September 27, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 31
Market Updates
As the weather tips into autumn you can feel the land take a huge exhale. Phew! It's been an amazing summer and the fall is brimming with possibilities. It is a time of great abundance in our region, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a trip to your local farmers market? We will be there and look forward to seeing you!

  • Joining us this week: Ken & June's Hazelnuts and Rise up Remedies.

  • Off this week: 503 Distilling, Cranberry Kitchen, Dragonfly Forge, Fire Brew, Freeland Spirits, More Bees, No Mess Chef, 2 Towns Cider, Leikam Brewery, Bull Run Distillery, Mic's Mix, NOBULL, Stone Barn Brandyworks, Westward Whiskey, Wet Wizard, and, Townshend's Distillery.

  • Off for the winter: Unger Farms, Stellar Pop and SMALL Baking Co. Thank you for your amazing berries, popsicles and baked goods!

Look at the sheen on these beautiful shallots from Persephone Farm. Raw they have a flavorful punch that will make any dressing pop. Cooked or fried into crispy garnish, their mellow sweetness will serve any dish.
Crab apple jelly anyone? These small, tart fruits are bright, punchy and can create balance in caramely sweet deserts.
Sweet potatoes are so beloved, so versatile and so delicious. Stock up for your fries, mashes, roast and deserts. They will last in your fridge and are always great to have on hand.
Hops and Honey Goodtime Band will be playing live. Coffee and delicious treats will be waiting for you. Come on down!
HFM is looking for new board members!
Want to make a difference in your community and shape the future of your neighborhood farmers market? Hollywood Farmers Market is looking for new members to join our volunteer board of directors!

As a non-profit organization, HFM relies on our volunteer board to oversee the direction, sustainability, and financial health of the Hollywood and Lloyd Farmers Markets. The deadline for applications is Monday, October 7, 2019 - go to to learn more and apply. Board members will also have a community booth at the farmers market this Saturday and next, for you to ask questions and learn more.
Pie Contest: Saturday, October 5th!
Bring a delicious pie to the farmers market next Saturday, October 5th to enter into our Pie Contest - a fundraiser for programs at the Hollywood Farmers Market.

To enter, drop off your pie at the HFM information booth by 10am on October 5th. Pies will be judged on appearance, originality and deliciousness, and must feature an ingredient from a Hollywood Farmers Market vendor. You must submit a list of ingredients with your pie.

If you're more of an eater than a baker, get your fork ready, because at 10:30 we'll be selling slices of pie for $4, as a fundraiser for our farmers market programs.

Happy baking (and eating)!
Meet Our Vendors: Alleamin Products
Have you ever sampled the delicious Somalian food that Khadro Abdi brings each week to the Hollywood Farmers Market? Her company Alleamin Products is dedicated to bringing fresh Somalian sauces, food, and culture to the Pacific NW. 

Translated as “Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”, the word Alleamin is part of Khadro’s daily prayer. She says it has given her courage and strength that is an inspiration to those who are privileged to know her. 

As a young girl in Somalia, Khadro learned to cook. In addition to school work, her mother had her helping with food preparation, which she loved. She soon found that cooking food for her community was her true passion. 

However, ongoing civil unrest was escalating. Khadro, her first husband, and her mother fled the country in 1992 and took refuge in Ethiopia. But during a trip back to their homeland, her husband was killed, leaving Khadro with a small son.  

Arriving in Portland in 2005 as a refugee, and speaking just a little English, Khadro enrolled at PCC to study and improve her English. Her second husband arrived in 2009—allowing her to concentrate on her studies and develop the means to make her family’s life better. Always hard-working, she was soon getting entry-level jobs. It didn’t take her long to start the first of many businesses. For three years she ran a daycare. 

Knowing that people in her community would love authentic Somalian food, she opened Alleamin, an East African restaurant in NE Portland. Here she felt was able to help her community. Favorite dishes included Somalian hot sauce, rice with chicken, goat’s meat, and sambusas. Sadly, after four years, the lease on the restaurant suddenly ended. But not before her customers had fallen in love with her food. 

This was a very difficult time for Khadro, her customers, her community, and her family. Only Khadro’s positive outlook on life kept her entrepreneurial spirit strong. She says that she is simply grateful for the opportunity to be a strong, independent entrepreneur. 

Viewing running a business as a continual learning process, Khadro found support and encouragement from her community and customers. Though the International Refugee Center of Oregon (IRCO), she got licensed to sell her sauces. 

In 2018, Alleamin found a new community at the Hollywood Farmers Market in NE Portland. Initially, Khadro and her helper, Faduma seemed a bit shy. Soon customers were lining up to sample and enjoy Khadro’s East African food, and any shyness quickly disappeared. Now there is a steady stream of people at her stand.

Khadro produces over 200 sambusas a week for the Hollywood and Lloyd Farmers Markets. A chicken and rice dish, authentically spiced as it would have been prepared in Somalia, is also available. Three full-flavored sauces with a touch of heat are available for taking home. 

During the winter months, Alleamin won’t be at the market but will be back to Hollywood Farmers Market in April. However, you won’t have to go without the flavorful Somali dishes that have become such a wonderful addition to the market. 
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Featured Products
September 28, 2019
Borlotto Piementese Shelling Beans
Gales Meadow Farm
These beautiful shelling beans have a mottled magenta pattern on both the beans and pods. Also known as cranberry beans, they are rarely available fresh, but Gales Meadow Farm has them! They're great slowly cooked in a stew with tomatoes and other vegetables.

Vegetable Tamale
Montiel's Cocina
These masa-wrapped bundles of love make an amazing breakfast, lunch, or take-home-for-later dinner. Packed with so many vegetables and cheese they can barely stay inside, and topped with one (or all) of their delicious house made salsas, this plate of goodness will leave your belly smiling.

Quinoa Bread
Gabriel's Bakery
You may know Gabriel's Bakery for their bagels or maybe their delicious and generously portioned pastries, but one of the best products from this bakery is their quinoa sandwich bread. Like all their sandwich breads, it's made with sustainable grains and no preservatives and it toasts up real nice. Other sandwich breads made by Gabriel's include Walnut Bread, Molasses Bran and Sunflower Seed. 
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See you Saturday at the market!