the hashtag #hfmphotocontest to enter the contest. The winning photographer will receive  $20 in market tokens ; the runner-up will receive $10 in tokens. If you'd like to follow us on Instagram, our account is @hollywoodfarmersmarketpdx
POP Club continues!
Our POP (Power of Produce) Club continues this Saturday - all summer long (through August 31st) we'll be offering free activities for kids aged 5 to 12! This week's activity is Art at the Farmers Market.
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August (all month):
Hollywood Farmers Market 2019 Photo Contest
Watch our Instagram for details!

Saturday, August 10th: POP Club for Kids!
Activity: Art at the Farmers Market
(POP Club will run every Saturday until August 31st)

Saturday, August 17th: Cooking Demo with Sara Calderon
9am to 12pm
Featured Products
August 10, 2019
Shishito Peppers
Deep Roots Farm
Shishito peppers are a small, slender and flavorful sweet pepper. Like the related Padrón pepper, they are usually mild with little to no heat - but every now and then, you'll get a hot one. Throw them in a hot pan (or on a grill) with a bit of oil and salt and they make a perfect appetizer or snack!

Buns on the Run
One of the Hollywood Farmers Market's OV, or "original vendors" - these folks have been serving up sausages since the first season in 1997. The humble bratwurst is the #1 seller, followed closely by the chicken, sundried tomato, and garlic.

Magic Mama - Light Roast
Central City Coffee
A light roast with a full flavor, this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe-Ardent coffee delivers a magical cup of coffee with floral, vanilla, and berry notes and a light acidic body! Central City Coffee is a non-profit women's empowerment job training program that specializes in helping single mothers achieve gainful permanent employment and self-sufficiency.

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See you Saturday at the market!