October 5, 2018 | Volume 13, Issue 33
Market Opens at 9am this Saturday!
Every year in October, as the days get shorter and the mornings darker, Hollywood Farmers Market's hours change to start 1 hour later. Starting this Saturday October 6th, market will open at 9AM through the fall and winter seasons . So sleep in, make breakfast, and enjoy that extra hour at home. We know we will!
Market Updates
It's October, and officially Autumn at the market. If you aren't quite ready to accept that yet, then load up on peaches one last time at Maryhill Fruit Company, because it's their last week of the season. Now is the time to savor the season's last tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and berries too, because these are likely the last sightings at market until next year.

For those ready to fully embrace fall, open your arms wide to beautiful bunches of colorful kales, chards, collards, mustard greens, and more at Persephone Farm and Sweet Leaf Organic Farm. Discover the variety of roots and tubers coming out of the ground, like sweet potatoes and yams, fun fingerling and yellow Yukons potatoes, crisp and juicy kohlrabi, and colorful beets.

We'll be welcoming back Cranberry Kitchen, with their dried cranberry creations, as well as the season's first harvest of fresh cranberries.
Got any extra shopping bags laying around? We are collecting durable, reusable shopping bags for community use at the market. If you have any extra you can part with, please leave them in the metal bins on either end of Hancock St for any forgetful shoppers to grab.
HFM Board Applications Due Monday October 8th
If you've been thinking about joining the Hollywood Farmers Market Board, now is the time to act! The deadline for applications is this  Monday, October 8, 2018. The Board will invite candidates to an interview at the October 17th board meeting, and elections will take place that evening. New members will be seated effective January 1, 2019.

The application is available on our website  here. Any questions about the recruitment process may be directed to board chair Kristine Abraldes at recruitment@hollywoodfarmersmarket.org .
Perk Up with Parsley!
By Susan Gibson, HFM Volunteer

This article is part of a series, now called the “Herb of the Month”, where we explore the culinary and health benefits of herbs. Last month we got in on thyme. This month, parsley is our showcased herb. A delightful herb with more beneficial nutrients than even kale, but which is all too often swept aside as nothing more than decoration. I became interested in learning more about herbs a couple of years ago when the Portland Nursery held a summer-long series of cooking classes. We were treated to wit and wisdom from one of the Oregon Culinary Institute’s most knowledgeable teachers, a well-respected chef, and well-known gardener: Daniel Brophy. He always said that to truly know an herb, one should try it for a month in as many ways as possible - from tea to truffles. He called this practice “The herb of the month” and I hope this series helps keep his memory alive and well.
What Makes Parsley Special
“So, what makes parsley unique?”, you might ask. Like a good supporting actor in your favorite film, you probably already know that herbs provide a wonderful supporting role to great cooking. They might not be the main attraction, but without them, your guests and customers can be left feeling a little empty. Parsley in all its curly and flat varieties is one of the most versatile of the fresh herbs to grace food. This pretty little Mediterranean herb lends a sprinkling of color to your plate. And what would tabbouleh be without parsley? Mixed with tomatoes, couscous, a squeeze of lemon, garlic, and green onions, the bright flavor and vibrant green color is a favorite Mediterranean dish.

We will dive more deeply into using parsley for culinary purposes, but as like most herbs parsley also has great health benefits. A little on its health benefits are included toward the end of this article.

According to the Huffington Post, parsley is considered to be the world's most popular herb. It derives its name from the Greek word meaning "rock celery" (parsley is a relative to celery).

Native to the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe, parsley has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years and was first used medicinally before finding its way into Greek and Roman cuisines where it was used as a garnish. Considered to be sacred, parsley was used for adorning the victors of athletic contests as well as for decorating the tombs of the deceased. While it is uncertain when parsley began to be consumed as a seasoning, it seems to be sometime in the Middle Ages in Europe. Some historians credit Charlemagne with its popularization since he had it grown on his estates.

There are two dominant types of parsley, curly parsley and flat-leaf or Italian parsley. In most countries the curly leaf variety is more popular. This may have its roots in the fact that people were often reticent to consume the flat-leaf (Italian) variety because it resembled a poisonous weed called fool's parsley. A relatively new species called Turnip-rooted (or Hamburg) parsley has started gaining popularity within the past two hundred years.

This humble herb packs so much flavor that it wakes up any dish. While mint or dill may overpower, parsley never steals the limelight. When you’re buying parsley, the first step is establishing whether your need curly- or flat-leaf parsley. Many restaurants use Italian parsley because the leaves are flat and easier to wash. While the curly version is often thought to have a stronger green taste and just used as a garnish, it can actually be quite flavorful. Flavor is often due to how and where the herbs are grown.

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Featured Products
October 6th, 2018
Chanterelle Mushrooms
Nature's Wild Harvest
Wild forged from secretly held spots ranging from Mt. Adams, to Mt. Hood, to the coast range, these famous fall fungi only grace us with their presence once the first rains arrive. Cook up your favorite mushroom sauce, risotto, or gravy and taste what the Pacific Northwest forests have in store for you.

Sweet Potatoes
Winter Green Farm
A crop requiring love and determination, Chris and Shannon grow theirs in a hoop house to achieve a high enough ground temperature to make them grow successfully in this region. These red skinned orange fleshed jewels of flavor are only are around for a short time in the fall. Bake 'em, soup 'em, roast 'em, just don't miss 'em while they are here.

70% Chocolate
Peru, Norandino
Sacred Summit
Made with care by Dario and his small team, this chocolate bar is great for the Cacao purists and new to pure chocolates alike. Made with just organic cacao and organic maple syrup, and with notes of tangerine, molasses, and dried pear, you'll want to take home bar or three.
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