September 18, 2020 | Volume 16, Issue 31
Market Updates
We are so grateful for the rain and the accompanying improvement in air quality, and are happy to announce that we will be open tomorrow, September 19th!

Some of our vendors are still dealing with smoke and property damage and will not be there, but there will be plenty of fresh produce and food.
The brightest spot of this past two weeks has been seeing how so many farmers, ranchers and community members came together to help each other during a time of great need. In such a difficult time, many of us are feeling helpless, but there is still a great amount of need and many ways to help. See the below section for ways you can donate to help farmers and farmworkers who have been impacted by these devastating wildfires.

Of course, one of the best ways to support local farms is to shop at the farmers market this Saturday! This last two weeks has been incredibly hard on farmers, and everybody has lost income due to the fires and smoke. They'll be counting on you to come out and reload your crisper drawers, fruit bowls and pantry shelves!

It may not feel like it outside, but it's still summer, and tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers will still be available in abundance. Fall crops like winter squash, apples and pears are also making a larger appearance each week.

Below is the most current list of who is off this week, but please note this may be subject to also minute changes.
Back this week: Freeland Spirits, Ken and June's Hazelnuts, No Mess Chef, Roundhouse Foods, and The Fermentista.

Off this week: 503 Distilling, Bliss Nut Butters, Deep Roots Farm, East Fork Cultivars, Freeland Spirits, Laurel Ridge Winery, Maryhill Fruit Company, Naked Acres, Persesphone Farm, and Westward Whiskey.

It seems unlikely at this point, but in the event that air quality degrades tomorrow morning, we would close the market early. Otherwise, we plan to be open our usual hours, 8am to 1pm (8 to 9 reserved for vulnerable populations).

Thank you for your continued support of the farmers market during this time! Sending just one member from your household and observing our safety guidelines is what supports us to stay safe and stay open.

On your way out, make sure to pick up your favorite to-go breakfast or lunch items whether it be sambusas, breakfast burritos, tamales, crepes, noodle soups or pastries. We look forward to seeing you from afar at the market this weekend!
Ways to help farmers and farmworkers recover from the wildfires!
PCUN has a Farmworker Emergency Fund to support agricultural workers affected by the wildfires and COVID-19.
Casa of Oregon supports agricultural workers who have been affected by the wildfires.
Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition are raising funds for small farms affected by the wildfires.
Our very own Naked Acres Farm was forced to evacuate from the Riverside Fire, including moving all their livestock out of harm's way and are anticipating a significant loss as a result of the damages. They're taking donations on their website to help get through the winter.
Cowboy911 is a national organization with local chapters, who helped many farmers move their livestock to safety, often with extremely short notice. Donate here:
Josh Rowlett, who used to run the Maryhill Orchards booth at HFM for many years with his mom, is organizing a fundraiser to to buy hay and feed for displaced farm animals.
Our month-long photo contest is running on Instagram!
Our month-long photo contest continues! We are running the contest on Instagram; just post your photo with the hashtag #HFMphotocontest to enter the contest. The winning photographer will receive $20 in market tokens; the runner-up will receive $10 in tokens. If you'd like to follow us on Instagram, our account is @hollywoodfarmersmarketpdx.
Recipe of the Week: Farmhouse Tomato Soup
from Persephone Farm

light cooking oil
3/4 lb, shallots, peeled and sliced thin
one large bulb fennel, cored, quartered, and sliced thin
1/2 teaspoon tarragon
1/2 teaspoon thyme
5 lbs. slicing tomatoes, roughly chopped(Feel like doubling the recipe for company or leftovers? Save on 10 lbs. slicing tomatoes at $16.00)
1/2 lb. potatoes, boiled and mashed with a dab of butter
3 eggs, beaten well
salt to taste

Warm the oil in a heavy sauce pot and saute shallots at medium heat, stirring occasionally, until softened and translucent. Add the fennel, tarragon, and thyme and saute several minutes more, stirring occasionally, until the fennel is quite soft.

Add the chopped tomatoes and cook for twenty minutes or so, until they have simmered to a mostly liquid state. Add mashed potatoes.

At this point you can blend the soup if you love a smooth texture. If you like chunky home-style, you can run a hand-powered egg beater through the soup. Next, add beaten eggs while stirring constantly (the potatoes and eggs thicken and flavor the soup, and add an interesting egg-drop effect as well.).

Add salt to taste and enjoy. Serves 3.
Face Masks Required!
Face coverings/masks are required for Hollywood Farmers Market shoppers.
We are very grateful for you all continuing to wear masks to protect our vendors, staff and each other! We have a small number of disposable masks available at the entrance for shoppers who do not arrive with a mask, but please bring your own if you are able to. Thank you for keeping the Hollywood Farmers Market safe!
Preorder online!
You can preorder directly from Hollywood Farmers Market vendors through the WhatsGood app, as well as through the businesses' individual pre-order systems. See this page on our website for more information.

We accept credit cards, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP), and Double Up Food Bucks as payment. See our website for more information on how to activate SNAP payment.

Ordering in advance of the market will allow you to limit your time and interaction at the market, while still ensuring that you get the items you need. Consider sending one person to pick up preorders for more your community (family, friends or neighbors).
Open every Saturday!

General Shopping
9am to 1pm

Vulnerable Population Shopping Hour
8am to 9am

Entrances on
44th south of Hancock
45th and Hancock
to see tomorrow's
market map!
This Saturday's market will feature recorded music by:

For mid-week shopping visit us at
Tuesdays 10AM - 2PM,

Visit for more information or to sign up for weekly updates.

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Featured Products
September 19, 2020
Stoneboat Farm
Stoneboat Farm grows a huge variety of melons, including well-known classics like cantaloupe and golden honeydew. If you're feeling more adventurous, try some of the lesser-known gems like Sun Jewel, a "very crispy" Korean melon with floral notes, or Piel de Sapo, with a green and yellow frog-skin pattern and an almost lime-like touch of tart flavor.

American Single Malt Whiskey
Westward Whiskey
This American single malt is a culmination of Christian Krogstad's lifelong quest to produce a whiskey that embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest while drawing inspiration from Oregon's deeply-rooted brewing culture. Made from malted barley grown in the Pacific Northwest, its flavor is robust and fruity, with creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes.

Organic Yakisoba Stir-Fry Noodles
Umi Organic
Lola of Umi Organic has been making and selling ramen noodles at the market for years, and this year she has a new noodle - yakisoba! Yakisoba is a classic Japanese stir-fry noodle. Made with whole grain organic durum and Edison flour from Camas Country Mill in Junction City, Oregon, Umi Organic’s yakisoba has great chewiness and flavor.

Chili Oil
Hot Mama Salsa
You may already know Hot Mama's salsas, but have you tried their amazing chili oils? The Chili de Arbol oil is made with Arbol peppers (grown on Sauvie Island), garlic, sesame seeds and peanut oil. Featured in Willamette Week's Best of Portland an "essential hot sauce for your pantry", it is great for any fans of heat! The Guajillo oil is less hot, with a flavor that's sweet and slightly smoky. And the "smoky coffee" chili oil has a rich, earthy flavor, similar to mole sauce.
APR - SEP: Every Saturday, 8AM - 1PM
OCT - NOV: Every Saturday, 9AM - 1PM
DEC - MAR: 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 9AM - 1PM
NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block south of Sandy Blvd) in the Grocery Outlet parking lot.

For more information, call (503) 709-7403, or check us out online at

See you Saturday at the market!