June 1, 2018 | Volume 13, Issue 15
Market News
Its June and HFM is packed to the rafters with over 50 farms, ranches, bakeries, distilleries, and more here to bring you their Pacific Northwest bounties. With forecasts calling for sunny skies and summer produce starting to appear, this Saturday is shaping up to be a stellar day at market. 
Blooming Goodies will return to market this week with their wide selection of specialty Asian veggies. Pair their produce with fresh organic ramen noodles from another returning vendor, Umi Organic
Be sure to stop by Maryhill Fruit Company and Profarm Orchards this Saturday and get your fill of asparagus before the season ends and summer begins. Try the tasty spears raw and sliced thin in a salad or roast them in the oven for an easy spring side dish. 
The infamous and delicious Hood strawberries returned to market last week. If you want to snag a pint or two of this coveted fruit be sure to get to market bright and early. Find them at Happy Harvest, Deep Roots, Unger, and Liepold Farms. If you're not sure what variety of strawberry is best for you head further down our newsletter for a lesson in strawberry varieties 101. 
Thanks to the Hollywood Neighborhood Association for sponsoring our SNAP match program this Saturday at the farmers market! See our website for more information about the SNAP match.
Strawberry Varieties 101
We've reached the height of spring strawberry season! This time of year, there are plenty of strawberries to be found at the farmers market, and several different varieties. Ever wonder what the difference is? 

Albion is an ever-bearing strawberry that has firmer flesh and produces large strawberries. The flavor is sweet with a subtle tartness.

Seascape is another ever-bearing variety and are sweet and firm, but not as firm as the Albion. They are often the first strawberry to appear at the farmers market in late April, and can continue into September and even October!

Hood is the quintessential Oregon strawberry. They are softer and juicier with amazing flavor, particularly good for jam. The thing about Hoods is that they aren't around for long - often their season is just three to four weeks in late May and early June. They also tend to have a shorter shelf life than other berries, and are best eaten (or canned) within a few days after harvest.  

Sweet Ann is similar to Albion - large, firm and slightly tart.

Strawberries are available at the market this Saturday from Happy Harvest Farm, Unger Farms, Liepold Farms, Winter Green Farm, Sweet Leaf Farm and Deep Roots Farm!
Power of Produce kids program starts June 9th!
Our new kids program, Power of Produce (POP) Club, begins on Saturday, June 9th. POP Club will run every Saturday through September 1st. It's a new HFM kids program designed to empower kids to make healthy food choices, introducing them to where their food comes from through fun activities.

Here's how POP Club will work:

  • Kids aged 5-12 come to the POP Club booth on market day, located in Hancock Street toward the east (45th Ave) entrance to the market.
  • Fill out their POP Club passports if this is their first visit to the booth.
  • Participate in activities based around food, nutrition and food growing. At every POP Club market you can find activities such as produce tastings, salad-making, scavenger hunts, games and more!
  • Receive $2 in POP Club wooden tokens EVERY time they come to market during the POP Club season!
Meet Our Vendors: Sacred Summit
by Susan Gibson, HFM volunteer
On any Saturday at the Hollywood Farmers Market when you want a healthy “pick me up” or a heavenly treat for your taste buds, stop by Sacred Summit! There, Dario or Zach are on hand to help you sample any of the delectable, small-batch chocolates and truffles or Jun (a kombucha-like elixir). And on occasion, gluten-free cookies made with real maple sugar.
Dario, a Portland native and the co-creator of Sacred Summit, had worked as a server, a cook, and an art vendor, where he learned essential business skills. But he wanted to create environmentally sustainable and nutritious foods that needed to delight the soul, contribute to people’s health, generate opportunities for other people, and help other countries’ economies.

Inspired by a friend from Eugene, Oregon who had been making chocolate and kombucha, Dario started researching what it would take to have a similar business in Portland. After a year and a half of intense research, development, and building up inventory, Sacred Summit became a reality in May 2015.

The name Sacred Summit came to Dario from a couple of personal ideals. Sacred because it is food which nourishes and sustains life. Summit because as a former snowboarder, the goal was always to get to the summit, and Summit became a metaphor for climbing any mountain, overcoming obstacles, and living life fully through the highest aspiration. Sacred Summit is the culmination of vision, hard work, and achieving a dream using the highest quality, organic ingredients sourced through fair trade cooperatives and vendors.

See you Saturday at the market!
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June 2, 2018
Hood Strawberries
Deep Roots Farm
The long-awaited Hood strawberries are here! These little deep-red bursts of flavor are an Oregon treasure, and an ephemeral one. The season for Hoods usually only lasts three to four weeks, so get them while they last!

Strawberry Nut Milk
Portland Juice Company
Did you know that Portland Juice Company also makes flavored nut milks, in addition to their lineup of fresh juices? The strawberry nut milk uses a cashew milk base, and adds Oregon strawberries, raw agave nectar and coconut butter, giving it a rich flavor, almost like a (dairy-free) strawberry milkshake. Stop by their booth and have a sample!

Chili Oil
Hot Mama Salsa
You may already know Hot Mama's salsas, but have you tried her amazing chili oil? Featured in Willamette Week's Best of Portland as "Best Hot Sauce", it is great for any fans of heat! The Chilie de Arbo oil is made with Arbol peppers (grown on Sauvie Island), garlic, sesame seeds and peanut oil. The Guajulli oil is less hot, with a flavor that's sweet and slightly smoky.
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See you Saturday at the market!