May 17, 2019 | Volume 15, Issue 13
strawberries for festival
Market Updates
Join us this Saturday for another exciting day at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Winter Green Farm starts their season off with an abundance of certified organic and biodynamic strawberries, spring greens and roots. With strawberries now coming in greater numbers each week, even those arriving after 10am may get their hands on a basket.

Sometimes in the thick of spring abundance we start getting anxious for summer crops, but be sure to enjoy asparagus in all it's forms, giant lettuce heads, sweet spring onions, and broccoli crowns, because the heat of summer will take them away in a flash. That means eat snap peas by the handful, add radishes to everything, and pile greens high on your plate. With 25 farms and foragers bringing a region of variety and abundance to one square block of the Hollywood District, you can make every Saturday feel like taking journey through the Pacific Northwest.

Also joining us at market this week are Old House Dahlias, Fire Brew, 503 Distilling, Cranberry Kitchen, Freeland Spirits, Mic's Mix, Townshend's Distillery, and Dragonfly Forge will be sharpening knives and blades all day.

We look forward to seeing you at the market!
SNAP Match Fundraiser Day & Silent Auction June 1st!
During the farmers market on Saturday June 1st, we will be holding our 2nd annual silent auction to raise money for our SNAP Match program!

SNAP Match offers low-income shoppers a match for shopping at the market, meaning SNAP/EBT card users can receive up to an additional $10 every week to be used at the market. These matching funds help make farm direct, fresh, healthy foods affordable to all, while supporting small farmers here in Oregon. 

You can RSVP to our Facebook event to get updates, and mark your calendars for this FUN-draising event!

If you would like to donate an item to the auction, please contact event chair Jemae McCanna at
Meet Our Vendors: Nourishment
by Susan Gibson, HFM volunteer
Early Saturday mornings, Ramona White pulls into the Hollywood Farmers Market location on NE Hancock St. A beehive of activity, Ramona and her dedicated team prepare for the next five hours of constant orders, breakfast burritos, chilaquiles & bowls. The nourishing, healthy, and delicious food fills the transformed street with an aroma that is hard to pass up, and a steady stream of customers are soon yelling out their orders. This continues until 1:00 p.m. when one of the volunteers runs through the market ringing a loud bell sounding the end of the market and interrupting the flow until the next week.

Ramona has been involved with food preparation or the food business since she was 15. Born in Washington D.C., she was sent to high school in Maine. To help pay for schooling, she worked in the school’s kitchen and found it made her very happy. It was the beginning of a life dedicated to serving her customers. She first started cleaning the pots and pans before learning how to fill the pots and pans with tasty ingredients. One of her favorite foods is the amazingly sweet Maine lobster, and the variations she learned to prepare.

After high school, Ramona supported herself through college in upstate New York by cooking and waiting tables. While she worked toward her degree in Anthropology, in addition to working in the restaurant business, she also taught cross-country skiing. Quite an eclectic start for someone destined to live and breathe cooking.

For the last 23 years, Portland has been Ramona’s home. She first came to Eugene, Oregon with her boyfriend. But after he died in an accident, she had to find a retreat. It appeared in Vail, Colorado at the Johnson and Wales Culinary School. But Oregon continued to call to her. Returning to Eugene, she soon discovered that there were too many memories and too few opportunities. Portland always appealed to her and offered so much more.

For a few years, she found a home at Montage, a well-known bistro in SE Portland. She also helped open other restaurants including her own called Nourishment on 22nd and Division. The location only lasted around a year, and her passion for teaching found a good home at Le Cordon Bleu. This was followed by ten years at the Oregon Culinary Institute. The school became Ramona’s kitchen for about 10 years. During this time Nourishment took shape.

Looking for a different type of venue for her particular style of cooking, a friend suggested that Portland’s farmers markets might be a good channel for her cooking. Having worked at farmers markets before teaching at the Institute, the markets were a natural outlet for her red beans, collards, and small pot pies. She covered PSU, People’s Coop, Milwaukee, and others until Hollywood Farmers Market became her home (in addition to her full-time job). Fifteen years later she still loves it. She loves meeting people and their children and watching the children grow up. For her customers, Nourishment is a destination at the market.

Entertainment and Events

The Jazz Rockets

Community Booths

Special Events

Saturday May 25th: Cooking demo with nutritionist Sara Calderon

Saturday, June 8th: POP Club for Kids begins!
Featured Products
May 18, 2019
sweet spring onions
Sweet Spring Onions
Sweet Leaf Farm
Spring onions, also known as salad onions, are the more mature green onions. The bulb is white and sweet to the taste, while the greens have a stronger flavor than scallions. They're great grilled, roasted, or used in a stew like pearl onions.

Myrtles Brandy Dahlia
Old House Dahlias
Mark from Old House Dahlias has the shortest season of any HFM vendor - he brings his dahlias bulbs over from Tillamook for just two Saturdays in May, and this Saturday will be his second and final appearance. This Saturday he'll have over 50 varieties of dahlia, and this one is a favorite! Red with white tips whose petals fold back toward the stems, this variety was originally hybridized in Portland by Portland's Dahlia Queen Myrtle Bloomfield.

Wicked Mule
503 Distilling
Summer is almost upon us, and that means plenty of opportunities for grilling, hiking, and generally being outdoors. Instead of the traditional six-pack of beer, why not try a canned cocktail from 503 Distilling? The Wicked Mule is their most popular - they combine their own Portland-distilled vodka with fresh lime and ginger, then add a ginger syrup and carbonate. Yum!
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