September 17, 2015 Vol 10, Issue 31
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Market Updates
Fall Market Reminder: starting in October (just two weeks away!) the farmers market's hours will change to 9am - 1pm.  Please remember not to show up early; vendors will not be able to sell before the opening bell. Enjoy the extra hour of leisure in your morning : )

This week at market we have a number of changes in our vendors - our local farmers and food folks need a vacation every once in a while too! Hammer & Tuffy Granola, Nossa Familia Coffee, Ken & June's Hazelnuts, and Sterling Cookies are all taking a break this week and will be back next Saturday! You'll find the following on call vendors at market in their place: Cardamom Hills, Portland Regular Bread, and Hot Mama Salsa.

Liepold Farms is finished for the season, but you'll still find their berries at their farm stand for a little while longer if you need one last fix! Lionheart Kombucha is also finished for the season, but a quick trip to their website will let you know where to find them around town!  

The quick-pickling kids' activity this past Saturday was tons of fun! Dozens of kids participated and got to take home a half-pint jar of their own pickles. We've had a great time putting on these monthly kids' activities this summer, and we hope you've enjoyed them too. Many thanks to Joanna from Turnip the Heat Cooking School for all her work running the activities! 
This Saturday at the market, we are hosting our annual  Customer Dot Survey ! This is our chance to learn a little more about you and for you to tell us what you think about the market. And it all happens with  stickers ! Please make sure to fill out the  survey  when you come to the market this Saturday; it only takes a couple minutes and your feedback is so valuable to us. We will be set up with a tent in the middle of Hancock Street, near the seating area. 
We are still looking for interested community members to  join our board of directors ! People with background in the areas of community outreach, agriculture, communications, account/financial planning, and marketing are particularly needed. Click  here  for more info and the application!
See you at the market!
Feast Your Senses, Rest Your Mind
Before your next visit to the Hollywood Farmers Market, there's something you need to know about shopping for produce: done right, it can make you more insightful.

In 2011, Jelly Helm, former executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy, gave a talk at the Portland Art Museum. He asked patrons to view paintings without letting the 'evaluating brain' make judgments. "Instead," he said, "try to experience the art directly...take it in without thinking about it, just as an experiment to see what comes up."

Turns out, Mr. Helm's experiment was as much about neuroscience as it was about how to experience art or, perhaps, the farmers' market.

Neuroscientist Dr. David Rock, author of  Your Brain at Work , describes two distinct neural networks in our brains. The 'Narrative Network,' uses the prefrontal cortex to construct stories, make plans and solve problems. ("14 guests means buy 15 ears of corn because Josh always eats two. That kid!") The 'Direct Experience Network' deploys brain areas that process sensation. When this second network is active, we experience events in real time, responding to actuality without interpreting it. ("Piled-high corn. This plump ear. Husky leaves, silky strands, milky kernels. The urge to nibble and nibble now!") Dr. Rock says the two networks are inversely correlated meaning that one will dominate at any given moment, usually the Narrative Network. So, essentially, Mr. Helm was asking patrons to switch networks in order to experience art more viscerally, and we did. What's this got to do with the price of potatoes in Portland? Read on.

Research shows that giving your problem-solving, story-spinning prefrontal cortex a break and letting your ever-ready Direct Experience Network run the show has measurable benefits, ranging from better decision-making to increased happiness to having more 'aha' moments of insight. Fortunately, you don't need a traditional mindfulness practice to rest your prefrontal cortex. You simply need to get thee to a farmers market and switch networks. Feel the peach fuzz. Savor the samples. Be dazzled by the red of pie cherries and tempted by the aroma of roasting peppers. As Dr. Rock says, 'It helps to use a rich stream of data," and what place could be richer in sensory data than your farmers market?

The next time you visit the market, if you feel like it, let your Direct Experience Network take over for a few minutes. Or, as Jelly Helm might say, let yourself experience the sights, sounds and scents of the market, without evaluating anything. Maybe close your eyes now and then to intensify non-visual sensation. See what comes up. And then, sure, go ahead and switch back to your default Narrative Network to decide which peaches to take home and how much corn you'll be needing to keep that Josh kid happy.
At the Market
Remember: starting in October, the market hours change to 9am-1pm.


Community Booths:

Upcoming Events:

Customer Dot Survey
Saturday, September 19th

Face Painting with Crista
Saturday, September 26th, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Featured Products
Saturday, September 12th

Dancing Light Ranch
Attention brewers and other hops fans! Dancing Light Ranch will have fresh hops at the market this Saturday, including Cascade, Willamette, Goldings and Nugget varieties. Even if you don't brew beer, hops make a great "sleepy-time" tea!

Honeycrisp Apple
Kiyokawa Family Orchards
The beloved Honeycrisp apple is here!  If you haven't fallen in love with the Honeycrisp's sweet crunch yet, stop by and sample one! Kiyokawa Family Orchards is located near the top of the Hood River Valley; up there, the warm days and cool nights make for the sweetest of apples. 

Collard Greens
Persephone Farm
These collard seems to get bigger and more impressive every year! If you've gotten a breakfast burrito from Ramona at Nourishment, you've probably already had Persephone Farm's collards without knowing it. Ramona says "Collards are my favorite vegetable!"

"Sassy Salmon" Crepe
Village Crepery
The salmon, arugula and pepper jelly chevre are all purchased from other vendors at Hollywood Farmers Market. No wonder it's so good!
Lloyd Farmers Market
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